Moving Comfort Jubralee Bra {Review & Giveaway}

This is not me. In case you were wondering.

*Winner has been chosen! Check the comments to see if it’s you!

Okay, this is probably TMI, but I have to admit that when I run, I wear three sports bras.

You read that right, three.


It is ridiculous – not to mention, it’s a lot of laundry! But it’s necessary to keep the girls in check.

Enter the Jubralee from Moving Comfort. I received one in the mail not long ago to try out and I am amazed. Seriously. AMAZED. I can run WITH ONLY ONE SPORTS BRA. It’s a miracle.

Jubralee is Moving Comfort’s first sports bra to be tested in their state of the art biomechanics lab.

Here are a few fun facts about the biomechanics lab:

  • In the biomechanics lab, Moving Comfort tests on various sizes including D cups.
  • Moving Comfort tests in all directions that the breasts move when running – vertical, horizontal and in/out. This helps minimize potential discomfort.
  • 56% of women say they experience pain when working out. There is no reason to experience pain if you are wearing a well designed and properly fitting sports bra.
  • Moving Comfort combines their lab testing with wear testing. They call this their head and heart strategy. Moving Comfort bras are “Girlfriend tested, lab approved”™.

The Jubralee is super comfortable – which is pretty amazing considering the support it provides. It features:

  • hidden side and under bust support
  • shaped front adjustable straps with concealed hook and look closure
  • seam free interior molded cups (no more uniboob!!)
  • subtle contour shape cups

The Jubralee comes in sizes 30-40 B-E and 42-44 C-DD and retails for $54. Did I mention the fabulous colors? I love that I can get a supportive, stylish sports bra! Mine is the Sunset/Red Hot color and it’s gorgeous.

If you are in the market for a new sports bra, I cannot reccomend the Jubralee enough. I’ve never had such a supportive, comfortable and pretty sports bra.

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But wait! There’s more! Do you want to win a new sports bra to wear during your training?

Moving Comfort is graciously giving us one Jubralee to give away to one of our lucky readers!

To enter, simply:

1) Comment on this post and tell us if you’ve ever had to wear more than one sports bra. Or something embarrassing. I need some solidarity here, folks!

That’s it! I’m keeping it simple.

This contest ends at 11:59 PST on Friday, March 30, 2012. Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 31. Please make sure you leave a valid email address in your comment so we can reach you if you win! If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, we will pick another winner.

Good luck!

Moving Comfort provided me with product to test and also product for this giveaway. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. As always, all opnions are my own.




  • Jenny

    Anything that keeps the ladies from giving me a black eye, I am willing to try! Sports bras have never been my friend, and I actually had a trainer flip up my shirt and chastise me for wearing the wrong bra right in front of the entire gym! How’s that for embarrassing?

    • DebraCC

      Oh my!  I hope you got a new trainer!

  • Toledolefty

    I have never worn more than one sports bra but I always wear a heavy-duty “battleship bra” that is much less comfortable than this looks.

  • Carmen

    I have worn 2 before…it was almost as uncomfortable as wearing 1 with not enough support. I threw them out & invested in 1 good bra. It’s worth the money to spend on 1 good bra!!

  • debkhershberger

    OH YES!! SOUNDS wonderful!!! Ive worn two before. My emabarrasing. Last week at Body Combat I had fFORGOTTEN my bras and did a lot jumping bouncing kickin in my street bra. OUCH I was so sore afterward!! If that ever happens again, I will turn around and GO HOME!!!

  • T_baby1981

    I am still searching after buying 3 new bras for one that offers comfort and stability. I ,too,have to double up on my reinforcements!

  • Bari_F

    I usually wear a sports bra under my Nike long running tanks (which technically have a bra in them) so I guess that means 2 bras. After twins & losing weight, the girls MOVE. I just saw a woman running yesterday that desperately needed a new bra – I was actually in pain watching her run by. I make sure that isn’t me.

  • Suzanne

    I’ve never had to wear multiple sports bras. Well, maybe I should just say I’ve never chosen to wear multiple ones!

  • babyboy3
  • Elle

    Nope, never worn more than one !  Something embarrassing… I once popped into a tanning parlour in the middle of a run to ask if I could use the washroom, to avoid an accident!  That was embarrassing….  love the styling on this bra.

  • Nadine

    I’ve never worn two, but after you read this maybe you’ll think  I should have.  One day we were at the gym and we got to talking about bras….and one of the girls I work out with told me that her sister (another of my friends) told her that I needed to get new bras…just the thought of them talking about it made me think…what on earth I must look like.

  • Heather Booth

    I have indeed worn multiple sports bras.  When I was still dancing, not only would I wear two sports bras at competitions, I would always end up in multiple pairs of tights.  What can I say, when you’re sweaty it’s way easier to take them off then it is to put them on.  So I would always start the day in no less than three pairs of tights.  Let me tell you, having to pee was a NIGHTMARE.  

  • Amber Hershberger

    Hallelujah! A real sports bra! I have tons of them, but only two (that were passed down from my mom) keep me from feeling like my ‘ladies’ from feeling like they are trying to rip themselves off my chest. my drawer is overflowing with crappy sports bras that really do no good, some of which are full of holes. When I go home for Easter,  I definately need to invest in another heavy duty one. 

  • Dstrehle67

    Can you say “uniboob”? If I don’t wear two i’m so subconscious, I’d love to try this amazing product, I’m sure it will help!

  • Cathy

    Always at least 2 bras – why does it seem so difficult to find a good one? Would love to try this one!


    Yes, I have had to wear more than one sportsbra! The juno created my first single bra running experience :)
    … xlmic.tio@gmail (dot) com

  • Lynne

    Never worn more than one sports bra, but I’ve had some SERIOUS chaffing from the one I had one.  Once to the point I had to put my shirt up under the front of my bra so I could continue on my run.  People looked at me funny, but I didn’t care.  It hurt!  Even more when I took a shower later…Oh TMI?!

  • ThePixie

    Never had to wear more than one bra, but little did I realize how much even small boobs like mine can BOUNCE until I saw how stupid it looks on someone else. After wondering if I looked like that, I’ve always made sure to wear a good sports bra when needed! MC rocks.

  • Amancay Maahs

    I am a Zumba® addict, and now an instructor… and have ALWAYS worn a super serious bra AND a tank with a shelf in it… AND another layer… never something alone, always at least two supportive layers really tuckin’ ’em in, you know!

    I recently began having serious issues after losing a pile of weight, nothing was working. We had a local shop hold an event, offering sizing… and Moving Comfort deals, I walked away with a Vixen, and was ASTOUNDED the next day when i wore it, and simply my tee over it (cause hello, no one wants to see my belly!) for 2 classes in a row, and never once was worried about the girls, it was AMAZING, I am forever changed… and now hooked. would love to have a variety to add to my arsenal with this beauty you have… it’s got to be good, that’s for sure!

  • Freeatlast4now

    I can’t stard other sports bras that give you that muffin look like your bustin out the top of your bra . its very uncomfortable when the girls are running a race of thier own ;(

  • Steph

    I usually wear a sports bra with a tank that has a built-in bra also.  Until I tried Moving Comfort bras that is!  Even with my new DD cups (thanks to a baby), the Moving Comfort bras are amazing!

  • Stephanie

    Instead of wearing multiple bras, I think I used to buy them in sizes that were slightly too small. Well, when I started chafing badly in such a way that it looked like I had the girls enhanced, I knew it was time for a change. I just bought my first Moving Comfort bras — WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Perfect fit and incredibly supportive. I could definitely use a few more :)  [email protected]

  • Patty

    The only time I have worn two sports bras is when I am wearing a tank top with a built in sports bra. Can anyone really wear those and have any kind of support working out? I mean ACTUALLY working out like running? Seems to me unless you have the chest of an 8 year old boy you have to wear a real sports bra also.

  • RunnerJ

    When I first started running I used to wear two sports bras…then I finally found some more supportive ones I liked. I love Moving Comfort bras!

  • Megan

    Yes, I’ve worn 2, but the problem is that it makes it harder to BREATHE, which I find a quite necessary bodily function during the kind of exercise that requires 2 bras! 

  • MichelleG

    When I began running in high school in the 80’s there really weren’t sports bras…so yes, I have had to wear multiple bras…It’s miserable. And I’ve also had to wear bras so tight around my ribs (to keep the girls stable) that it’s hard to breathe. I’ve run in a moving comfort bra with the “up” adjusting straps and IT IS FABULOUS!

  • Dinisha7

    Went for a run once with an old sports bra & by the end I had to use my hands as a second bra!

  • Meryaten

    I knew I needed a better sports bra when I saw the pictures from my first Danskin tri – I wore my sports bra under my compression tri-top for the entire event, but when I emerged from swim, I swear my boobs were drooping to my knees!

  • Emily

    I had the strap of a poorly made so called sports bra tear on me mid run. Fortunately I was on my own and not with my training group. Had to walk the rest of the way.

  • Smidjy

    I love moving comfort bras. I have been known to wear them for everyday wear because they are that amazing to this formerly G currently DDD girl.

    I was forced to wear a non-moving comfort bra for a mud race I did, because I knew I would be throwing away the clothes I wore. I had to hold my girls in place a couple times just so they didn’t bounce everywhere.

  • Rebecca
  • Hillary

    Lucky me I discovered MC bras before I discovered running but when I was younger and riding horses in my regular bras. Ouch! No wonder I got my house to move so smooth.

  • Rlst528

    I have worn 2 before. Heck, if I could figure out how to wrap an ace bandage around them, I’d do that PLUS 2 bras!! I have tried so many different things! Something’s gonna work one day!!

    • Heather

      Winner! Please contact me at heather@shrinkingjeans with your snail mail info and phone number!

  • Skkorman

    I usually wear two sports bras at the same time, like you to keep the girls in check—it would be nice to wear only one!

  • Ech27

    yes, I have to wear more than one.  Even for spin class- I wear an underwire minimizer  with a sports bra over it.  Have to for the jumps, even though there is supposedly minmal motion. Tell that to my chest.  Ouch.  Can’t wait to try this new solution!

  • mimi

    Yes. I’ve worn two bras at a time. Nothing like having to pull off not one, but two very tight, clingy, sweaty bras after a workout. All while hoping I wouldn’t dislocate a shoulder. Not to mention it doubled my laundry.  And what’s up (or not) with those flimsy shelf-bra tanks? They’re obviously not for me.

    I love, love, love my moving comfort bras one at a time. I wish I could have some styles that I could wear under business attire.

  • Yuliya

    I don’t know if this counts but I have to wear the bra plus the built in bra in the tank top, it still doesn’t help!

  • Rose

    I always wore two sports bras in high school for any sports Or gym- it was embarrassing trying to change in front of the other girls and explaining why I was wearing two when some didn’t even change into a different bra! now I love my moving comfort bras!!

  • Jkilgore0719

    I usually have to wear a normal underwire bra, and two sports bras over it to keep the girls in check.  Once when I was running, all three straps on one side snapped.  Needless to say, it was a long 3 mile walk back to the house.

  • Im_shell

    I was trapped in mine… Hands over head

  • A Izzo79
  • Steel Springs

    The timing of this review/giveaway is perfect. I’m pregnant and dealing with a sports bra challenge! The Jubralee looks like something I should check out…it’s cute, too.

  • Elizabeth915

    I’ll admit that I’ve had to wear two sports bras before. I think the most embarrassing part is when you sweat through both of them. :)

  • Jan

    I own one in every color. I use them when I run – in Kangoo boots, and when I ride – horses.  They look great under tanks, and I only need one sports bra. And comfort is an understatement!  Love, love, love!

  • Cacie

    I only wear one sports bra to run and exercise. When I first started jogging after having my child my boobs were quite large (for my norm). The bottom flap of the bra could barely keep anything contained, and there was an audible flapping noise from the bottom of the bra. The faster I jogged the louder the flapping sounded. I got a few smiles and confused faces on the jogging path that day.

  • Casper

    After breaking my arm I could no longer get sports bras over my head anymore, which was not good for running.  I had to have my hubby help me put them on and off (SO embarassing to not even be able to dress/undress yourself!).  But Moving Comfort makes some great bras like this one above and Fiona (which I own & love) that fixes this little problem!  Glad you found some moving comfort happiness! :D

  • Erica

    Hi! I haven’t worn more than 1 sports bra, but there have been times where I should have either doubled up or thrown away the old one!

  • Becky

    Sadly, it took me until 23 years old to realize the 3 pack of fruit of the loom sports bras from Walmart weren’t made for working out if you have to wear all 3 at the same time to keep your D cups somewhat under control.  While training for the bass pro half marathon, two weeks into my training the girls were so sore after my runs I considered quitting.  So I turned to the internet to find a solution and thankfully stumbled upon great reviews for the Fiona bra.  IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! I enjoy running so much and will never wear another thin, flimsy, sports bra again.  This new Jubralee bra sounds awesome and I could love to try it!!  

  • Tiesha

    After I had my son I had to wear 2 bras.  Nothing else seemed to work UNTIL I found moving comfort.  I’ve been a big fan of the Juno for a while!

  • Tammy Heath Ahlbrand

    I have actually missed training because I refuse to wear anything but the juno, and mine were all dirty.  

  • Jodi Stewart

    I need my support, and I can’t seem to find bras that keep the girls locked. All my bras I own I need either an extra built in bra shirt, or a second bra. But the elastic can get suffocating, and I get so sweaty it actually kept me from running further. When I do wear one bra, the bouncing keeps my breathing in a rhythm and it can keep me from upping my pace. After reading these comments, I’ve gotta try some for myself!

  • Kristin Stone

    Never wore more than 1, but I might have to start now that I’m nursing. If it held in leaky milk, that would be even better! :)

  • Emma

    I’ve only ever worn one at a time, but I have to order heavy-duty ones online (including a different Moving Comfort model I really like).  I forgot to pack a sports bra on a recent trip and had to give up on anything but walking.  

  • Nancy Watkins

    Moving Comfort Juno has been a great bra for me, but I am anxious to try this new one. Yes, my girlfriends need the support you mention.

  • Barb

    I have never worn more than one sports bra at a time, maybe I should have but Im not really a runner, more a v-ball player and they have gotten in the way! 

  • Tami @

    I only wear one sports bra when I workout.  I’ve never ran in a sports bra, though.

  • Drinder6870

    I either end up with the girls mashed so tight that I can barely breath or they beating me up when I exercise.  Of course there is always what I refer to as the uni-boob – where the bra mashes  them together so it looks like you have one boob in the middle.

  • Morgan

    LOVE Moving Comfort – they make The Best Bras. Ever. Period. I’ve never had to wear multiple sports bras because I’m a hiker – I can’t run to save my life. I used to be able to sprint when I played softball but the fact that I literally cannot run well, I think that’s embarrassing. I can’t run a solid 5 min.s without getting winded and feeling pathetic. I’m working on it though :) Slow progress. But I’m trying!! 

  • Kirsten

    Well I’ve never had enough to um… control to require 3 bras, but since kids I’ve had major issues with headlights, so Moving Comfort’s been the only one with a level of concealment. :)

  • Andrea

    I’m in for any sports bra that can take away that awful uniboob look.  

  • Tricia

    I’ve run with more than one bra at a time many times. Moving Comfort is my go-to brand, so I’m excited to try an even better one!!

  • Tricha Chase Burleson

    I used to have to wear at least 2, but I lost 45 lbs and most of that was probably from my chest!  Now I just wear one.  This one looks fabulous!!!

  • Modesta

    Would love to be able to keep Thelma and Louise from bouncing around and hurting when I try to work out.  Have enough problems with being a big girl anyways and have myself used multiple sports bras, tank tops all under a tshirt to keep them from getting loose.

  • Teri Masters

    I have to wear two; the best one I have leaves a bloody sore chafe on my back from a seam. I’ve paid hundreds and still am miserable :( hope to try this one; no where to currently buy it here :(

  • Melinda engel

    Always needed to find a bra that did not making nursing a hassle…moving comfort is amazing. And seeing as the ladies seem to be a different size depending on time of day…these are amazing!

  • Elyssa Ledgerwood

    I’ve always had issues with the girls to-ing when they should be fro-ing and since they’re rather large, I’d given up on a sports bra that would actually keep them moving in the same direction as I was…..Sound like this one could be the answer!

  • Andy Drouin

    I went shopping for my first sports bra last week and came away empty handed.  nothing fit!! This looks like a nice one though, so I’ll be sure to check them out.

  • Aislinn

    I had a hard time finding a bra before I had surgery, post surgery it’s even harder. I need support above my chest to keep them from hitting my chin! And it effects my ability to workout hard when my girls are moving around so much. I don’t care about uniboob, I don’t care if the sports bra is ugly, I need something that works and holds the girls so they don’t move. The worst is when you have to hold your chest when running so they don’t jump off!
    [email protected]

  • Jennifer
  • Pinkgerbera

    I have come to the conclusion, there are two types of people in this world: the race horses and the pack mules. I am the latter. As my counterparts are looking sleek beautiful and gracefully running on the treadmill, I am trudging up the hills and praying that any sprinting will be short lived. I prefer trudging up the hills. It suits me. When I pretend to be a racehorse, my body just can’t seem to decide which way it should go. Everything bounces, just not in the same direction. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to bounce like the lovely woman that is next to me. Her surgically enhanced girls sway in unison, like a choreographed dance. My girls look like they are having some sort of seizure or maybe its a couple of alley cats fighting it out on my chest. I am not sure. I just don’t understand that outside the gym, I am the bra police. My husband laughs that I am the only wife who gives their husband commands like, “look at her boobs! She really needs a new bra!” and I am sincere. I am the one my friends come to for bra advice. Why can’t I seem to take the time to find the correct “exercise bra” I have a few I like. Some better than others but not one that I “love, love” and will let me be the pack mule I am with race horse moves. 

  • Hrehfield

    Add my name to the “multiple sports bra’ club! 

  • beckymoffat

    I wear a sports bra and a fitted tank (which is now so old I don’t think it actually does any good).  I love moving comfort bras though and really don’t need the tank with them but old habits are hard to give up.

  • Sandy

    I loathe the uniboob. My little girl (3) said to me, “Mama, why you have 2 bellies?”
    I’d love to try this bra. I’m going to go drool at it online. heehee.

  • Tracey

    I also wear 3 bras – its crazy but necessary! Would love to try one of these sports bras :-)

  • Tanya borrego

    Yep I have to wear a regular bra and a sports bra over that. And they still move around, im still adjusting the girls when i run. This seems like a great sports bra and im definitely liking that it comes in bigger size. Im in the DD size and it is so frustrating to try and find one sports bra that works while im running or jogging. I would love to wjn this.

  • Brooke F

    my sports bra issues are so minimal i almost feel guilty for entering this giveaway.  almost.  

  • Cmjones

    I was blessed with more than enough and I too have to wear more that one on occasion.  Sometimes also a tank and a t-shirt. 

  • Michelle Lopez

    Oh my gosh, I never thought of this concept, I’ve done reg bra & sports bra but this sounds a bit better. 

  • Sam

    I really hope I could make you feel better but I only wear one at a time =) … Mine is old school Uni-Boob though so I would love to try this new style out =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sinner Ella

    Um, I typically have to wear a regular AND a sports bra. #1 those compression bras bring on the MOST unattractive uniboob, as I learned from the mouth of a super hot trainer I once worked with. #2, most sports bras tend to NOT be adjustable, kinda sucks when you’ve got somewhere to go just before the gym and they’re uncomfortable when you’re not running for your life on the treadmill or trying not to bean yourself and do as the name suggests while executing “skull crushers” in the gym. #3, I just think too many companies try to exchange fashion for function when women enjoy both, most of the time. I’m pretty dude-ly, so fashion is my last concern when it comes to the duty of sweating like the possible offspring of Fergie-post-performance and the largest, harriest sweatiest trucker you will ever lat eyes on. Not that my father is said trucker or Fergie is my mother. (Thank goodness on both accounts) I don’t want my girly bits to bounce around like a skirt caught in a car door, but I also don’t want a uniboob that appears to be attempting to choke me to death either, while I’m trying to get my Beefcake on at the gym or home, so this would definitely be an awesome win!

  • superdumb

    I’ve never worn more than one sports bra at a time but, embarrassingly, I do still own my nasty, stained “white” sports bra from college. Probably about time to put that bad bra down, not least because I was a 36B back then and now I’m a 38C…

  • Ehalter23

    I have never worn more than one, but definitely in need of a good, supportive sports bra!

  • l.mullinix
  • DebraCC

    I’ve worn 2 sports bras before.  I now own 2 Moving Comfort bras and love love love love love them! They aren’t binding or overly tight. You think there is no way this is going to work and then it does! They’re like magic!

  • kateb

    I have worn 2 before.  Then I got a decent bra.  Now I wear 2 if I don’t have any pockets in my pants.  Makes a perfect spot for my ipod. :)

  • Megan

    I always wear 2 sport bras, even if my top has a built in bra

  • spbray

    I’m not that blessed in the boobie department to need to wear more than one bra. but I could use a really good bra to hold what little I have in!

  • Erin

    When I was nursing, I had to wear two. I’m thankful to be down to just one now, but it’s still hard to find a supportive bra for running.

  • Jennifer

    I’m not very well-endowed so I’ve never had much trouble keeping the girls strapped down, but there was one time I ran out the door to yoga class and didn’t realized until class was starting that I had forgotten to put a bra on.   At all.  Downward Facing Dog was interesting to say the least.

  • Leeann Hadgis

    I’ve been known to wear 2 or 3 sports bras…I feel your pain!

  • Mary P. (aka fiddlersbride)

    I’ve never worn more than one at one time but there are times when I sure wish I was double teamed! I heard a great podcast the other day all about this very topic! It was from Geek Girl Runner ( love her podcasts!). Sports bras fall into two arena, she says – the “Sheep Dog” (separates the girls and makes sure they are headed off in the right direction) or “the Pancake”  (compression bras where ain’t nothin’ moving no  how!) She interviewed her running  friends asking  “are you a pancake or a sheep dog?” Funny and informative were the replies. Give ita listen sometime!

  • Robin

    Definitely have had to wear more than one sports bra in the past for running!  Until I found Moving Comfort – currently wear Fiona (I think) – but it is about time for new batch of sports bras and would love to try the Jubralee.  Now that I think about it, will be 50 next birthday, so how better to celebrate my “year of Jubilee” with the Jubralee!!

  • Dawn Goodwin

    I usually wear  a sports bra and a tank with a built in bra. I still feel like I am not supported.  Would love to try this one. :-)

  • Lorilee

    I have never worn 2 but probably should, honestly never thought about it. I have put my girls in several different styles only to have them try to escape through the bottom. I need a new one desperately, I might give moving comfort a go!

  • Sarah McGuire Lewis
  • Beth

    I’ve never had to wear more than one sports bra but I’m new to working out and running on streets in full view of the public is embarrassing enough for me!

  • Eclectic_eels

    I love Running,it has been my antidote for my depression. I’m a 34 y/0 mom of 2 girls and I wanna keep fit ofr myself and for them! Moving Comfort provides the essential feel good,look good factor that keeps me going.

    Ive had to wear 2 bras to minimise the figure8 movement that is so harmful to whatever’s that left of my post BF breast tissue. Sometimes these bras absorb sweat so well , such that when i wear normal cotton tops(not dri-fit ones),it leaves behinds 2 big spots(where my breasts are)… YIKES! so dri fit tops are important, ladies… if you do not want 2 big dry circles after your run!

    And yes, I love Moving Comfort..makes me wanna run and run…

  • Nanci Cernak

    I have a hard time finding a sports bra that fits well. I am, uh, larger on top and need support. I usually end up being uncomfortable from the straps. So I need a great sports bra to keep everything where it should be, lots of support, and no irritating straps! :)

  • CinDiva

    Ive never owned a sports  bra before….yeah I lead a sheltered life :-(

  • Angela Haralson

    I haven’t worn two sports bras before, but I’ usually wear a too small/tight one to try to keep them strapped down. After recently running 12 miles in a too small sports bra, I had some mighty bad chafing! So I decided to research good sports bras and how to get a good fit and that’s what led me to this site!!

  • cammy

    I have to wear 3 when i’m doing any kind of exercise other that walking at a regular pace.   And even then if it’s on the treadmill i have to wear 3 because of the bouce! I would love to find a bra that would be comfortable and that i would only have to wear one of!!

  • Gracieainsworth

    I wear one sports bra because I am not well endowe lol.

  • Courtney Franson
  • Nancy

    I’ve never worn two sports bras, but I do have to keep pulling them down in the front because the girls are trying to escape out the bottom!

  • Sara E Benson

    My current, heavy duty sports bra isn’t seamless and has been known to give me friction burns across my “decolletage” which is both embarrassing and supper fun to try to explain. 

  • Adah

    I tried wearing 2 but just couldn’t get use to it so like so many others I sucked it up and invested in a good bra. I really could use another one for Run the Hood training.

  • Sarahefuller

    Wore horrible support before finding moving comfort Juno. My girls are stable n happy.

  • Taylor King

    I usually have to wear two…it’s terrible.

  • Juluvtom

    i was jogging and i fell and got a huge hole in the front of my sports bra!!!!!!!!!!