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Menu Plan Your Butt Off {Comfort Foods}

[ 1 ] 10/09/2011 |

Menu Plan Your Butt Off

Did you know Pinterest is a GREAT, visual way to find wonderful, healthy recipes. Yeah, there’s a lot of not-so-healthy stuff floating around there tempting you, but if you do a quick search for Healthy Recipes, you’ll lose the diet killing double chocolate chip caramel brownie sundaes :)

Next time you’re looking for inspiration, head over to Pinterest and be sure you’re following the Sisterhood. We are constantly searching and pinning fun quotes, inspiration of all kinds, and yes, healthy recipes.

This week’s menu features some down home {healthy} comfort foods. For me, Fall means I need something warm and creamy, so I’ve reached into my comfort foods recipe vault and pulled out some of my favorites just for you!

Enjoy your week, and be sure to link-up below with your menu plan! If you do link-up, we’d mighty sure ‘preciate it if you linked back to us!

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