Sister Spotlight: Mary P.

A big thank you to Ann for choosing me for this! I am honored!

Name: Mary P.
Twitter: @FiddlersBride
Age: thisclose to 44 (my bday is June 8)
Hometown: Baltimore, MD but I was born and raised in Suffern, NY

Tell us about your family. It’s me and Mr. Fiddler! We met in an Irish pub where we both play traditional Irish music on our fiddles. Guess you can say we fiddled around quite a bit : ) We also have 3 cats, Niamph (which is Neeve in Gaelic), Aoife (EE-fah in Gaelic) and Sophie.
What is your favorite workout? I love kickboxing and TRX, and also I am starting to love running, being a newbie runner.
What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? Hmmmm. Professionally. a few  of my newspaper columns have won some awards, and some were on the national level. That still thrills me. Every-day-life-wise: I try to accomplish being the best wife, daughter,sister, aunt, Godmother and friend I can possibly be.
Have you set any goals for this year?  Surehave! Operation 12 Races! That’s my goal of doing at least one 5k race a month for the year.So far I have hit every month, albeit January was on a treadmill because the real race was snowed out.
Who is your best support in your healthier-living journey? Mr.Fiddler, hands down. Especially since he is the main cook in the family. He keeps me loaded up on fresh veggies and whole foods. Prior to meeting him I was Queen of the Ramen Noodle and Dutchess of Mac and Cheese!
Favorite songs on your iPod right now? I listen to Melissa Etheridge’s “I Run for Life” each and every race I do. I also love Sheryl Crowe’s “Everyday is a Winding Road” and I have some Zumba music on there that also keeps me going. I listen more to podcastst than I listen to music. Faves: The Fitness Boost, The Daily Boost and Morning Coach. I could go on and on about great podcasts out there for health and fitness tips/info or other podcasts for people who love books or stories read on the air. (maybe a future guest post!: )
Who or what inspires you? I know it sounds hokey, but I inspire myself at times! At the end of the day, it’s the individual who chooses to lace up the shoes, eat the right foods and keep going one step after another. That said, I am also super inspired by all of the women from my Tribe Green back during the Shrinkvivor challenge. We continue to inspire each other. In fact, all of the support here at the Sisterhood inspires me! And my teammates at my gym from my BL-style competition,which we won!
Do you have any must-have health/beauty/clothing products? Just my iPod for now! I hope one day to own an iPhone.
Name 3 blogs you love to read! oh gosh, just 3?! I love for WW recipes. I love Danica’s Daily, which is another blog full of WW info and all of Roni Noone’s blogs.  Great stuff!

April Race

5 things we don’t already know about you!
  1. I’ve done some stand up comedy and hope to do more of it very soon.

  2. I get the hiccups every day. They’re kind of odd — they don’t come one right after another – just off and on during the day. And they kick up a bit when I am stressed out or on deadline. In 4th grade, I was voted Miss Hiccup in my class
  3. I drove in a demolition derby once and won a 3rd place trophy ( this was for a story I was writing at the time).
  4. I once pulled over a police car . I needed directions really badly, so I waved him over to the side of the road and got out and asked him.
  5. I’m a National Public Radio junkie.

Congratulations Mary! You know all of us at the Sisterhood love you SO much, and it wouldn’t be the same here without you around!

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  • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

    Yay! So glad to see you in the Sister Spotlight this week.  I was soooo thrilled we got to meet in person at FitBloggin’ last month.  Love you! xoxo

    • Mary P.

      Love ya too Mel! I will always think of you as the very first person I met at Fitbloggin’ because you were!! Can’t wait to see you again somewhere down the line!

  • Brooke F

    lol!  never quite heard of someone pulling over an officer.  :)  nice to “meet” you mary!

    • Mary P.

      Nice to meet you too Brooke! Yeah the look on that guy’s face was pretty priceless. He was looking like “ok, who is THIS nut job and what does she want?!”

  • Trish

    I LOVE the Gaelic Names! I am an historical romance reader LOL and there is a lot of Gaelic in the books. So happy to know more about you Mary! You don’t live to far from me, come down to the beach this summer :)

    • Mary P.

      Ohhh Trish, now that sounds like an offer I couldn’t pass up! We would have to vow to get some walks in on the beach or the boardwalk! And limit our adult beverages lol : )

  • Christie O.

    HOORAY MARY!! WE LOVE YOU!!! you’ keep kicking butt with your monthly races!!!