True Confessions Tuesday

As you know, the Sisterhood sisters spent a few days in Baltimore at Fitbloggin.

We exercised together and we spent a vast amount of the time eating healthily, since Fitbloggin provided breakfast and lunch for all of us and there were yummy breakfasts that consisted of high-fiber cereals, Eggland’s Best eggs (ohMIgod were those good — hard-cooked perfectly to a density I’ve never witnessed in an egg), yummy potato salads by Tasteful Selections, sandwiches and soups, all of it delicious and very very healthy.

It was dinner that went the slightest bit awry and then, if we’re being specific, after dinner.

The first night of dinner, I did ok, a club sandwich, a handful of fries, 2 glasses of wine.

The second night of dinner, I did ok, salmon with pasta from Whole Foods, some chocolate covered raisins.

The third night of dinner, began the decline, it was a delicious chicken and rice dish and that was fine. Washed down with margaritas. And then some cocktail concoction (multiple), a couple of shots, some beer, and followed up with a bacon buffet in the morning.

You know, if we’re being honest.

I tried to remain vigilant for the rest of my travel day but I promptly came home and had pizza.

So, that’s my confession. I’m confessing to lots of drinks and bacon. I enjoy bacon. And pizza.

The good part is that I enjoy it only from time to time and it’s been a while since I’ve had a bacon buffet. Or a drink buffet for that matter. As long as we keep it all in check, right?

Back at the good life today with some of Ann’s awesome crockpot chicken tacos. Can’t get  much better than those.

So got something to confess? Give it up here! (And I know what ya’ll did at Fitbloggin… ain’t no hidin from me!)

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  • Healthygirl33

    Great post, I have my confessions as well, I polished off an 8 oz bag of chocolate covered nuts/bridge mix, was really hoping to have more control.  I can’t wait to try to the crock pot chicken tacos.  

  • Anonymous

    Glad you like the tacos so much!!

    My confessions for the week: I sat around watching you guys tweeting from FitBloggin WAYYYY too much!! It was my way of vicariously living through you!!

    here are my confessions:

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about balance.  And you danced off most of those calories.

  • Adah