School’s Out!

Cue Alice Cooper! School’s out for the summer!!

I love summer vacation! I have loved summer vacation since I was a little kid in school. There are so many things to do. Sometimes it’s hard to just decide what to do. I have a few ideas though of how I plan to spend some of my summer time. I can do summer fun and summer healthy at the same time.

Here are my top three things I have planned for my summer break.

1. See that beach up there? I plan to spend a lot of time there. It’s only a mile or so from my house. Many of my early mornings will be spent walking on that beach. One of the girls I work with says there is beach glass to be found there. I’m going to find some and walk off some pounds and inches at the same time.

2. The month of June has me in a weight loss and inches lost challenge at the fitness classes I go to. I plan to go to morning and evening classes. I am also doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Challenge with some of the ladies here. I am going to lose some pounds and inches this month. I’m in third place right now. I plan to be in first by the end of the month. I also plan to be really tired.

3. We are planting a garden. I love fresh produce, but I hate the prices. There is nothing like walking out to a garden and picking a salad for dinner. It is one of my favorite things.

Those are my plans for June. How about you? Do you have any big plans for the summer?

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  • AnnG

    Summer is looking even crazier than normal and since I homeschool I’m not saying goodbye to the school grind (lessening the load but not altogether) either. The biggest thing I am doing is I am looking forward to seeing my marine in July which means getting the rest of the garage organized so he has a place to crash! :-)
    Exercise is still first thing in the day which helps me ensure I do it every day! :-)

    • Nancy

      Me too, Ann! Now that I am off school, I’m exercising first thing in the morning and also going to keep going at night. So happy you get to see your marine soon!!

    • Kat Foley

      I just got back from Afghanistan in April. I know exactly what it’s like to be missing your loved ones and can’t wait to see them. Good luck to you! I hope you get lots of time with your Marine.

      • Nancy

        Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice.

  • Kat Foley

    We’re going to hit up the Florida theme parks and also enjoy having the time for 2-a-day workouts. Right now though I need this tropical storm to pass so I can just walk the dog! I do a lot of paddleboarding and can’t wait to have more time on the water. Plus I’m competing in Nation’s Triathlon at the end of September. This is the first week of training. I love summers, too.

    • Nancy

      I’m jealous of your theme park trip. I am dying to go back to Disney. Good luck on the triathalon traing. That is an awesome goal!

  • Adah1

    Summer is a favorite time for me…more time with the grandkids in always good. But this summer I’m working on losing weight and toning up to be in the best shape ever for our Panama Canal Cruise in October!

    • Nancy

      Definitely love the fact that we have more time with the grandkids in summer. You are going to look smokin hot for that cruise!!

    • AnnG

      You are gonna have a great summer and an even better time in October on that cruise, as a hawt momma!!