The Great Maintenance Challenge

The Great Maintenance Challenge - Stay on track so you maintain, and don't gain, this holiday season! #weightloss #challenge #holidays

It may be our usual check in day, and we will still be doing that, but we have some exciting news to go with it. A new challenge, The Great Maintenance Challenge is starting today!

Go ahead and have another Irish coffee, and a couple more buckeyes, and one more piece of pecan pie for good measure! We all know the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most ridiculous for trying to lose weight. Heck, even people who aren’t trying to lose weight usually end up gaining a few extra pounds around the holidays. Why? Because of Cookies, Candy, and Booze! Oh, my! Yes, it’s true, once you get started and you feel you’ve blown it, that little voice in your head says keep on eating. Flash forward to Christmas morning and you’ve opened your Christmas presents only to discover those new jeans are already too tight.

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Don’t let your new jeans be too tight before you even get to wear them! Join us for The Great Maintenance Challenge that will bridge the gap between the holidays and help remind you that Moderation Is Your Middle Name. Or, at least it should be. And it will be for this challenge. Just tell your mom it’s not a legal name change or anything so she doesn’t get her feelings hurt. Really, you don’t want to hurt your mom’s feelings around the holidays!

Here are the details:

  • Challenge Start Date is Wednesday, November 21st. Yes, we know it’s the day before Thanksgiving! Stop whining and remember: Moderation IS Your Middle Name. You’ve got this!
  • We’ll check in each and every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Because we feel Wednesday is a good ‘middle-ground’ day for weigh-ins. It gives you a few days to, ahem, recover from the weekend. So each Wednesday, there will be a check-in post with a form, and we’ll ask you to fill in the form with your weight (it’s totally a secret, and we won’t even tell Santa), and leave a comment telling us how well you’re living up to your (temporary) middle name.

You must do this by 9:00 p.m. Central time.

  • On Thursday, there will be a leaderboard where we list all the badasses who are rocking the moderation and maintenance!
  • There will be presents!! Yes, what’s a holiday challenge without presents? Each week we’ll select one person (who checks in on time) to win a great prize an EatSmart GetFit Body Fat scale AND an Active Accessories On-the-Go Pouch! We will pick one winner each week from all the participants who fill in the form on time. At the end of the challenge, one person who has checked in all five weeks on time will be randomly chosen to win a BodyMedia Fit or Core armband so they can rock our New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge (more on that later).
  • The challenge will wrap up the day after Christmas Day. You know, so you can say you maintained all the way through Christmas! That will be the last Wednesday check-in, so you’ll need to make sure you stop in and share your stats. The next day we’ll post the final leaderboard (maintenance board) and announce the winner of the big present.

After you’ve wrapped up the Great Maintenance Challenge, there’s no need to stop there! We’ll be kicking off our rockin’ New Year’s Challenge on Tuesday, January 1st. You won’t want to miss it.

Okay, have we got your attention now???? Run, don’t walk to your scale and jump on. Come back and fill in the form below. Don’t forget to come back every Wednesday and fill in the same form. We have got this, girlfriends! We are going to rock this challenge. No more shrinking jeans for us!!

Check-in Form:


Big thanks to EatSmart and Active Accessories!

  • Susan Cope

    I’m looking forward to this challenge. I’ve been struggling to lose the weight I gained with my 2nd pregnancy (baby is almost 2 years old) and have finally found some success this fall. I am hoping to maintain or maybe lose a couple of pounds over the holidays, because I really don’t want to start over again.

  • Mary

    I missed checking in for this – is it too late for me to join the challenge?

    • Karena @ Shrinking Jeans

      Hi, Mary! With most challenges here at SJ, unless they’re assigning teams, it’s never too late to join. I’m signing up this instant, and so should you!

  • Karena @ Shrinking Jeans

    Woke up this morning, stepped on the scale, and realized I NEED to get back to the challenges at the Sisterhood. I’m in!

  • Coleen Mosher

    I just came across your blog and I have to say I love it! I just started blogging a few months ago as I started a weight loss journey of my own. Thank you!

  • Ann Flanders Gregory

    I’m so in this! I started a week early with giving up sodas!! Lost 5.5 pounds in 9 days so I’m happy!!