Create Your Own Motivation {Board}

Create Your Own Motivation {Board} - A New Year's Weight Loss Challenge Project #motivation #board #weightloss

At the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, we’re all about motivating you to reach your goals! If you search for motivation on our site, you’ll find days worth of reading on how to stay motivated, how to self-motivate, how to motivate others, and lots of other good stuff.

With the creation of Pinterest, it opened brand new doors in the quest to stay motivated. Now I can pin motivational quotes, great articles I find, funny images, workouts, race information, and a lot more stuff to help keep me motivated.

This week I am challenging you to create your own Motivation board! If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet (OMG what are you waiting for??), then now is the time to jump in feet first! Create your account, and make your very first board your Motivation board. Then just do a search for motivation and see what you some stumble upon. You can pin this post! You can pin this:


For more Pinspiration, you can even check out my personal Motivation board! There’s some good stuff there, but what motivates you might be completely different, so go out and search….look around…..find your motivation!

Now if you’re not quite ready to drink the Pinterest Kool-aid, you can still create a Motivation board! Just grab a white board or a cork board, and start sticking and pinning, and writing on it. Here are some good ideas for creating your own Motivation board. And here you can see some examples of other people’s Motivation boards we did a few years back!

Some more good motivational reading:

Motivation is a Choice

Unexpected Motivation

8 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Now

Thea’s Becoming Me Series is super-motivational!

Go forth and find your motivation! Once you’ve created your board, come back here and leave a link to your Pinterest board, or share a link to a blog post with pictures of your board!