FAB ABStravaganza! A 30-Day Ab Challenge {monthly workout calendar}

Are you ready for the August monthly workout calendar? Drumroll, please! It’s a Fab Abstravaganza! We are focusing on all things abs and core! This workout calendar can be used as a supplement to your current fitness routine, or you can join us in our free weight loss challenge and Shrinking Bootcamp series beginning on August 7th! Six-pack abs? No problem!

The Exercises

Bicycle Crunches:  View bicycle crunch video here!

Plank:  View plank demonstration video here!

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Mountain Climbers:  View mountain climber demonstration video here!

Reverse Crunches:  View reverse crunch demonstration video here!

Burpees:  View burpee demonstration video here!

Superman:  View superman demonstration video here!

Intensity Levels

If you are a beginning exerciser, start with just one set of each exercises. Intermediate: two sets. Advanced: Do three sets  of each exercise.

Be aware of your form at all times. It’s better to do less reps with a quality form, then more reps with crappy form! Listen to your body. As always, we recommend you consult with a doctor before starting any fitness program!

Use hashtag #fababstravaganza when tweeting and posting your progress!

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  • AnnG

    Just what I need! another way to focus on these stupid abs that never seem to shrink!! Thanks bunches!!

  • Annie

    I’m Just heard about this page today and was looking for a way to tighten my abs. Can’t wait.

  • Diane

    How do I print the calendar for the abstravaganza?

    • http://www.whereverimaywander.com LissaJoy

      Click the “print this button” or click on the image and print!

  • Joanna Brumbaugh

    WooHoo!!! I’ve been waiting for today and the new challenge!! Thanks, Ladies!

  • Karla M

    I’m in….my first challenge!!!!

  • Kira Willis

    I’m got 2 of my friends at work to try this with me!

  • Jamie Holloway

    I am in and ready to get started.

  • ErikaR

    This might be a silly question but on the bicycle crunches, do you count a left/right as one rep or is that considered two reps?