Toot Your Horn Tuesday {28 August}

Happy Tuesday, people! Here at Shrinking Jeans, Tuesday means tooting your OWN horn! Tell us what you’ve done this week that you’re proud of – shout it from the rooftops! You ran a marathon? Fantastic! You chose a side salad over fries? Awesome. No matter how large or small, we want to give you the pat on the back you so justly deserve for taking the steps to be the best YOU you can be.

As for me, I’ve got a small one and a large one to share with you. In my last post, I spoke about facing my fear of heights. Well, earlier this week the kids and I went to a nearby zoo/park. As usual, the boys begged me to take them on the rope bridge. You know, the one up in the branches of the trees? Previously, I have resorted to bribes – hey, guys, let’s get an ice cream!; subterfuge – gee, I don’t think we have enough time for that before the park closes...; and downright lies – Harry would be scared (Can’t believe they fell for that one. He’s fearless! Except for cats. But I digress…). So this time, remembering my pledge to you and remembering the 8 year old’s bravery, I said yes. Now, I have no photos to actually prove I did this – I was too busy clutching the side ropes so as not to fall to my death to haul out a camera. But I did it. That’s one very small step, but it’s a step in the right direction, and I will build on it,

The large step I took? I made the monumental decision to go back to university for four years. And acted upon that decision. What 40 year old woman in her right mind, with a family and house to take care of, decides to go back to school full time? This one, apparently. One that, although she loves beyond measure being “Mom”, and keeping the home fires burning, wants to be more, do more. I want to be the best ME I can be. The next four years promise to be the busiest of my life, but hopefully some of the most rewarding as well!

So, what about you? Share your news with us, so we can give you three big cheers!

  • Brooke F

    i wish i had a race report to leave here as my brag for the week. instead, i’m going to leave the post I wrote about my DNF and brag on myself because i’m not a quitter. just because i had bad luck this weekend, i’m not going to allow that to stop me!!

  • Kasey

    My brag for the week is that I’ve decided to have a positive relationship with food and my body rather than a guilty one! This is helping me think about food and eating differently and allowing me to make healthier choices without feeling terrible when I eat something a diet would tell me not to!


  • Jen

    My toot: I joined the hood!

  • Melissa (@TheDailyMel)

    WTG Karena! If it’s any consolation, I made the decision at 46 to return to university. Although, I don’t have a husband or kids, so that probably makes it exponentially easier. LOL Congratulations on continuing your education!!

  • Mary P.

    My brag for the week is that I did a 5k race on Saturday and beat my time from my 5k two weeks ago by about 5 and a half minutes! Woot! I am still slow, but maybe a little less slow?! lol

    • shrinkingjeans

      That is so awesome, Mary! Way to go!!!!!