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New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge – Final Results & WINNERS!

[ 3 ] 03/03/2013 |

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge - Leaderboard Week 5! #weightloss #goals #challenge

I know you have all been waiting and holding your breath, for like days. We’ve been waiting on official weight verifications from the winners and now we have them! Don’t worry if you aren’t our Biggest Shrinking Team, you are still a winner in our book!


Losing 9.92% of their total body weight in just 8 weeks, our winners are:

Erika & Ricky S of the Toughnecks! Way to go, you two! That is pretty dang amazing!

Erika and Ricky will each receive:

A $50 gift card
An EatSmart scale
An On-the-Go pouch from Active Accessories
Snack Box from Nature Box

I’m sure you are all wondering how close you were to taking that #1 spot, right? Here are the rest of our Top 10 finalists:

9.56%    Sexy Sassy S’s
9.50%    Bridgeeeee
9.12%    Purple & Gold Longhorns
9.08%    Flame On
9.00%    Flab 2 Fab Chick
8.51%    Dynamic Duo
8.29%    Disappearing Divas
8.23%    Twitchy Iggy
7.39%    dewayne and jeri


New Weight Loss Challenge

We have another weight loss challenge coming your way soon! We will be running it through DietBet and it will begin on March 13th and run for four weeks! Fast and furious, right? It’s time to get bikini ready! All the dirty deets will be coming your way next Wednesday, but you can sign up right now!

Six-Pack Abs

We all want them, right? They can be yours with this monthly workout calendar!

Once again, thanks to all of you who participated in the New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge! It’s been great!

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