Toot Your Horn Tuesday


Hello dear friends! It’s Toot Your Horn Tuesday which means it is perfectly fine, accepted and encouraged  to talk yourself up, ladies! This is our weekly featured post where we share all the incredible things we have been accomplishing in the last week, big or small. We want to hear ’em all!

I am already thinking ahead to NEXT Tuesday for a Toot Your Horn post where I will proudly announce that I completed my first half marathon and lived to tell about it! But I am getting ahead of myself. The race is this Saturday.

I will go ahead and toot this week about the fact that I AM proud that, for the most part, I kept up with a three-month training schedule to prepare for this race.

I am proud that I have not quit.

I am proud that I have not injured myself. I am almost in a state of  ‘you better not even leave the house so that nothing happens to you between now and Saturday!’

I am proud that I set my sights on a particular race and I signed up for it.

What about you? What are you excited about from this past week? Scale victory? Non-scale victory?Resisted a temptation? Tackle your longest run or that spin class with the evil instructor? Got two consecutive nights of 8 hours of sleep? (that is something I am going to do one of these days!).  Please link up in the comments and let us know what you have been up to. We share in your joy over ALL that you have achieved. Don’t sell yourself short. Bring on the brag!

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  • Bari_F

    Go, Mary, Go!

    I’m over the moon that I set another 1/2 PR this weekend and since my first half in Oct 2011, I’ve shaved 20 min off my half time. I’m even starting to think that a sub-2 is possible. Here’s my blog post if you want to read it:

  • Selena Wood

    While still ridiculously slow, this weekend I ran my fastest mile in the 20 years since my oldest daughter was born.

    • Brooke F

      scratch that first part. fast is relative. *o/* for you working to get faster.

      • Selena Wood

        Thank you Brooke! I forget that sometimes.

  • charmedlife99

    I went running twice during this long weekend, which is impressive for me because it is usually hard for me to get away from my two little kiddos long enough to run during the weekends. During the week, I plan to wake up early and go running before they wake up. On the weekends, I sleep in and then never seem to find a good opportunity to go running.

    And not only did I go running twice, but I brought my 6YO daughter with me on one run (she rode her bike while I ran). I’ve been meaning to do that for a long time, but again, just never seemed to find a good opportunity. That worked out great, and we’ll definitely be doing it again soon!

    • Brooke F

      sounds like an excellent weekend! :)

  • Brooke F

    met 2 of my 3 time goals in this weekend’s 10K!

  • AnnG

    I’m so proud of you Mary! I can’t wait to read all about it!

    As for me I’m proud of the fact that I can now wear medium sized yoga pants!