May Your Way Challenge May Your Way Leaderboard, SisterStars, and Winner {may 11}

I just LOVE to see the progress being made around here! We have now completed the second week of the challenge and everyone deserves a pat on the back!

Who will take the lead this week?? Let’s take a look!

For the LOSERS, we have the

Weight-loss Leaderboard!

{%s lost are cumulative throughout the challenge}

3.01%    Margie D.
3.01%    Michelle L.
2.99%    Natasha B.
2.82%    Tracy C.
2.69%    Debra C
2.47%    Kristin S
2.34%    LaTonya M.
2.19%    Ann G
1.93%    Sue B
1.76%    Dorothy M.

NICE LOSSES, ladies! I am so proud!

Next, we have the


Hanging on to the lead with 13 points each are:

Beki B
Mary P.

Not far behind with 12 points are:

Kirsten M
Laura P
Rachel P.

and with 11 are:

Angela A
Bari F
Tracey S

I love that you gals are so into this! Keep it up!

Winner, winner!

Since Fitbit is so awesome and sponsoring devices for every check-in during the challenge, one of you {who checked in on time} has been randomly chosen to win your very own device!





Congrats, girl! I know how to find you, so I will pass your info on!

**Numbers are based on your answers on the check-in form {MUST be submitted by 9 p.m. Central to be included in the next days leaderboard}, PLEASE be honest. If you believe there is a mistake, email us at! Links are based on the blog information provided by each individual, let us know if something needs to be changed!

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  • Anonymous

    Cool! that little gizmo looks so fun – and you know I’m a total sucker for technology. (Although it will probably yell at me for my lack of sleep – wow I’m tired today.)

    Thanks Shrinkingjeans and Fitbit!

    • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

      Congrats, Bari!! I love my Fitbit. :) Mine always yells at me about my chronic lack of enough sleep, too. LOL

    • jeninRL

      don’t mind me, I may just steal your fitbit at fitbloggin!! ;-)

      • Anonymous

        HAHA – I doubt I’ll have it by fitbloggin – but how cool would that be if I did! Good luck stealing it from out of my bra :P

        • Trish

           Watch out Bari, Jen wants to steal mine too ;)

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! I can’t believe I made leaderboard 2 weeks in a row!!

    • Anonymous

      You made the leader board because you rock!

      • AnnG

        Thanks, Bari! Congrats on winning the FitBit!

  • Jrmandasmom

    Woo whoo I’m in 2nd. Gives me more motivation to drink my water and eat the 5 servings of fruits & veggies

    • Jrmandasmom

      Oh wait, I’m tied for 1st. NICE!

  • Tami @

    Congrats everyone~  

  • Trish

    Congrats Bari! I can’t wait to get mine too! Look at the leader board, whooohoo! You guys are killing it! 

  • Fit Bee

    Congrats to the winners and losers ;) everyone is doing a great job with this challenge!!!!