September Fitness Calendar

Our free monthly fitness calendars are, without a doubt, some of our most popular, most searched for, highest traffic posts ever! So we’re bringing you a new monthly calendar workout for September that will help you reclaim your abs from your summer debauchery.

You know it happened. You got a little complacent over the summer and got a little lazy with the workouts. You enjoyed one too many iced cold ones, and a few too many hotdogs. And don’t forget those cupcakes. GAH. It’s the story of my life. My abs are a little floppy these days, and I need to reclaim them. YOU need to reclaim yours! They’re down there, underneath that layer of ‘cushion’ just waiting to be unleashed. So get with the program and print out our calendar – it’s a no brainer. Hang it on your fridge and do it everyday.

Click calendar graphic below for a printable version.
September Fitness Calendar from @Shrinking Jeans - School House Rock Hard Abs. #fitness #abs #monthly

September Fitness Calendar PDF – School House Rock Hard Abs.

Here are the three moves we are going to focus on this month:

Plank Knee-to-Elbow. I wasn’t sure what this was called, but we do it in bootcamp, and WOWSER. You’ll feel it, and your obliques will thank you (or scream at you – same thing!). You will do them on the left and right, so you can alternate, or do all Right then do all Left, the designated number of time.

Burpee, aka Squat Thrust. You know it’s your favorite. If you can’t jump your legs back, to modify, you can step each leg back and forward one at a time.

Reverse Crunch. Hit those lower abs and make them cry all that fat away. Just do it!

Be sure to keep your abs engaged during each move. If you let them all hang out, you’re not protecting your back, and not doing yourself any favors. So suck them in and suck it up.

If you’re looking for a complete workout that will rip your body a new one, then check out our Shrinking Bootcamp Online 6-Week Program. If you combine the Bootcamp class with our monthly calendar, you’d better book that trip to the Caribbean, because you’ll want to wear your bikini for Thanksgiving.

Past Monthly Fitness Calendars

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  • mmagouirk

    I hate to be boring. LOL! Is there any way to have the ability to choose whether or not we can print the color page or a black/white page? Thanks!

    • shrinkingjeans

      When you select print and your printer queue comes up, you should be able to choose b/w or color there!

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  • Excited for Abs

    The links are broken to show examples of the exercises, and I looked through YouTube and could find them :( I’m excited to do this calendar but want to know that I’m doing them right! Can they be uploaded again? Thanks!

  • Rebecca Rush

    Why are all the videos a commercial for Green Giant?