Pump You Up Saturday

Good morning, friends! As I sit here and look out my window at the dreary, gray, foggy morning, I find myself needing a little extra motivation. Motivation for what, you ask? Well, everything! This time of year is always hardest for me. I live in North Dakota, and the end of winter here gets to be soooooo long. There are only so many days of gray skies and cold temperatures that I can handle. It’s a good thing Pinterest is only a click away, because the site is abound with great quotes and sayings that make me feel so much better. Today, I’m going to Pump You Up {said in true SNL Hans and Franz fashion}.

Source: Melissa on Pinterest

What quotes pump you up?

  • AnnG

    I love all of those but my favorite saying right now is “you gotta move your a$$ to lose it!!”