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We all know that a good bra can either make or break your exercise experience. Have a crappy bra and you may have to “double-bag” the girls. That may be just as bad as a sports bra that gives the dreaded “uni-boob” look.

I admit it. I was a chronic uni-boober. And then I received this from the girls at Moving Comfort back in 2009:

My life was forever-changed. No, REALLY. My other sports bras have been buried deeper and deeper into my drawer. Since that day, the day I realized sports bras can offer support AND still allow me to retain my womanly curves, I have added many Moving Comfort bras to my collection and they are the ONLY bras I wear when working out. Last fall, I purchased the Maia in black, beige, AND white. I have also added the green and black Fiona bras to my stash. While I also looove the Fiona, the Maia is my ultimate fave so far. It has underwire cups, which for my size-36D goods, are fantastic.

Here I am in rocking my bra:

Okay, not really. {i wish} This is the Juno bra and I will let Christy tell you all about it!

Hi! This is Christy, and I only wish I looked as good as that chic up there rocking the Juno bra. I will say that I also love Moving Comfort bras so much. I’ve been rocking the Vixen and Fiona bras since I began my running career a year and a half ago. Let me just tell you that my boobs are so very grateful that I ditched that other joke of a running bra! Moving Comfort bras may seem a little expensive, but with proper care, they will last forever. I wash mine on the delicate/hand wash cycle and hang them to dry, and they haven’t lost any of their support in a year and a half.

I’m so excited to get to try out the Juno bra now! It combines two of my favorite styles in sports bras: the racer back, and the back closure! The cups are molded so you don’t end up with a uni-boob (shew!) and the extra wide straps have velcro adjusters in the FRONT. So convenient. And the girls? They don’t move an inch, even when I’m pounding the pavement for miles!

Moving Comfort recently launched an innovative virtual Sports Bra Fitting Room. The fitting room helps you find a bra that will be the perfect fit for YOU. Answer a few simple questions and VOILA! The website will show you a selection of bras that will help you perform at your best!

We are giving one lucky reader a chance to walk away of the Moving Comfort bra of their choice! How do you enter?

The contest will end on Friday, May 6th at midnight CT. Moving Comfort will pick the winner at random and we will announce the winner on this post the next day. Open to US readers only.

Full Disclosure: Moving Comfort provided Christy and I with bras for review. The opinions stated here are, as always, our own!

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  • Brooke F

    should i leave the comment on their wall or in the discussions section?

    • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

      i see you figured it out, skank. :)

      • Brooke F

        no need to comment i suppose since it told me that boobs this small didn’t
        need a sports bra. ;)
        j/k…just barely! :P

        • Anonymous

          You crack me up! Be proud of your IBTC membership and be glad you can buy all the super cute inexpensive bras!

  • Brooke F

    never mind. duh!

  • Kirsten

    I left a note on the wall. Is that right? Or am I having a “confused” moment. Because I’ve been having those today.

  • Kirsten

    Nevermind. Went back and looked. Didn’t see the SJ discussion. But I did link SJ in my wall comment!

  • Mary P.

    Left a comment on their wall and ‘liked’ them. Five years ago i would have thought ” i can’t comment about a BRA’ online! That is that Catholic girl upbringing lol. Well, oh yes I can! And it would be the Iris style : ) Loved that virtual fitting room too!

    • Mary_phelan

      (meant to also say hello to everyone as I have been MIA from the ‘hood due to giving up at-home use of the ‘net for Lent, but thank goodness Lent is over!!)

      • Anonymous

        I was totally wondering where you’d been, Mary!! Next time you’re giving us
        up for Lent ;), be sure to tell us first, okay!!!! Missed you!

        Christy Mensi
        The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

  • Trish

    I did all that was required, they have such pretty sports bra, much nicer than the one I have!

  • Carrie Symes

    Left a comment! Loving the CHARITY!

  • Anonymous

    Went to the fitting room and found the Vixen. :)

  • Anonymous

    Commented on their wall.

  • Anonymous

    LIKE SJ and Moving Comfort on FB.

  • Anonymous

    I think I did it right. Commented on their wall, tagged SJ, and liked Moving Comfort. Already like SJ (cuz, duh!)

  • Anonymous

    Liked Moving Comfort, Loved Shrinking Jeans, and left the comment.

  • Kristin__OneCrazyMamaof4

    Left a comment in regards to the Fiona, and I liked them too :)

  • Anonymous

    I liked them on facebook, left a comment and already are friends with you on facebook. I think I’d get the Maia.

    • Anonymous

      I looooove the Maia!

  • MommyAngela

    Left a comment on the SJ discussion board. Was that the right place, or was it supposed to be on their wall? :)

    • Anonymous

      Angela, on Moving Comfort’s SJ discussion! :)

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