The Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are like me, your personal present wish list might include a few running items.  I thought I would help a sister out, point ya’ll in the right direction, and share with you some of MY favorite running items.  Are these the ONLY running items/brands I use?  Heck no, BUT these are some of the best ones!  The Shrinking Jeans Holiday Gift Guide (+ Awesome Giveaways) for Runners is here for you!

Also, because we love you so much, we are giving away ONE of each item listed in this holiday gift guide.  I know- SQUEEEEE!!!!  It’s like Oprah’s Favorite Things, but better!!!!

It’s The Holiday Gift Guide for the Runner- woot woot!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Nuun– Forget Gatorade or any other electrolyte drink. Nuun is the only way to go when you need to hydrate during your run.  It is the only thing I use, especially during the hot Texas Summers.  I love Nuun with a passion- lots of different flavors to please everyone, convenient packaging, and a good price PLUS it replenishes your body with what it needs during your run.  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.  4-pk retails for $22 on up.

FuelBelt.  I am a water guzzler.  I have to take water with me on my runs and the only way I do it is with my FuelBelt.  My Fuelbelt is three years old and it has seen me through lots and lots of runs.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.  You can choose between a two bottle option and a four bottle option, then accessorize with pouches and pockets and what not.  Go get one, stat!  You can follow FuelBelt on Facebook and Twitter.  Retails for $37.95- $47.95 depending on style selected.


Ribbonful– A close friend of mine runs this Etsy shop, making the cutest headbands and hair ties.  I love these headbands because you can choose from satin colors (like those pictured) or you can go the glittery route.  I love me some glitter.  They are comfortable, hold my hair back and the best part- they are inexpensive.  They would make an excellent gift for yourself or for a favorite runner friend.  Also, they come in little girl sizes as well. SWEET!!!  3-pk elastic headbands retail for $7-10.


Running Skirt.  Specifically, a SparkleTech Skirt by Sparkle Skirts.

OK, let me say this. I was a little skeptical with Sparkle Skirts claim that they 100% guarantee that the compression shorts on their SparkleTech skirts won’t ride up…..but then, I took a run in my SparkleTech skirt and I am officially converted.  This is the ONLY running skirt I own that the shorts do NOT ride up (I own four skirts).  And, the fabric choices are to die for….and sparkly.  When I walked out in my new SparkleTech skirt, my 9yr old daughter ooh’d and ahh’d over the prettiness of my skirt.    I got the Peacock Noir to try out and well, it was almost too beautiful to wear for a run.  I seriously considered wearing it out to dinner- it is that pretty and comfortable!  Also, their skirts are made in the USA- how freakin’ awesome is that?!  You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. A standard SparkleTech skirt retails for $65-72 depending on size.

Running Shoes by New Balance.  I love New Balance Running Shoes, specifically the 890’s.  I am on my third pair of 890’s.  O.M. G.  Heaven on my feet.  Seriously, my feet literally scream at me – THANK YOU FOR WEARING THESE SHOES, THEY MAKE US SO HAPPY.  Well, you know, if my feet could talk.  Anyhoo, these shoes are lightweight but with great cushion (and pretty colors).  Of course, New Balance makes a wide array of running shoes to fit any type of runner.  In fact, they are coming out with the newest 890’sv3 in a few week’s time.  You can find New Balance on Facebook and Twitter. Retails for 94.99 on up.


Go Sport ID.  Go Sport ID makes runner ID bracelets.  It’s a safety thing.  If something should happen to you while you were running, or at the gym or really anywhere that you are exercising, this bracelet gives important information.   I have one- everyone should have one.  Really.  You can find Go Sport ID on Facebook and Twitter.  ID bracelets retail for $16.95 and up.


Race Bling.  What do you do with all your race medals? if you are like me, you hang them on your mirror or shove them in a drawer, until now!  Enter Sport Hooks.  So many cute products to choose from with a variety of number of hooks to suit your needs.  I went for the 10 hook one because I have quite a few medals that need displaying!  You can follow Sport Hooks on Facebook and Twitter.  This particular one retails for $63.95 but less hooks cost less.


As in, a Polar RCX3 GPS heart rate monitor.  This bad boy does it all for the runner- average mile, current pace, mileage ran, heart rate, calories burned, time elapsed, time spent in each heart rate zone and MORE!  I love this watch and could go on and on about it- you can read my full review over here.  This watch is fantastic and does all that I need it to do- go check it out, pronto!  You can follow Polar on Facebook and Twitter. This particular watch retails for $339.95.

Allright. Let’s get down to it.  All this stuff looks pretty awesome, right?  Would you like to win any of it? If you are a runner, then I bet there is at least ONE item on this list that catches your eye.  The Shrinking Jeans Holiday Gift Guide (+ Awesome Giveaways) for Runners is here for you!  Here are the details.

The Giveaways

The Fine Print

  1. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me which item in our gift guide you want most!
  2. Extra entries for pinning the gift guide image at the top/bottom of this post, for following Shrinking Jeans on Facebook and Twitter, and for tweeting about it.  That’s a possible 5 entries! Leave a comment for each entry, please.
  3. You may only win one item.
  4. You must leave a valid email address for us to contact you- I am not going to hunt you down!!!
  5. US Residents Only.
  6. Contest ends Monday, December 10 at 11:59pm CST.  Ten winners will be randomly selected and announced the following day.  Good luck!

Disclosure: All companies featured in the gift guide provided review product as well as giveaway product. As always, all opinions stated are solely mine.