Pink Slime is Back!

I’m getting pretty disgusted with our food supply right now in general, between the preservatives and the dyes and the unnatural crap.

You may or may not have caught this in the news this past week, but it appears there will be a new ingredient in our kids’ school lunches and it’s called “pink slime“.  Mmmm. Yummy. (I am starting to want to move to the country and grow my own food.)

I can’t, but I’m making serious changes in our house recently when it comes to processed foods and honestly a few things have opened my eyes. One of which is the campaign against “pink slime.”

Pink slime is not new, but it’s new to me because this year I have a kindergartner who asks for school lunches. In short, the USDA is planning to purchase 7 million pounds of the pink slime, to go into school lunches. Pink slime is made up of parts of the cow like connective tissue and trimmings that are then treated with a mixture of ammonia and water to kill off things like salmonella and E.coli. You can do your best to argue that’s ok, but having to make a meat edible by fixing it up with ammonia is not ok with me.

What’s worse is that according to ABC News, we’re already eating it because it’s in 70% of our beef.

TV chef Jamie Oliver does a pretty good job of explaining the process “pink slime” goes through to get into our meat products, so feel free to take a look at the awesome. It really makes me want to have a big fat burger.

So, has already gathered more than 164,000 signatures on a petition to end pink slime in our schools, the very same pink slime that McDonalds and Taco Bell have already rejected.

So I’m wondering, what do you think about this? Baseless public outcry? Or another way to pull a fast one on us and our already suffering food supply?

  • Andy Drouin

    That is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!

    I’m hoping that we don’t have that in Canada… but either way my son’s school does all organic healthy stuff, so no fear of him ever getting it.


    • Christie O.

      That’s awesome that your school does that, I wish ours did! 

  • Heather

    Barf. (ps, I really love Jamie Oliver!)

  • anng

    This makes me sick! It also makes me thankful that my son doesn’t attend public school.
    It also makes me want to only buy organic meats!

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    OMG. Our little country school doesn’t have lunch service, so BJ takes his lunch everyday. BARF.

    That is EXACTLY why we moved out to the country, Christie. To get away from all the crap in the city, the pollution, the crime. I do grow some of my own food, and I’m petitioning the hubs for some chickens so I can have eggs on demand ;)

    I’m going to sign that petition now, even if it doesn’t affect me, because it’s disgusting. GAG.

    • Christie O.

      That’s awesome, Christy, I’d love that! This is disgusting. You know I’m at my wits’ end! :) 

    • Bill Tkach

      That’s why EVERYONE should move out to the city, and live there, with lots of green space, and fresh air. Oh wait, not everyone can do that, we’re not all middle/upper class Americans. And wait if everyone moved out to the country, it would suck just as much as the city. Oh wait, it’s not the 1940’s anymore, there are 7 billion people on the planet. People have to accept that if we want to have more than 2 children each, and a big house, and a nice car, and be able to eat all healthy food, that we also are not going to have lush green forests, and farmland, and forest animals wandering too and from because the planet cannot sustain it.

      Maybe YOU have no problem purchasing alternative healthy food for your children, but to some families, that “pink slime” is all the food they can afford. Besides, them chicken nuggets are tasty.

  • Lisa

    This is basically what the inside of any chicken nugget looks like also. It’s not just in our school lunches! So foul.