Just Roll With It

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This cartoon pretty much sums up my entire life.

I really love having a routine. It’s like a safety net. I don’t have to think about things or what comes next. I just follow my routine and everything is hunky dory.

Until it’s not.

Then I go off routine. I buck my own system and just let loose for a while. Sometimes it’s a day, sometimes it’s a week. Sometimes it’s my food choices, sometimes it’s my exercise, sometimes it’s cleaning my house, sometimes it’s my sleep habits, sometimes it’s everything all at once. I really love just kind of relaxing and not thinking about things and it’s awesome.

Until it’s not.

Then I get back into my routine…

And around and around and around we go.

One of the things I had a really hard time dealing with when I was in Full Fledged Weight Loss Mode was how my scale was never on a steady decline. I’d have really great weeks followed by really crappy weeks followed by average weeks. It was more of a roller coaster ride than I hoped it would be and the path was never as straight as I wanted.

As soon as I came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t always going to be “on plan”, the whole process of weight loss and healthy living became a lot less stressful.

For me, the whole goal became to make good choices more often than not. I allowed for those times when I would want to break loose from the shackles of my routine. But the key to doing this is to GET BACK TO IT sooner rather than later. Progress, not perfection and all that.

Too often we condemn ourselves for going “off plan” or not doing exactly what we should. Let me tell you something: That’s O.K. every once in a while.

Nothing in life is ever a straight and easy path.

Learn to roll with your natural instincts for routine AND rebellion and it’ll be a much easier ride.

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  • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

    You are so right, Thea. I am the same way, and it seems to be based on the school calendar right now! Summer is a free for all, fall is getting back to it, Christmas holidays are all about indulging and enjoying, January 1 back to it, Spring break vacation, and on and on. Right now I am SOOO ready for school to start on Monday because I’m feeling so completely out of sorts and frazzled. I need my routine so bad!!

    • ItsMeVsMe

      We are the exact same way. I am sooooo ready for them to go back!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/annflandersgregory Ann Flanders Gregory

    My biggest problem is when my routine changes due to changes in our normal schedule! That’s a killer for me! It takes me a while to readjust to a “new” routine….

    • ItsMeVsMe

      Oh yes, creating the “new normal” always throws me for a loop, too!

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  • http://twitter.com/MommyMo Mommy Mo

    I need to get back to my exercise routine, STAT. The move, the hubby traveling, the stress of unpacking, getting kids ready for school, finding our way around town etc etc has left me little time to do what makes me oh so happy. Instead, I’m shoving chips and salsa down my piehole faster than you can say chips and salsa. Anyhoo, I have veered off course and bow to get back on, eventually : ).

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