Gold Medal Ass {August}

I’m guessing you are enthralled by the London Olympics right about now… Today, we are going to get you up off that couch so you can win a gold medal of your own. That’s right… you are going to work towards a Gold Medal Ass.

We’ve got THREE exercises for you…
click on the titles for demonstrations!


Burpees. If you think these are easy-peasy, throw in a push-up at the bottom of the burpee!

Wall-Sits. Feeling particularly bad-ass? Add in the kicks like our little firecracker, Christy.

I hate, hate, HATE burpees and wall-sits. But, oh, how my butt loves them. Yours will too. By the end of the month, your ass will deserve a gold medal!

Print out the calendar below, tell your friends, and spread the word using the hashtag #goldmedalass or if you want a PG version, #goldmedalbutt.

Ready, set, GO!

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  • Lisa Eirene

    Last fall, I started really focusing my workouts because I have the dreaded runner-cyclist flat butt. No matter how many squats and lunges I did, my butt didn’t really change. :(