They Say It’s Your Birthday …

Birthday Balloons

Woo Hoo! We love birthdays here at the Sisterhood! Today is the birthday of none other than our own Melissa, editor extraordinaire! In honor of Melissa’s birthday, April drafted a lovely poem to mark the occasion.

Something tells me this is a special day
What could it be, I not sure I can say.
Ok, ok, lean close to you I’ll whisper
A birthday is today for our sweet Melissa!

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Melissa is nice and as sweet as can be
She is only some cranky without her coffee (NOT like Christy. Whew. Love you Christy!)
She’ll run in a tutu, she’ll even give you a twirl
And sometimes she talks like a total valley girl.

All joking aside, she works so hard for you and me
To help make the Sisterhood as best as it can be!
So help me in wishing her the best in every way
Melissa, we love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Please join all of us here at the Sisterhood in wishing Melissa a VERY Happy Birthday!!!

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday hooker!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday! Hope your day is as great as you are!

  • Kathleen L. Shelfer

    Happy Birthday!

  • LissaJoy

    Awwwww!!! I love it! And I love all of YOU! Thanks so much!! xo!

  • Tami @

    Happy birthday @lissa_joy:disqus !

  • stick2itmama

    I totally missed it yesterday – so happy late birthday!