True Confessions – The Struggling Edition

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another round of True Confessions.  Being on the editorial calendar for this post actually couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  You see, I’ll been struggling … hard!  Not only have I fallen off the wagon, but it’s run me over a few many times in the process.

I wish I could say it’s only been for the past few days that this has been an issue, but I’d be lying.  I’ve actually been struggling for about a month.  I got off track when I went on vacation and just haven’t seemed to find my way back yet.  Even with all that, the good news is that I’ve still been going to my Weight Watchers meetings.  Yes, it’s absolutely sucked ass paying and watching the number on the scale go up every week, but I know if I weren’t going to meetings, the number would just be going up even faster.  Going to my meetings has at least kept my mind somewhat on what I should be doing.  It’s kept me on track with eating a healthy breakfast every day even if I have succumbed to the call of crap food by day’s end.

Tieks by Gavrieli - The Ballet Flat, Reinvented.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or read my personal blog, I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately. You see, I’m the type of person that when I’m struggling, I become very reclusive.  I’m always afraid of someone finding out I’m a “fraud” and not doing well.  It think it’s just the perfectionist in me.  It’s been so bad lately that I even contemplated giving up blogging completely.

Luckily, you know how sometimes when you’re talking with friends (either in person or chattingonline), someone just always seems to say exactly when you need to hear at just the right time?  Well, that happened for me this weekend.  The awesome and amazing MizFit shared this photo of an amazing quote by Tara Hunt (taken from Inc. magazine) on her Facebook wall:

The message hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks.  It summed up perfectly all of my insecurities and doubts into a single sound-bite.  By not sharing with each other when we’re struggling, then we all feel like we’re the only ones who ever struggle.  We become slaves to our fear, doubt, self-loathing, etc.  It’s time for us to push past that and start getting REAL!

So, I’m struggling.  Do I want to keep struggling?  No!  Does this mean I’ll be perfect little Susie Weight Watcher starting this very minute?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I do know one thing though.  I know that I need to stop isolating myself from my friends and online community when I’m struggling.  I need you guys!  I need your support, care, and (most of all) your friendship.  I can’t do this on my own.

My challenge for each of you is to also get real when you’re struggling.  If that happens to be now, let us know in the comments so we can support you.  If you aren’t struggling now, congratulations!  Keep up the awesome work.  I just ask that you keep this post in mind the next time you are facing tough times on the journey and reach out for support.

In the words of an African proverb that was popularized several years ago by Hillary Clinton, “It takes a village…”   Together, we can do this!



  • Runningfromthecouch

    I am going through the same struggles right now! Thanks for sharing!

  • Melissa

    Mel – We *all* go through this. The fact you’re attending meetings faithfully is a testament to your commitment. And, as always, your honesty is a testament to the fact you’re awesome. Lean on us! I miss you when you’re not around.

  • Flo Bruehl

    Oh Melissa, I’ve missed you and had a sneaking suspicion you were struggling.  You are not alone in isolating yourself during times like this, been there and done that myself.  We are all in this together so keep on keeping on and keep on sharing! (((hugs)))

  • Mel (@MelGetsFit)

    Thanks for the support!! You guys are awesome. :)

  • Big Girl Bombshell

    Mel…thank you for sharing…I, too, have been struggling  BIG TIME, and even put my blog on sabbatical.  It will be revealed very soon.  that pic and saying from Miz Fit hit me hard also

  • Nancy
  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    *holding hand up and waving*

    I’m struggling. And I tend to pull back when I feel like I’m failing. The good news is I feel like I’ve finally made some good progress at moving forward. 

    The Sisterhood was founded on the premise that ‘losing weight it hard, but it doesn’t have to suck,’ and that still holds true today. It’s NOT easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it! It’s hard, and together we can at least have a little fun and get a lot of support along the way.

    Keep on keeping on, Mel. WE can do this together.

  • Adah

    Count me in…this struggling stuff is hard! I’m working on finding my way out but somedays it just sucks!

  • Anonymous
  • Rusti

    I have been struggling as well. You are not alone in this and I have been isolating myself as well with my struggles. I haven’t had a real blog post was well over two months ago. I haven’t had a workout in 6+ months and recently had to buy bigger jeans :(. I really needed to see this post and know that I am not the only one struggling. 
    Thank you so much Mel,

  • Patty

    I saw the same post from Carla when I was struggling with writing about my dad’s illness. I’m sure people are sick of hearinga bout it but that’ my life right now and my struggle. Of course it impacts my eating habits but I’m trying to reign it in. He is number one priority but so am I and I’m trying find some balance. Stay strong my friend and don’t you disappear on us. I really admire you for writing this post…obviously you are not alone :)

  • Heather

    Girlfriend, I’m struggling too. And  I love you. That’s all.

    • Heather

      Okay, that’s not all. I too become a recluse when I feel like I’m failing. I get embarrassed that I’m basically just treading water and not making any progress. And I’m not just talking about weight stuff – also just being a contributing member of society. Being an interesting person. Feeling like I’m still smart after not working in the adult world for three years.

      Now, that’s all. Hugs xo

  • Amy

    I’m right there with you, Mel, and the others here who are struggling.  But at least this time I’m viewing it as a struggle and a rough patch in the road rather than as a reason to stop what I’ve been doing altogether and go back to where I was.  You’ve come SO far, Mel, so keep that in mind and know that none of us are perfect little Weight Watchers.  Or at least I’m not, LOL!  Hang in there and I look forward to reading more new blog entries soon.