New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge, Week 3 Leaderboard!

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge - Leaderboard Week 1! #weightloss #goals #challenge

Hello Happy Shrinkers. WOW! It’s been another momentous week of amazing weight losses. Congratulations to all of you. I know some of you had rough weeks with no losses, or maybe even a gain, but DO NOT give up. Instead of quitting, it’s time to recommit. You are moving into your 4th week, and you can do this!!

If you are looking for some fun motivation, our sister site, ROW, is hosting a DietBet weight loss challenge and you’re more than welcome to join in! Wager some money, and try to lose you ass. Ha!

And without further adieu, here are this week’s Top 10 Teams!!


  1. 9.12% Tubby Two’s
  2. 6.82% toughnecks
  3. 5.92% Flame On
  4. 5.87% Dynamic Duo
  5. 5.58% Sisters by Fate
  6. 5.48% Bridgeeeee
  7. 5.40% Twitchy Iggy
  8. 5.37% Disappearing Divas
  9. 5.22% The A Team
  10. 5.00% Team challenge


This week’s winner of the NatureBox prize is: Deborah from team Waist-Aways! Congratulations!

  • Margo

    WOW, those are some HUGE percentages! Way to go everyone!!

  • Michelle Lopez

    Wow, those are great numbers.

  • Lauren Alise Wilson

    Yay !! I made it !! This is so motivating!!! Especially since I’m the only one on my team !!!!

    • Caramel Curl

      Way to go!! I am a lone ranger too :)

  • AnnG

    Wow!! Jen and I are moving up and moving down the scale!! Awesome job everyone!!

  • purplesox85226

    Awesome job, everyone for just participating. Leaders, you rock ‘