Couch to 5K Check-In #1


Well, well, well,

I am completely blown away by the response to our Couch to 5K Virtual Program, but now I have to ask- how did week 1 go for you? Was it harder, easier or exactly what you thought it would be?  Are you ready to continue into Week 2?  Do you have a million questions (or even one) about this thing called running?

Week 1- Days 1, 2, and 3

Brisk warm-up walk of five minutes. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

Week 2- Days 1,2, and 3

Brisk warm-up walk of five minutes. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

I want to use today as a check-in for week 1, a *rah rah you can do it* for week 2, and an introductory for all of you new runners.  There are so many NEW faces to these running parts and I want to know who YOU are.  So introduce yourself in the comments below:

  • First Name
  • Where you live- not your address, silly! But part of the country you are in- City, State or just State if that makes you more comfortable.
  • How it’s going so far (be honest- we are here to support you!)
  • What is ONE question that is burning a hole in your pocket about running?  OK, you can ask more if you have more!  I will use your questions to formulate future posts.
  • Do you have a blog where you are tracking your C25K progress?  Would you like to share it with us? By no means do you have to share it, but if you want to, now would be the time.  And no, you do not have to blog to be included in our lovely little group.
  • If you want to be profiled, say so here!  I know, you may have already said somewhere else, but say it again here! M’kay?  Thanks!
  • Lastly- LOVING IT or HATING IT so far?

I expect this post to have lots of comments from everyone checking in and from all of us giving support to each other.  Together, we can do anything.  I know when I started running a few years back, I had doubt, some aches and pains and another dose of doubt about whether I could do it.  It was only by speaking up, or in this case, commenting on posts like these, that I was able to receive the support and motivation to keep with it when the going got tough.  Running, even now, is so much about what goes on between your ears (in your head) and what you tell yourself you can do and can’t do.  Oh yes, your physical being comes into play, but so does the mental stuff : ).

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Happy Running Ya’ll!

  • Lane

    Hey there!! My name is Lane, and I live in Kentucky. So far this has been a great way to start off 2013. I have been a runner off and on (mostly off) for a little over two years, so I am not completely new to this. While following a plan is great, following it with a group has made it soooooo much better!! This week alone I dropped 20 seconds per mile off my time. YEAH!!!! My blog is, and I also log my miles on Nike+ and the daily mile website. If you need someone to profile, Lisa, I will be happy to help you out! :)

  • babyboy3

    I have only gotten in the first two days of Week 1, my husband and I are doing it together. We are going to do week 1 day 3 today after church. It is going well. We did our first day on New Years out in the cold, it was like 19 degrees out. Then day 2 we each did on the treadmill and I am not sure which way we are going today. We are also doing the fab abs with our 13 and 10 year olds. We have done the couch to 5k before and finished it and then we have gotten sidetracked by injuries so we are hopeful that we will be able to do this and keep going.

  • Jennelle Gero DeCoste

    Week 1 went well. Although I had to do day 3 on the elliptical. All three days will be outside this week :)

  • Elizabeth R

    My name is Elizabeth and I am from Ontario, Canada.
    I am finding this surprisingly a comfortable pace for me. I was motivated to do all three days this past week even though I started on Wednesday. As I found out, two days in a row is not ideal so I’ll be alternating days and staying on target this week.
    Here is a comment/question – sometimes I cannot make it to the gym but I am committed to the program so I walk/run on the spot. I know it’s not the same pace as the treadmill but I feel it the next day just the same. I’m sure as I get further into the running that this might be more difficult. Please tell me something is better than running!!
    My blog is I mention the challenge but it’s not the sole focus of my blog. Sunday, January 6, 2013 has the first running post.
    It would be fun to be profiled :)
    So far I am enjoying it. I really appreciate the support and the Facebook page also. It feels great to come home from a run and post it on the page.

  • Bobbi W in Houston

    Bobbi in Houston- week one went well. This is my second try, I made it through week 5 last time but it got too cold and I got off track. Easier second time. ;)

    • Minda Graham

      I did exactly the same thing!

    • Lisa

      Bobbi, I used to live in Houston, up until 2005!

  • Mireya Cunningham

    I didn’t join the first time because I didn’t see the post, but I have been doing it this week is my first week. My first name is Mireya and I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Week one went really well though I must say that day 3 was today and it was more tough than the other two days, maybe I was more tired today. I am loving it! I have been forcing myself to do my workout first thing in the morning and I feel great the rest of the day! I hope that I can get through those 90 minute spurts in week 2!! Goodness! I am really enjoying it though and nice to see that there are others who feel like me :)

  • Liz

    Liz in San Antonio, TX. My training is going well so far, I’m more on the loving it than hating it side. I’m proud of myself for following through and not “cheating” (walking when I’m supposed to run) and I feel ready for week 2. I’ll be profiled if you want! My blog is and I’m documenting my progress there :) Keep up the good work everyone!

  • Kristen

    Hi! I live in Honesdale, PA. My husband is doing it along with me. The first week was good, I was not as fatigued as I thought I would be, but day 2 was the hardest for me. We are using our treadmill for now. We plan to take it outside when the weather gets better… Supposedly it wil be in the 50’s by next week;-) I guess out biggest question/doubt would be that at the end of this whole program we will be able to run a 5k… We plan to run a few this summer. One of which will be for our 1 year anniversary! As a newbie, this checkin is wonderful! We progress and graduate together!!

    • Lisa

      That’s awesome that your husband is doing this with you! Plan your work and work your plan. You can always repeat the program if you find that you are not running the entire thing. OR, you can do what I do and use the Galloway method of running, after you finish C25K. Go ahead- google Jeff Galloway Run/Walk.

  • Karena @ Shrinking Jeans

    Hi, my name is Karena and I live in Belgium. I just did day one of week two today – so far so good! I love the accountability of being part of this group. This week I go back to school and insanity ensues once more. I’m worried about finding/making the time to run, as I don’t have access to a treadmill. I guess that would be my question: how do you mak the time when you’re mon/wife/employee/student/everything else?

    • Lisa

      You just do it. You schedule in the exercise time just like you schedule everything else in. I try to exercise in the morning because I find that as the day progresses, I get busier and am less like to exercise. Also, flexibility with my schedule, realizing that sometimes the exercise will have to come at a less than optimal time. Doesn’t matter- at least it gets done!

  • Rachel DeVaughn

    My name is Rachel and I live in VA, USA.
    This week went alot better than I expected!! I was even able to increase my speed of walking and running on the treadmill on saturday which was my day 3 of week 1.
    Ive been trying to blog about all my exercise and races that I do. my blog address is:
    I dont mind being profiled!
    IM LOVING this program so far!! I expect that with sticking to this 3 times a week, my 5k running time will get faster and then on to the 10k race training plan!

    • Lisa

      Woot woot Rachel!

  • Rachelle Murphy

    Hi! My name is Rachelle and I’m from Corona, CA (southern). First week went really well for me but I’ve also been a runner for several years. I had a baby last year and have had a tough time getting back to where I wanted to be so I’m hoping this program will give me the jump start I need. Next week will probably more difficult as I return back to work after the holiday break and also will be starting back to school so trying to balance between work, school, family and exercise is going to be interesting. I always say I’m going to run first thing in the AM but I’d have to head out about 5:30 before my hubby leaves for work and its so dark and cold!! How do you early morning runners motivate yourself?

    • Lisa

      Early for me is 7 or 8am- ha!

  • Rachel

    Hey, my name’s Rachel. I’m checking in from Milwaukee, WI. I’ve started this program so many times but have never finished. My goal is to finish and put a couple of 5ks under my belt and work my way up from there. Day 3 was the easiest for me. Looking forward to week 2. Keep up the good work ladies!

    • Lisa

      woot woot!

  • Tami @ 5kDare

    I’m Tami and I live in NE Oklahoma. Honestly, I didn’t even start, yet.

    I’m not sure why I even started a challenge, when I am adjusting to a six week old baby and returning to a full time job. Still yet, I don’t want to quit. I want to give it a try. So, I’m asking:

    Should I try to fit this challenge into my busy schedule. If so, how do you suggest I play catchup for the week I missed?

    I’m blogging my progress at

    • Lisa

      You can’t play catch-up, just start with week 1. As for whether you should do it or not, that is totally up to you. Everyone has a busy schedule but only you can decide if now is the time to commit to this (or something else). It is a commitment though- YOU have to find the time to make it happen. All of us do. Good luck!

  • Erika Gonzalez- Cole

    Hey all! I’m Erika from Tennessee. Week 1 went well! Ie sorted a C25K program in the past but quit at week 3. So accountability is what I need! I’m using an app on my phone. Looking forward to week 2.
    I’m doing mine on a treadmill because of temps and schedule (DH doesn’t get home until after dark and I live in the boonies with 3 kids!). I do it as soon as we put the kids to bed (around 8:45). I notice it helps me sleep AND keeps me out if the kitchen (biggest downfall time for me). Tonight my DH and older two (11 & 9) did the Fab Abs with me :) good luck guys week 2 is going I be awesome!!!

    • brookef

      what part of TN? i’m from the knoxville area. happy running!!

      • Erika Gonzalez- Cole

        I am in West TN –between Memphis and Nashville. Glad to know I have a fellow Tennessean Brooke! Go Vols!

    • Lisa

      I love seeing you around here Erika- welcome!

      • Erika Gonzalez- Cole

        Thanks Lisa! Glad to be here :)

  • Adah

    I’m Adah from San Diego. This is my second time doing the C25K. The first time I hurt my foot and never got back into it which is why I have gained everything I lost back. I did Week 2 day 1 today and so far so good. Day 2 of each week is always my hardest day but I’m pushing through.

    • brookef

      good job adah!!! :)

    • Lisa

      GO ADAH!!!

  • Shari Feaster

    Hi, Im Shari and Im from Chicago. This is my umpteenth attempt but my first since I’ve lost 65 pounds and it is much easier this time around. I started back in December and finished Week 1 but caught the plague and lost 2 weeks but I like my progress and endurance so instead of starting over I’ll just start Week 2 tomorrow. Im working with a Shrinking Jeans mentor and know I will learn invaluable information along the way – no real questions as of yet but I know they’ll come!
    I blog at and am charting my progress along the way (with pictures too) and I am all for being profiled – especially if I can encourage and show someone else of my size that it IS possible – and fun too!
    LOVING IT!!!!

    • Lisa

      Awesome to have you Shari!

  • Shannon

    Hi, my name is Shannon. I’m checking in from Queensland, Australia.
    I have just finished week one on the treadmill, increasing my speed daily, and today whipped me.
    I’m a bit worried about progressing to week two, because I don’t feel like I’m running fast enough and also because of the massive weight I’m carrying, but I will be giving it a go Weds!

    • Lisa

      Dn’t worry about speed right now- just completing the run intervals.

  • Mary L

    Hi! I’m Mary from Memphis, TN. This is also my second try to complete C25K. So far my friend and I are enjoying it together. The buddy system has been wonderful for us to not only keep each other motivated but to also push each other from quitting. “Hate me now, love me later” is what I tell her. I’m looking forward to the second week.

    • Lisa

      Running with a friend is the best!

  • Dawn R

    I’m Dawn from Utah. I’ll be 50 in March and have never been a runner at all. I tried C25K last year and would repeat weeks until I felt I could complete them and move on. I got about as far as week six. I guess my biggest problem with running is speed. When doing the program last time I felt I needed to run 5.0 on the treadmill to keep up with the distance I needed to run in the allotted amount of time. I could barely breathe so I have reduced the speed this time. I guess you could say I look like a granny trying to run, which doesn’t look like running at all. Anyway, my goal is to complete this program, improve my time on the last 5K I did (which was my very first) and be proud of my accomplishments. I completed week one and have done day one of week two. So far so good.

    • Lisa

      Dawn, don’t worry about speed right now nor distance. Concentrate on completing the intervals regardless of speed and distance. Good luck!

  • Lindsey R

    I’m Lindsey from Delcambre, LA. (25 miles south of Lafayette) Week one was about what I expected, not horrible and I could finish without feeling like I was going to die :) I’m doing it on a treadmill with the late hours I work it’s better for me to get it done that way. I have been starting it at 8:00 pm which totally helps me sleep. I’m ready to start week 2 tonight!! One question I do have is being I’m doing this on a treadmill what kind of speeds would you guys suggest I use? I have been doing 3.3 mph walk and 5 mph jog.

    • Lisa

      Lindsay, do what feels comfortable as far as speed. Play around with the speed- you can increase and decrease the speed with each interval to find what works best for you. Also, make sure you have the incline at 1.0 or 2.0 to simulate running outside.

  • Tami H

    Tami in Nebraska- week one was fine for me. Started week 2 today. I seem to be having trouble with the breathing part of it all. I know there has to be a better way than my gasping and panting! :) Any tips for me?

  • Kim

    Hi, Kim from Austin, TX- I did C25K last year but quit running after I finished it because we were traveling. I am doing it again with a goal in mind: The Diva Dash on April 20 here in Austin. I am also doing it on a treadmill this time, as I have to run late. I use 3.3 to walk, and 5.2 to run. I imagine that it will change as I progress through the weeks!

    • Lisa

      Kim from Austin? Do I know you? I live in Austin, too!!!

  • Rachel

    W2D1 felt amazing. I’m a 3rd shift working, single parent of 3 great kids. I have 19 & 15 yr old boys and a 3 yr old daughter. Finding time to fit in exercise is a huge challenge. I am completely committed to seeing this to the end and beyond. I’m running on a treadmill since it’s so cold here in WI. Love the support from this community since I don’t get any at home.

  • L

    Hi all! I’m Lori from California. My first week went great! I’m excited to get back into running and hopefully keep it up this time! I’ve never done the C25K, but it really seems like a good way to ease into running.. Right now, I’m running on my treadmill, but hopefully I’ll get out on the street when it starts to get a little warmer and before the aweful summer heat starts! I’m excited to have the support of the Sisterhood :)

  • J

    Hey this is Jodi from SC. Week one was great. This is the third time doing the c25k. I have finished the actual program both times, but I have never made it to the 5k mark. This time my goal is to actually complete a 5k. I am doing it on my treadmill, but would love to become an outside runner some day. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Kris K

    Hi I’m Kris from LaPuente Calif, I’m doing good.
    I started weight loss, walking 5mo ago. I have been running for almost 3mos
    now. I love it. I’m a grandmother of 6, was afraid to tell anyone I was running,
    then got on to some other web sites, and decided to do my first 5k in Dec for the Holiday Run @ Pomona Fairgrounds, I was so scared…but I showed up,
    ran…walked and finished..and wasn’t the last one to finish either… so now I have the Bug… I did another 5k on 1-1-13 commitment in Long Beach CA,
    was awesome… so to all my fellow runners out there I hope I have inspired you to sign up for a neighbor hood run and Just Do It !! you won’t regret it …

  • Siyen

    Siyen from Bellevue, Wa. I started late due to illness and completed W2d1 today. It DIDN’T kill me! ;-) I notice that my shins hurt while I run which makes me run slower but I push through all the intervals. My legs recover after the cool down walk however. Do you think it’s my shoes or the way I run? I certainly don’t have the grace of a runner. I literally feel like I am pounding the pavement with each step!

  • Erika Gonzalez- Cole

    Hey ladies! Hope your running is going well :) I need some help. I started the C25K first week of January. I completed the first week (running on Tu/Th/Sa). Then an emergency with my dad happened and I went out of state and by his bedside for about a week. So, I missed the entire week of Week 2. Now I am supposed to be on week 3! I started back up on week 2 this week running Tu/W/Th) and hoping to catch up with you gals! It has definitely been more difficulty doing them back to back like that. My feet hurt and I am exhausted when doing it. But I can’t stand to be behind! Any suggestions how to catch up with a better plan?

  • Sherry W

    Hi! I’m Sherry from PA! This week was great and I am starting week two…I love it! I’m going to start a blog about my journey :) I want to get in shape and feel better! I have lost 8lbs so far this week :) I don’t mind being profiled!