Happy Mother’s Day

I have no fancy button, no youtube video, and no picture to share.

I have no eloquent story to share about mothers living right or about mothers exercising right or about mothers eating right.

I just have these heartfelt words to say loud and clear:

Happy Mother’s Day to you, and you and you over there.

A lot of us writers are mom’s too and we GET IT.  We. so. get. it. 

I would even venture to say that even if you aren’t a mom yourself, you get it.

So take a few moments and give a shout out to you mom, grandma, sister, aunt, friend, or fellow Shrinking Jeans sister in crime.

Let them know how very much they are appreciated as I appreciate all of you, whether you are a mom, aspire to be a mom, or want to hang tight to that Aunt/Friend/Sister etc title for now.  We ALL make this world go ’round.

Much love and peace and happiness on this Sunday.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fit-Bee/100001400021697 Fit Bee

    yay Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing moms and sisters here!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    And you are much loved too. Happy Mother’s Day my dear friend!

  • http://anotherstepandanother.blogspot.com/ Mary P.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    I wanted to share this link for those of us who find this day a tough one while we also celebrate the moms in our lives and the mothering we do in sometimes unconventional ways. I am blessed to be part of that sisterhood and the one from this site.


    • Lisa

      Wow Mary. Your post got me all choked up. Hugs, my friend, big hugs.

      • http://anotherstepandanother.blogspot.com/ Mary P.

        Thanks for those hugs! Rightbackatcha!

    • http://www.melgetsfit.com Mel (@MelGetsFit)

      Mary, as someone who is also childless not by choice, I could relate to every word you so beautifully wrote. {{{hugs}}}

      • http://anotherstepandanother.blogspot.com/ Mary P.

        Hugs to you too Mel : )

  • http://twitter.com/TrishB Trish

    Happy Mother’s to all of you! I get so much more than just weight loss support from all of you and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart! XOXOXO

  • Nancy

    Happy Mother’s Day Lisa and to all our sisters here at Shrinking Jeans. You are all dear to my heart and I hope you are all having an awesome day. XOXO

  • Anonymous

    Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!