New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge, Leaderboard {Week 4}

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge - Leaderboard Week 1! #weightloss #goals #challenge

Can you believe it’s already the LAST day of January? That means you’ve got one month in your rearview mirror, and hopefully your rear view, is getting smaller! *rimshot* In all seriousness, you’ve reached the half-way point of the New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge, so give yourself (and your teammates) a high five!

Here’s the Top 10 for this week:

Leaderboard for Week 4:

9.85% Tubby Two’s
8.06% toughnecks
7.49% Waist-aways
6.67% Bridgeeeee
6.60% Dynamic Duo
6.55% Flame On
6.12% Purple & Gold Longhorns
6.07% Disappearing Divas
5.91% Twitchy Iggy
5.46% Life Shrinkers

This week’s winner of the NatureBox is: Emily from Fat Fighters! Congratulations!!!

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Happy Shrinking! We will see you next week!

  • AnnG

    Awesome job everyone!! Ok…inquiring minds want to know. Who are the Tubby Two’s?? Holding steady at number 1 and losing an incredible amount of weight in 1 month!!

  • Sarah Scott

    Great job everyone

  • Sarah
  • allysonlyon

    How many teams total are there?