Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge – Week 1 check-in!

Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge #weightloss #spring #challenge

Hello dear Shrinkers!! If you have been hanging around the ‘Hood a bit then you know what it means when the calendar says Wednesday! It’s time to hop on the scale in your birthday-suit finest and weigh in!

We have just completed Week 1 of our Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge. How are you doing? Are you working hard for those tank top arms you know you want now that we can all (hopefully all!) shed the sweaters and parkas of winter? Are you enjoying the warmer weather and getting outside? Are you moving, moving, moving?  Yes, that is a lot of questions.  Hey, what can I say, I was a newspaper reporter in a past life (true!).


Last week’s mini-challenge was to walk a mile every day. Did you? Walking is the ultimate way to squeeze in activity into your day. It’s a no brainer! Plus, it reduces stress and anxiety and in light of recent events,  it is probably safe to say that we all could use a little help in that arena.

This week’s mini-challenge is to keep a food journal for seven days. You can go the old school route on this with pen and paper, or use a free app or website such as MyFitnessPal or Lose It!.  Whatever works for you. Studies have shown a food journal is a key tool to successful weight loss.

Don’t forget, we have some events going on or coming up that will help that scale head in the right direction! It is not too late to sign up for our DietBet game. I was late to the party on this one myself but anted up my $30 and am keeping my eyes on the prize! The pot is over $4,800!! To play, you put your money into the pot and if you lose 4% of your body weight by May  8 and you will win money for those cute tank tops and sundresses!

Another reminder:  The Run the ‘Hood Virtual 5k and 10k  takes place on June 2. This is a run or a walk, whatever YOU want it to be!

OK time to get down to business. Hop on those scales and share in the comments how you are coming along. We share the good, the bad and the ugly! Let’s hear of your successes and also let us know if there is something you are struggling with or just need a nudge about.  We are all here to help each other!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aslanscub Becky Kristensen

    141.8 — gotta keep moving!

    • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

      You can do it, Becky!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/toryaslim822 Victoria Burke

    I didn’t have a scale for a month! The batteries died – couldn’t find the type needed – couldn’t find the scale anywhere- decided to just buy a new one – it was damaged in the shipping- Finally yesterday I receive my new scale. 162.9 down to 148.2! I am just happy to have the scale back for some motivation.

    • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

      Yay for the new scale and motivation, and WOW on the loss!! Congratulations!

  • Anna B

    I am down 3… but still a long way off from my goal! Glad that things are moving though!

    • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

      Three is fantastic, Anna! And lots of us have a long way, so don’t give up!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sabrina.flippin Sabrina Flippin

    I am down almost a pound as of my last weigh in. Forgot to weigh in this morning (not going to do it now as I have drank a ton of water and eaten). Hopefully I am down a little more. My dogs have been the perfect motivator to walk the mile every day. The tracking of my food will be easy. I have been using myfitnesspal for the last couple of months.

    • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

      You’re doing awesome, Sabrina!! Keep up the good work! (and yay for dogs!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lauren.mcfarland.946 Lauren McFarland

    Down a pound! 169.8

    • http://christy.shrinkingjeans.net Christy_TheSistherhood

      Congrats, Lauren!!! Keep it up :)

  • Sarah

    Good luck to all the new dietbet contestants! I’m with you in spirit! http://thescarylife.blogspot.com/2013/04/another-week-gone.html

  • AnnG

    2.8 more pounds gone from me this week!! I’m a happy momma for sure!! 25-30 more pounds to go!!