May Your Way Challenge Biggest Shrinker and SisterStar!

Our latest health, fitness, and weight loss challenge has come to an end. I hope that each and every one of you had minor {or major} victories during the month of May, and are feeling good about your progress, no matter what your goals were.

What’s next you ask? We are busy hashing out our next challenge, which will begin on June 15th! Stay tuned for an announcement next week!

Let’s get to the stars of the May Your Way Challenge!!

Our Biggest Shrinker is….


She lost an amazing 4.78% of her body weight! Great job, girl!

The runners up?

4.18% Ann G
3.38% Tracy C.
2.75%    Heather T
2.69% Debra C
2.60% Kristin S.
2.60% Colleen
2.60% Trish B.
2.31% Joanna H
1.61% Adah M.

Great losses, ladies!

And our SisterStar who shined the brightest during the challenge?


Mary participated in #tworkouts, SisterChat, and so much more! Thank you, Mary, for being such a positive influence in our community! You are the lucky recipient of a Fitbit device! {email me with your mailing info!}

Curious as to who the runners up are?

Trish B.
Ann G.
Kirsten M.

You ladies are amazing and you all deserve a pat on the back! Wooooot!

Big thanks to Fitbit for sponsoring our giveaways during the May Your Way challenge! We think you rock!

  • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

    WTG ladies!!  Congratulations on winning the Fitbit, Mary.  Once you receive and get it all set up, we’ll have to “friend” each other on the Fitbit site. I love mine! :)

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    AWESOME job ladies! I’m so proud of each and every one of you!!!

  • AnnGregory

    Mary, you rock!!!

    • Mary P.

      Ann YOU rocked that scale on down the road heading south girl!! WTG!! 

  • Tami @

    Congrats to you both!!!

  • MommyAngela

    Yay, Mary P!!! Way to go! I’m going to eat sensibly (but not AS strict) until the next challenge. But then I’ll have to bow out early b/c I leave for the beach on July 9. Great challenge, Sistas!!

  • Mary P.

    Ooooh i am so excited to have won the FitBit! I just KNOW it will help in my journey! Congrats to all the sisters who did this challenge. I think we are all pretty fab! Angela, way to go on dropping those pounds girl! See ya in the chatroom some time again lol. I want your determination rubbing off on me!

  • Joanna

    CONGRATULATIONS everyone!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am for the next challenge.  I feel like I might be FINALLY getting out of my rut – and ready to take on something BIG.

    I made it into the leaderboard this time…I want to stay there.  :)

  • Trish

    Everyone did such an amazing job this month! Congratulations Mary, make sure we friend each other! I can’t wait for the new challenge!