Checking In {August 29}

I need this check-in so badly- do you?!

The past two weeks have seen me even busier than normal with a move which involved packing and loading TWO 26 ft moving trucks, driving across town and unloading those trucks (we hired movers, of course!) and now, the long, arduous task of unpacking all those boxes.  If you are wondering why we had so much stuff, it’s because we are combining TWO households into 1.5 (my MIL is moving into an *apartment* we built for her at our new house).  So yes, life has been busy moving, unpacking, enjoying our new pool, getting the kids ready for school and trying not to lose my mind!

What about you?  Ready to check-in and let me know how you are doing? Go ahead- check in, weigh in, or just give me a holla (HOLLA!!!) in the comments below.

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  • Carrie Symes

    Last week went fairly well. Got my workouts in and didn’t do to bad with food. I actually ended up losing 2 pounds last week!! I was in shock when I saw the scale!

  • Paula Hunt

    It’s the usual end of the month stress for me this week. (I work in the billing office of a doctor’s office.) Didn’t even get on the scale this am. Working overtime adds to it all. Very structured in my eating during the day, but I walk in the house after work and I fall apart – eating when not hungry and eating unhealthy. Feel silly praying for strength each time I open my mouth to eat, but I am not doing this on my own power. Just planning to hang on thru the week and enjoy the weekend.