Checking In {August 22}

As I type this, my kids are in bed. This is probably the first time in two months they have been down before 10. You know what that means… SCHOOL IS STARTING! With school comes a ROUTINE. With a routine comes EXERCISE. I am sooooo looking forward to getting my groove back. Granted, I’m not really sure what my groove is anymore with a new foster baby in the house, but having some sort of structure will be good, right?

How was your week? We want to know! Weigher, non-loser, fitness junkie or workout newbie, you are sure to find support around our awesome community. Tell us about your week down below in the comments, or on your own blog and leave the permalink below.

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See ya next week!

  • Ann Gregory

    I weighed myself this morning after not weighing for 2 weeks. Last time I weighed in I was pissed at myself for gaining so much weight. Since that time I have lost 5 pounds! That makes me realize things I am doing are helping me get a grip on the weight again! Hopefully next week I will be down a few more pounds to me back in one-derland again!

  • mrsmarint

    I have not lost any weight this week. – still holding steady. But I really fell my strength increasing. My brother convinced me to lift heavier weights and it is making a world of difference. I feel like I will drop a few lbs soon, so fingers crossed and I’ll just keep up the hard work.

  • Melissa (@TheDailyMel)
  • Paula

    I stayed the same this week. Began a Nu Step challenge at the Y. Try to spend 30 mins daily stepping. Only have 2 machines, so need to wait for one to open up most days. Not much in the way of calorie burn either.