Welcome to the HOLIDAY HOEDOWN!! Promenade, People! Promenade!

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Holiday Hoedown Challenge

Grab your partners DO-SI-DO!! Welcome to the Shrinking Jeans Holiday Hoedown!

Hope you’ve got your hankies tied tightly around your necks and the spurs on yer boots, cause it’s time to start kickin up our heels!

Tieks by Gavrieli - The Ballet Flat, Reinvented.

We all need a little fun and a little sparkle in our lives for this holiday season don’t we?

Let me ask you a question.

Do you want to put on 5-7 pounds this holiday season? (No, right?)

Have you spent the entire year working on yourself only to fear getting derailed over the next 6-8 weeks? (Yup?)

Do you really want to START losing weight on January 1st with the whole rest of the world when the gyms are all crowded and people are all up in yer business? (No, right?)

Here’s what we’re getting at:

This is YOUR chance to make the change NOW instead of the New Year. This is YOUR chance to arm your arsenal for the holidays so that you are conscious of that little word called “moderation” and you’re starting it now. This is your chance to not derail your entire efforts of the whole year. This is your chance to get started NOW rather than waiting until another Monday or another January. But best of all this is YOUR chance to get your friends and family involved FROM YOUR REAL LIFE! And I did! 

I’ve brought in my maw and paw, my husband and even some of my tri group pals (Hello Team Chicken Wings! Hello Team Shut Your Pumpkin Pie Hole!!!!) Any other newcomers out there? Tell us about yourselves! 

But first, get on your horse and giddy on up over to the scale and weigh in. Then, see that nifty form below? Put all your information in there by 10 p.m. EDT, 9 p.m. Central in there and don’t forget or it won’t count toward your team’s total! And we’re a team here, all our teammates need you to weigh in on time!

Here are the rest of the Holiday Hoedown details!

Here are the first fitness and non-fitness challenges for the week!

Fitness challenge: Log as many exercise minutes AS YOU CAN! From today until next Tuesday night! Now we don’t mean walking the dog to the curb or trips to the fridge or parking really far away from Target on this one, we mean actual sweating exercise!! There will be a section in next week’s weigh-in form to log your minutes! Again, the team with the most minutes logged will each get an automatic extra entry into next week’s giveaway!!

Non fitness challenge: Outline your goals for this challenge! How much do you want to lose? What are your fitness goals for this challenge? What will you be doing to track your food or calories, are you doing Weight Watchers? Logging in a journal? On Sparkpeople? Hammer it out, work on it, tweak it, and discuss it with your team and blog about it in next week’s weigh-in post! And if you don’t have a blog like lots of you this challenge don’t, leave your goals in the comments! Mkay?

Be sure to post the fitness and non-fitness challenges in your groups on the HOOD so you guys can work on them together!

This month we’re working on the Taste of the Sisterhood and we’re sharing recipes here on a daily basis and they’ve been delicious! We’ve also been featuring one of YOUR recipes each week and if you want to submit yours, you can email it to [email protected] and we might make it and feature it in the Monthly Project post on Mondays! Thank you to ATTUNE for sponsoring the Taste of the Sisterhood! If you’re new here, go ahead, check out all the fabulous recipes we’ve been featuring all month!

Now giddy up! Get to yer scales! Happy Weigh-in!

And don’t forget to share your link!

  • Erin W.

    So excited!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/TrishB Trish

    I am super excited about this! Whooohoo!!

  • http://smartstrongsexy.blogspot.com Brooke F

    Let’s get the challenge started!! I’ve got 2 marathoners in training and one or two halfies in training so I’m hoping we have a good shot at the fitness challenge :)

    • http://msxj.wordpress.com/ xj

      You’re a running BEAST! Love it!

  • http://www.traveling-well.com Karena @ Traveling Well

    Can’t tell you how glad I am to be back and rolling with the Sisterhood! Weigh in today was surprisingly not the horror I thought it was going to be. But it’s going to be even better next week :)

  • Anonymous

    excited about a new challenge and dropping some pounds.

  • http://twitter.com/mymadakaja Tami

    Awesome! Like I said in my blog post, I really don’t feel like doing the challenge, but I really don’t feel like dying too young with heart complications. So, here I am! I’m going to do it now, not next Monday or in the New Year!

    NOW NOW NOW!!!

    • http://msxj.wordpress.com/ xj

      Good for you! You can do it!

  • http://www.thebravenewgirl.com acurls

    Glad there are not fitness goals too – those can be just as important, like tracking your calories each day, regardless of how bad you may think it is!

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited about this challenge, esp since now I am focusing on fitness and non-scale goals!

  • http://twitter.com/mcfatpants McFatpants

    This is my first challenge, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think this will really help me stay on track this year!

  • Maria S

    And awaaaay we go! Do-si-do!
    I’m quite excited that my weight today is less than my ending weight from the last challenge! Off and running!

  • Anonymous

    Yay!! I’m so excited to be in another challenge over this crazy busy time! Ya’ll are the best!! I down from last week, but up from the last of the challenge. I obviously need these challenges to keep me moving in the right direction!

  • http://momscrazycooking.blogspot.com/ Tina Hudgens

    So excited about a new challenge. I will be doing 60 minutes per day! And getting back to a healthy diet this first week (NO MORE fast food)

  • http://momscrazycooking.blogspot.com/ Tina Hudgens

    So excited about a new challenge. I will be doing 60 minutes per day! And getting back to a healthy diet this first week (NO MORE fast food)

  • http://www.emeraldsunshine.org Jen R.

    I don’t know the name of my team and I felt naked with just my name, so I added my handle… I’m really excited and so grateful for another challenge! These have been motivating me for months. :)

  • tracy c

    i am excited about this challenge since this is my first one…and i already turned in my weight this morning on the form…. :)

    • http://msxj.wordpress.com/ xj


  • Virginia G

    I need the extra motivation to get me out of this funk! Thank you ladies!

  • Anonymous

    i love new challenges during busy times of the year! here’s my post with some goals included in it!

  • Stillmary

    I’m glad to be back in the saddle so to speak! I need the structure of the Sisterhood challenges so much!

  • http://shepdogg.blogspot.com/ Tirah

    I’m so excited! This will be great.

  • Nancy

    I am excited for this challenge. I am ready to get into it and promenade, as you said. I will turn 56 during this challenge and I plan to do it in a little bit smaller body. Wish me luck!

  • Pubsgal

    I love all the creative names! Good luck, everyone!

  • Shanna J

    Yay! So Excited. I’ve probably never been so excited to hop on the scale. hehe

  • Armywife4758

    Ok, ready to do this after a surprising weigh in today…

  • AmyA

    I’m excited for our team, I think we are going to do great!!!!

  • Foldinglaundry

    yaysoexcited. and hungry. heh.

  • Lori J

    let’s the skinny commence :)

  • Katie C

    Can’t wait for the challenge and the accountability :-)

  • Denise Dennis

    This is gonna be awesome!

  • Rachel

    So excited to get this challenge started!!!!

  • Kathryn

    I’m ready to do this….goals will be exercising more, watching what I eat and losing 10 lbs I need to be accountable so this challenge is just what I needed!

  • Heather Anne Hogan

    This is my first challenge and I’m stoked! In fact, I’m as soon as I throw away this empty soda bottle, I’m going to go shred with Jillian!

  • Heather Anne Hogan

    Also, when I throw away this soda bottle, I’m going to learn how to comment properly!

  • Amy Sue

    I’m excited! This is going to be a great way to kick my holiday season off right!

  • http://msxj.wordpress.com/ xj

    Thank you Sisterhood for another challenge! Tinsel Vixens RULE!

  • http://www.lifeaccordingtojaime.com Jaime

    Thanks so much for the new challenge! I needed something to motivate me before the holidays hit me with extra pounds.

  • Shawna

    still feeling a little confused by all of this, but hoping I can limp along until I get all the details straight! I THINK I recorded my starting weight and am looking forward to zumba tonight to log some minutes for the challenge!! Goals…

    Overall I’d like to be down 10 by the new year, in addition I would like to lose 4% body fat bringing me back into the “healthy” range and getting my BMI closer to 22. I want to track my foods thoroughly and HONESTLY and get excercise back into my regular routine.

    (I don’t keep a blog so I hope this is where I am supposed to do this)

    • Lisa

      Shawna, are you on a team already or would you like to be placed on a team?

  • Catie

    I am so ready to rock this!

  • Meredith M

    This is my first challenge too … so excited!!

  • http://twitter.com/tryn2bfit Fit Bee

    Woohoo I am so excited for this challenge!!!!
    I had a good weigh in today too despite my lil confession yesterday
    And sisterhood you need more buttons maybe soon we will have em past 70# cause I hit the big one today 75pounds down!!!!

  • http://www.melgetsfit.com Melissa @MelGetsFit

    Yay! I love these challenges. This one sounds like it’s gonna be a LOT of fun! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=746216966 Janece Turner Suarez

    My non weight goal is to get back to tracking my intake. I have gotten REALLY lax on that in the past few weeks! =)

  • Mary P.

    So excited about another challenge! One question — how long is the challenge ? Six weeks? Eight weeks?
    Thanks also for encouraging us to write down our goals! Now that mine are down “on paper” I am so looking forward to checking off each one as DONE!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Mary! The challenge is 5 weeks! Ends just before Christmas :)
      Christy Mensi
      The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

  • http://alguires.blogspot.com Elaine A.

    I posted on my blog but how do I get the code for the button? Wanted to add that… thx! :) And yay for my awesome Healthy Holiday Hos Team!!! WOOT!

    • Anonymous

      Elaine, if you go to the Button Up page under Start Here, you’ll find the
      badge :)


  • http://www.melgetsfit.com Melissa @MelGetsFit

    I just noticed the updated Hoedown photos some of you have. Love them! LOL

  • Richelle H

    It was so nice to see progress. I was worried all week that I would not see progress at all, so now that I did i am more motivated to keep going! I lost 3 pounds this week.

  • Cindy H

    Well I proved these cahllenges do work! I lost 6 pounds and I am very excited, Thanks Sisterhood!