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New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge Leaderboard {Week 5}

[ 2 ] 02/07/2013 |

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge - Leaderboard Week 5! #weightloss #goals #challenge

Welcome to the Week 5 Leaderboard. LOOK at THOSE numbers? These women are HUGE LOSERS, and I cannot even begin to tell you how proud we are. Seriously. It’s amazing how much everyone is shrinking!

We love losers!


  1. 10.22% Tubby Two’s
  2. 9.04% toughnecks
  3. 7.69% Team challenge
  4. 7.67% Bridgeeeee
  5. 7.14% Flame On
  6. 7.02% Dynamic Duo
  7. 6.85% Disappearing Divas
  8. 6.81% meohmynomorepie
  9. 6.68% Twitchy Iggy
  10. 6.37% Purple & Gold Longhorns

This week’s winner of the NatureBox is Tiffany O. from team Trimtones!!! Congratulations, girl!!

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