Fitbloggin’ CLICKed! {giveaway}

Last weekend was filled with new information, fitness, friends {new and old}, and so much fun. We are talking about why Fitbloggin’ kicked ass and giving away swag if you haven’t heard!

Christy and I want to give a huge shout-out to CLICK for sponsoring us for this event! It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that just “clicks” with our lives. If you know anything about us, you know that we looooove our coffee. {and that you probably don’t want to talk to us before we have our morning cup} CLICK combines the espresso goodness with 15 grams of protein, plus 23 vitamins and minerals – WIN-WIN! CLICKtastic!

Fitbit Product Family

CLICK recently came out with an all-natural version of their product, and it is available in both the mocha and vanilla latte flavors. Read about their new, natural espresso protein drink here!

I ran {wogged} a half-marathon while I was in Baltimore, and shook up a CLICK drink right afterward. The combination of protein and vitamins and minerals helps aid my muscles in their recovery. My legs felt GREAT the following morning!

While Christy and I handed out samples until our fingers were blistered and sore, we still have some left over! Missed out on the Fitbloggin’ fun? Guess what? I’m giving you a chance to get CLICK’n. The first 10 people who send their mailing info to me at [email protected] will be sent samples of a combination of vanilla latte/mocha/natural CLICK! Hurry! Go!

Also, I have two CLICK backpacks containing samples and shakers that I will give away to two lucky readers who comment below!

For all of you who have been licking your lips after indulging in your samples, remember you can win a CLICKed out beach cruiser bike by blogging your thoughts by May 31st and contacting Kelli!

So again:

  • First 10 peeps to email me will get samples sent out tomorrow!
  • Two commenters will win backpacks filled with CLICK goodness!
  • Bloggers will have a chance to win a bike by blogging and emailing Kelli by May 31st!

CLICK backpack giveaway will run until Wednesday evening at 11:59 Central time. Two winners will be randomly chosen. Good luck! Samples and goodies were provided by CLICK, as well as monetary compensation for the sponsorship!

  • Tirah

    ooooOOOOoooo I would love a CLICK backpack with all sorts of yummy goodies :)

  • Catie

    I would love a CLICK backpack!!!

  • Laura P

    Love Click!  I’ll throw my name in for the backpack of goodies. :)

  • DubyaWife

    Tahnk for the CLICK products at Fitbloggin!  I’d love to try some more!

  • Claudia

    I would love to have the back pack that would great with my Click bottle!! I love Click products I enjoy the shakes everyday!

  • Zero

    Thanks Click & Sisterhood for the giveaway. Hope I get picked, can’t wait to see all the goodies in the backpack. 

  • lilaznoreo


  • lilaznoreo


  • kiminia

    ooooo I would love a shaker!!!  I have samples from WILD CHILD GONE GOOD but haven’t tried them yet… Totally Should!!  am also super giddy about the all natural options!

  • Sarah L

    Click sounds great! I’d love to win a backpack with some samples.

  • Bobbi Sharp

    I would love a CLICK backpack!!!

  • Joanna

    I’m guessing all of the samples are gone – but definitely want to be in the running for the backpack!!

  • Juliemunson

    I would love to win the backpack full of goodies. It makes my mouth water thinking about it.

  • Juliemunson

    I would love to win the backpack full of goodies. It makes my mouth water thinking about it.

  • Jen

    Oh pick me! Please!

  • Heather

     I have never heard of CLICK- thanks for the info 

  • Karissa

    Sounds like an awesome post-workout drink! I’d love to give it a try.

  • Trish

    Click is so yummy! Click-tastic is a perfect adjective. Thanks for the chance for such an awesome swag bag! 

  • Charpenette

    The vanilla latte sounds delicious!

  • Adah

    anything mocha is good in my book! I’d love to try Click!

  • Adah

    anything mocha is good in my book! I’d love to try Click!

  • Misslofly

    I would love to be CLICK’ed! I’ve heard of this protein powder before and it sounds sooo yummy!

  • Nancy

    The vanilla latte sounds yummy.  I would love to have some Fitbloggin swag!