Whether or not the weather where you live is complying (it’s not here, FYI), Summer has finally arrived!

Summer, for many of us, means the kids are at home and out of school (and probably BOOOORRRREEED) and you either don’t want to go to the gym or work out cause you don’t have time or it’s too hot.

Am I right?

The way I see it, exercising in the summer should be fun. And it can wear out include your kids.

Round these parts, we like to jump. It may be genetic (I was a high jumper in high school), but my son literally jumps. ALL. DAY. LONG. Around Christmastime, we smartened up and bought him a trampoline.

Best decision ever.

Trampolines aren’t just for kids. Though you can buy one and pass it off as a kid purchase. I won’t tell anyone. If you don’t have any kids, get the trampoline anyway and borrow someone else’s chitlins. Wear them out. Their parents will thank you.

Trampolines can provide great low impact cardio. A 150 pound woman will burn 222 calories in a hour jumping on a trampoline and possibly guarantee a nap for her preschooler.

Trampolining doesn’t have to just be plain old bouncing. A few exercises you could try include:

Health Bounce: Position yourself in the center of the trampoline and place feet hip width apart. Bounce up and down but do not let your feet leave the trampoline. This is a great exercise for a warm up or cool down, and promotes circulation of lymphatic fluid.

Toning Bounce: Assume the same position as the health bounce, but you actually jump. You control the height and the higher you go, the higher the intensity.

Jumping Jacks: Pretty self explanatory – regular jumping jack, but less impact on your joints.

Twists:  Position arms at waist level (like Barbie arms) and twist at the waist to alternating sides with each jump. It’s cardio that’s great for your core.

High Knees and Butt Kicks: These are classic running drills – just run in place.

Freestyle: Go crazy. Crank the tunes and have a dance party with the kids. Make up a silly routine. Have fun!

Finally, if it’s really hot, turn the sprinkler on underneath the trampoline after your workout. Your kids will think your the coolest. And if you throw some soap at them, you’re done with bathtime. Multitasking is the best.

What’s your fun summer ‘workout’?

Special thanks to our Lissa for her wicked trampoline picture. You rock, girlfriend!!



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  • Anonymous

    I keep dreaming of the day I can buy a big tramopline for the backyard (that we don’t have!) but I guess until then I think buying a small one for the house would be a good investment! Maybe my kiddo would quit telling me he’s bored all the time!

  • Nancy

    We used to have a trampoline and it was so much fun.  It finally broke after many years at one of the kids open houses.  I miss it.  Maybe I need to get a new one for the grandkids.