Weekly Check-In

Ladies and Gents!

Just because we are in between challenges doesn’t mean it’s slacker time.  We still want you to check-in/weigh-in/say hello.  So yeah, get right to it.  Step on the scale if you are so inclined (and even if you aren’t-ha!).  Blog about it, talk about it, comment about it- let us know how you are doing. 

Also, did you hear the good news?  We have a fantastically awesome challenge starting next Wednesday June 15th.  It’s called Burst Into Summer.  There will be teams of five and a bootcamp served up military style.  Are you ready to shed those pounds?  Tone up those arms/legs/torso?  Do you want me to YELL at you?! I wouldn’t do that.

Make sure to sign-up for the new challenge though.  We don’t want to leave anyone behind.  I am joining it, are you?  I do believe this new challenge will be exactly what I need.  Something new and fresh and new again and fresh again.  I am ready to kick those few pounds that have creeped back on for once and for all.

That’s it for this week- see you next week : ).

P.S. Zumba giveaway here (ends June 10th).

  • http://swanvalleytammi.blogspot.com/ LaughingLady

    I literally have nothing to report!  (which isn’t a bad thing this week)


  • http://www.traveling-well.com Karena @ Traveling Well

    I’m back at it: http://www.traveling-well.com/?p=1382

  • http://lauraslifeasawifeandmom.blogspot.com/ Laura P

    I’ve gotten back to tracking my food on myfitnesspal this week. (restarted June 1)  There have only been 2 days that I’ve gone over my calories.  The first day was only by 30 or so and then there was yesterday.  Let’s just forget about yesterday.  

    Looking forward to the new challenge and meeting whoever I am teamed up with.

  • http://smartstrongsexy.blogspot.com Brooke F

    down 0.2.  which is cool because its down the day after a birthday feast and “that” week.  also it puts a 3 in the middle.  like that much better than when the 4 is in the middle.

  • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

    I always have great losses on non-challenge weeks! Maybe it’s because I feel like crap for dropping the ball during the challenge?!


  • Anonymous

    Gained 1 pound according to scale, but didn’t weigh in till 2p.m. after eating some food….had to rush kid to dr this am again, but I figured this 1 pound gain is not anything to complain about after the past few days and since I weighed in so late in day….I’m ok with it!! Can’t wait for healthy kiddo and regular schedule so things can get back to normal for me and my routines!

  • http://plainolegrandmaislosingit.wordpress.com/ Adah
  • http://twitter.com/madfatwoman Joanna
  • http://nearlyhereorthere.blogspot.com Dorothy

    Some new inspiration this week!  Excited to start the new challenge :)