New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge / Week 6

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge
Week 6!! How is that possible? This new year is flying by too quickly for me. How about you?

How are things going for you in this weight loss challenge? I’m doing okay. I haven’t lost a ton of weight, but I sure have been losing inches. Ohhhh, that would be a cool challenge. Not worry about weight loss and concentrate on losing inches. In the last two weeks, I lost 6.4 inches. I’m pretty happy about that.

We’ve had some great posts lately. Have you read them? Here’s a few links for you to check out, if you haven’t already.

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We also have some great sponsors for this challenge.

Active Accessories
Nature Box
EatSmart Products
Shrinking Jeans

Okay, fellow shrinkers! It’s time to get down to business. Head over to the scale and check it out. Check with your teammates for their weights. Come back here and fill out the form. Only one person per team needs to fill out the form below. Nothing to it. The IMPORTANT thing is that you get this done before 9:00 p.m. cst. No exceptions!! If you are blogging about your journey, please leave the link in the comments. If you aren’t a blogger, please your comments in the section below.

Good luck with your weigh ins everyone. Happy Shrinking!!

  • babyboy3

    Where is the form?

    • LissaJoy

      Grrr! It’s fixed!

  • Jamie Williams Muffoletto

    It has been a pretty good week for me except for the fact I have done something to my ankle and have to take a week off from exercise. I am choosing to not let that stop me and have moved to floor or chair exercise. I have to look at the positive side that this will not hold me back from loosing weight!

  • Sarah

    an inches challenge would be an AWESOME idea. I’ve lost 5 inches but no pounds…

  • Margo

    Another 1.5 lbs, I am now really seeing the visible results of my hard work :)

  • Sarah S

    One more pound.. I was hoping for two! I knew I felt bloated this morning! But you can definitely tell in my progress pictures. I feel great!! (minus the bloat)

  • Sarah
  • Kari

    Was there a week 6 leaderboard and winner? I can’t seem to find it.