It’s Time for a Bit of Fit.

July has been my month for really getting into fitness. The funny thing about that statement is that I have been on vacation over three weeks of the month. I promise you it’s true though.

I started the month with those glorious nine days in NYC. Remember all the walking, sharing meals and heat? Then I did the week with my husband and did the same insane heat, walking, but no meal sharing. Just good meal choices. Now, we are at a lake in Michigan for the week and I’m doing lots of walking and baking in the sun and still making good meal choices. I must confess to a couple Bacardi and diets, but you have to cut me a little slack, right? I am on vacation.

While I was on my trip in NYC, I got an email from Christy. You know Shrinking Jeans Christy! She asked me to be on Team Shrinking Jeans for a Healthy Wage challenge. There would be five of the Shrinking Jeans writers on the team and the winning team would win $10,000. Yes please, sign me up!!!

The one thing that I was missing in all this excitement was my Fitbit. I had splurged last summer and got one with all my credit card thank you points. I love my Fitbit and one day it just quit working. No warning, just one time I pushed the button to check my mileage and nothing. I was brokenhearted.

I was lamenting my sorrow one day on Facebook and Mel said that there was a one year warranty on Fitbits. I was excited, but a little leary because I was past the one year time frame. I went to the Fitbit website and found an email contact. I wrote and told them my story. The next day, I got an email back asking me to do a few things that would give me the lastest updates for the Fitbit. Unfortunately, nothing helped. I wrote them back and said thank you, but it didn’t help. I was thrilled beyond words when I got another email from them asking a few more questions to send me my new Fitbit! I was thrilled when my new Fitbit arrived the week between my vacation trips.

I am loving having it with me now. I refuse to take it off at night unless I have at least 10,000 steps to match the $10,000. I am working for. Speaking of the prize money, have you liked our team on Facebook or voted for our adorable team picture? We really wish you would. You can do both by going to our team page on Facebook.

I couldn’t be happier with the people at Fitbit. They are an amazing company that is totally dedicated to keeping their customers happy. Thank you Fitbit!! You sure made me happy. I think you can see that my bit of fit is brought to me by FITBIT!

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  • ChatoyantHoochie
  • Greg Kuhn

    Way to go, Nancy!  I know, from studying quantum physics, that if you invest your energy into feeling great about your exercise and in feeling (right now) all the great feelings you’ll have when you win that prize, you’ll already be half-way there.  Thanks for this inspirational post!

    • Nancy

      Thanks, Greg!

  • Carla808

    Nancy, I’mright there with you! I’m 61 and I just started a fitness “life” last Tuesday. I’m using the Couch to 5K app on my iPhone to do it. I’m writing about my adventures in fitness (and life) at I’m new to all this, but I’m loving it. I’m so happy I found the Sisterhood!

    • Nancy

      Welcome, Carla!  So glad you found us.  I’m heading over to your blog right now.

  • Melissa (@TheDailyMel)

    YAY!!!  I’m so glad you got a replacement Fitbit!!  They’re such an awesome company. :)

  • Vegetarians

    Your story is very interesting. It makes me want to try Fitbit as well. Can you recommend me how to get started?