8 Ways To Stop Procrastinating NOW


It’s Monday. A brand new shiny week! What are you going to do with it?

Let me start with a big admission. I am THE master pr0crastinator. It’s true. Case in point, I’m typing this post right now on Monday morning when it should have already been done and posted. That’s not the only thing I’m procrastinating on either.

So what are you putting off?

Are you putting off signing up for that race, making that doctor appointment, a big project at work, cleaning out that closet, picking up the phone or LOSING WEIGHT?

Most of the time, the things we put on the back burner are things we just don’t enjoy. Let’s face it, they probably suck. Who wants to do something that sucks, right? We’d much rather do something enjoyable, fun, easy. We put things off because they feel overwhelming, impossible, like too much work. So we make excuses, and keep pushing them off. We reschedule, ask for more time, say we’ll do it tomorrow…next week….next month…..next year…..next time.

The thing is tomorrow will be here, well, tomorrow. Next week and next month will arrive before you know, and next year, OMG, if it arrives and you still haven’t started, it will only make you feel horrible.

So how are we going to stop procrastinating right now? Here are a 8 tips to help get you moving in the right direction.

  1. Visualize the end result. Make a motivation board. You could even do it on Pinterest!
  2. Make up your own rewards for accomplishing your goal. Mini-rewards along the way are a great way to keep motivated.
  3. Get a motivation jar. Or two. Fill one jar with marbles that equals weight you want to lose, and as you lose, move the marbles over to an empty jar.
  4. Team up with a friend or ask someone to check up on you! This is why the Sisterhood was born – a support system for weight loss. If you need someone, I’m available 27/7….well, almost!
  5. Break it down into smaller goals. Five pounds sounds a lot less intimidating that 50 or 100. Reward yourself for each mini-goal reached.
  6. Start with small steps. Drink more water, start journaling your food, aim to exercise 3x a week. Sometimes jumping in headfirst will only lead to burn out.
  7. Keep a journal. Blog, write it down, log it online.
  8. Treat it like a project, map out your goals and workouts on a calendar.

Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track. Shit happens. Tomorrow is a new day, so don’t make excuses and quit. Remember: Progress, Not Perfection!

As a little motivation to get started, leave a comment below and tell us what you’ve been putting off!




  • http://www.facebook.com/kari.fassett Kari Jean Fassett

    Thanks for taking time to write this blog. I was just browsing through the health section of pinterest as the pictures of lean women and groups of runners was starting to make me upset. Why can’t I just do it? Why is it taking me so long to take better care of myself? Do I enjoy the torture of everyones success but my own?!
    Reading your post truly inspires me not to give up. Again, thank you!

    • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

      Kari, thanks for your comment! I wrote this back in April, and I’m still procrastinating on some things. I’ll take you stumbling upon it as a sign that I need to get moving today!! Thanks, and have a great day!

  • shaben

    I want to say thank you. This is ju
    st what i needed to hear. I am putting the losing weight at the top of the list. The last 2 years have gone by fast and tomorrow keeps coming. I’m grateful for each tomorrow i get but I’d like to get there Little less disappointed because i procrastinated yet another day away of my life. I have started out simple with the jar, journal, and a reasonable goal.
    Thank you again!