Runner’s Corner: You Are Awesome, Believe It

You are awesome

This has been weighing on me lately.

All you new runners so down on yourself. Calling yourself a jogger, not a real runner, too slow, too much weight to lose, taking walk breaks, having a entire litany of excuses of why you don’t fit this perceived notion of what a runner is.

Look, I am about to get real with all of you.

When I started running, I ran 13 minute miles. Now, I run 11-12 minute miles. I need to lose 20lbs. I take walk breaks every single run. I only run three days a week during training season, sometimes less during the Summer. I detest the heat, love to wear sparkly skirts when I run, and sometimes, my body hurts after my runs, even 3.5 years after I started this journey.


I am not perfect. I am just like you. I am inspired by those who have a faster pace than me. I will never ever be able to run in just a sports bra and shorts, EVER. I have gone to the gym with a pair of extra undies sticking out from my shorts. I have peed in the bushes off a running trail. I have almost crapped my pants during a run. I have wanted to throw in the towel back during my first half marathon training season. I have compared myself to EVERY single person that appears to be faster/leaner/prettier than me.


Things have changed the longer I have run. I became comfortable in my own running skin. I accept what my body is able to give me. I am grateful and appreciative of every single run. I applaud those who are speedy, lean, and freaking bad-ass on the trail/road/race. They are awesome.


So am I.

If you are new to running and even if you aren’t, pick your training plan, put on your running shoes, and JUST RUN. DO IT. Walk when you need to. Commit to your plan and then work it. Don’t give up on you. You just may be surprised at what you can achieve. The only thing holding you back is you. Surround yourself with those who will encourage, motivate and support you. This journey can be hard at times, especially when muscles are aching, or your brain is telling you *that you can’t do this* or worse yet, a family member tells you verbally *you can’t do that*. Come back to this wonderful community at Shrinking Jeans and let us support you. I am 100% certain I would have given up running back in the beginning if it han’t been for the wonderful, supportive ladies around this ‘hood.

You are awesome.

Believe it.


Do it.

  • stee

    that’s so me! Thanks for posting this inspiration. I’m really working on trying to flip my thinking to be more positive.

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      Yes, be positive- it will get you farther!

  • Ann Gregory

    Great post! We are awesome…even if we don’t believe it!

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      Thanks Anne! YOU are pretty awesome!

  • nansafit1

    I love this post! Why do we feel the need to qualify our fitness routines, whatever they are? If I got up and did SOMETHING, I did more than I was doing laying in bed/on the couch!! Every step of fitness I take, even if it is a day of rest to let my body/mind/spirit recharge, is an improvement on yesterday. Every step I take is one step closer to my “goal me” and I have to learn to support MYSELF and not tear down my accomplishments with negativity. I am beautiful; I am awesome; I am AMAZING! All because I stepped out today to improve upon my yesterday!!

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      Yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!!! You are totally right and also, you are totally awesome.

  • Megan Huber

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I needed this

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      We all need a reminder from time to time.

  • Leigh Ann

    You’re such an amazing motivator! I’d be a lot more discouraged in this horrible, hot off season if it wasn’t for you. So glad to know you.

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      Just keep running : ).

  • Christy_TheSistherhood

    AMEN. Holy shit you hit the nail on the head! I haven’t run much in six months because of big changes in my home life but this morning I got up, said screw it, and I ran! It was not pretty or easy, but it was a run, and I DID IT!

    And just so you know, even with my running hiatus, I still considered myself a runner. Once a runner, always a runner!

    I feel like we need a battle cry or a secret high five!

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      I vote for both! So happy you got out there and ran- woot woot!!!

  • Margo

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am going to recognize today that I am awesome. I completed my first half marathon this weekend. I had planned to run it in May but postponed it, then kind of fell off the wagon, dealt with a double quad injury, but I wanted to run this run, if not I was going to keep postponing because “that is what I do”. So I picked up the training schedule, and ran the run. I finished last with a time of 2:44:17, but I FINISHED!!! I FINISHED!!! I ran a half marathon. I am a runner. There are lots of things I can improve on, but today I am so proud that I ran a half marathon! Thank you for all of the inspirational posts and encouragement. The community of the Shrinking Jeans played a very big part of my achievement! xo

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You only have one, first half marathon. Own it- it is all yours. I’m so proud of you!!!

  • LB

    Such an inspiration! When I started running, I ran with a friend. Quickly I learned my progress was slow and she was taking off hitting records all the time. I struggle with all the issues you listed and it made me so happy to read your article. I’m going to bookmark it so when I’m beating myself up I can just turn to your advice!

    • Lisa_ShrinkingJeans

      No more beating yourself up. Just get out there and get it done and then, pat yourself on your back for a job well done!

  • Mary P.

    Lisa, I am late to the party in reading this but so so soooooooooooo glad that I did not miss it!! It’s ME in a nutshell!! Thank you for writing this post!!

  • Tammy

    And don’t let anyone tell you different!