There’s a very special birthday in the house!


Today is April’s birthday!!!

I wish were awesome enough to write her an ode.

Without her around here, we wouldn’t be in #tworkout mode.

She is filarious and swell, we love her a lot,

and without her around this place would just got to pot.

I think I will stop, because a poet I’m not.

I’ll leave that job for April since she likes it a lot.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL! We love you and hope you have a great day.

(so sorry I totally butchered the poem. I suck!)




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  • Trish

    Happy Birthday April! May your day be full of awesome! xoxo

  • Nancy

    Happy Birthday hooker.   Make it a great one.

  • Brooke F

    who’s bringing the cake?

  • Lissa_ShrinkingJeans

    Hahaha! Love this!!

    April, YOU ROCK! Love you so much! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    Hope you have an awesome, amazing birthday….just like you are!!

    Christy, it wasn’t that bad of a poem!!

  • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

    LOL!  Love the poem.  Happy birthday, April!!!  I hope you have an amazing birthday.  Love you!! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday April, hope your day rocks!

  • Anonymous

    April is so full of awesome that she will forgive Christy’s poetry skills.

    Happy birthday, my dear friend April!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday April!

  • Fit Bee

    Yay Happy birthday April!!!!!!!