Starting All Over Again

It’s Monday. The start of a new week.  And for me, officially the start of my long journey to drop the baby weight. My daughter was born five weeks ago today…it’s time to start getting back into shape.

Fortunately, I’ve already made a large dent in my baby gain. Unfortunately, most of that loss has come from swaying and pacing and wearing my fussy little girl. It works up a sweat, yo!

To be honest, I’m daunted with the task of losing all this weight. I mean, I know how long and hard I work ed to get to where I was before I became pregnant. But I guess another way of looking at things is that I know what I need to do, and I know that I can successfully reclaim my body.

I wish I felt a little bit more confident, a little more gung ho – but I’m getting there. I know that this upcoming challenge , Burst into Summer, and virtual bootcamp is going to really light a fire under my tush. And I also know that all my Sisters have got my back.

Are you just starting a weight loss journey? I’d love to know who else is out there. Show yourself in the comments…let’s do this together!


  • Bethany

    Heather, I am in the same boat…6 wks after the birth of my second baby!  My mind is ready however I’m having a hard time getting my body on board.  I really want to do this Burst into Summer Challenge.  I am about 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but need to be about 15 lbs down from that!  I have been holding on to 177 for about 2 weeks and can’t seem to get past this.  I am also BFing and I don’t know how I feel about counting calories while doing this.  Any recommendations would be great!!!  Best of luck to you and congratulations on your sweet little baby!

    • Heather

      Bfing and counting calories is tough. I’m going to check with my doc, but I’m pretty sure you need 500 extra cals per day.

  • susan

    I’m not post baby, but I’ve got the same goal. I’m using this time off I have during summer (10 weeks) to really get a solid routine and program down so I can get control back of my body and what i’m doing to it. Good luck :) 

    • Heather

      Good luck to you too! You can do it:)

  • Trish

    Every time I start over (back on the wagon so to speak) it always feels like I am starting the journey all over again. I am like Susan, I want this new challenge to get me back into the grove and with the kids being out of school, I hope this will give me a better routine to stick too. You can do it Heather, we got your back :)

    • Heather

      Best of luck! You’ll do great!

  • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

    You can do it, Heather!! I love you!

    • Heather

      Love you too hooker!

  • Anonymous

    You can do it Heather!  You are an amazing Momma and know that the very best gift you will give yourself and your sweet kiddos is your health.  So glad you are going to do the challenge – You rock!

    • Heather

      Thank you!! Xo

  • Joanna

    I’m starting over…after taking a couple of months off.  I’m also very excited about the new challenge. 

    You are going to do FANTASTIC getting the baby weight off… my daughter is 3, and I’m still working on it. :(

    • Heather

      You’ll do great…I think this challenge is just what we need:)

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    We do have your back, Heather! All the way!!!! LOVE YOU!

    • Heather

      Love you too!

  • Anonymous

    We’ve got your back, Heather and you are gonna do awesome!!

    • Heather

      Thanks Ann xo

  • Brooke F

    i feel like a big fat failure.  i just can’t get it together with the eating. 

    also?  had someone ask me if i was pregnant “yet” (added the yet i’m sure to cover herself) and had someone that didn’t know me ask me if i just had a baby.

    apparently its not okay for a 31 year old childless woman to just be chubby.

    • Heather

      Those people are jerks…you don’t look pregnant! Be kind to yourself, hooker! Love you!

  • Kelly

    I’m in the same boat…..but my son is 2 years old!  I am 13 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight :( but I would like to love 23 pounds.  I got up this am and worked out & ate a Healthy Choice lunch instead of pizza with my hubs.  

    • Heather

      Sounds like you’re off to a great start!

  • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

    We definitely have your back, Heather! I just dusted myself off after a couple of weeks off track.  Who am I kidding, I think the train ran me over! We can do this!  Love you! xoxo

    • Heather

      Love you too!