Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge: Day 1

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with #weightloss #challenge #support

Hello Shrinkers! Are you ready to kick the last 6 weeks of summer off with an awesome Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge? I know I am!

So what do you need to do? Well, go and weigh in right now. Jump on the scale and kiss that number goodbye. While you’re at it, take some before pictures and measurements. You’ll be glad you did when the challenge is over and you can see how far you’ve come aside from the scale. Once you have your starting weight, scroll down and enter your information in the form. Don’t worry, no one will see that number but me, unless of course you post it yourself.

After you weigh in  and check in, then just be sure to stop by here every Wednesday to let us know how you’re doing. And be sure to stop in the other days of the week because we have 10 amazing writers who always have something great to say.

Daily Dose of Social Support

We set up a special Facebook group just for this challenge! So come on over and join our Shrinking Jeans Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group.

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We’re also on Twitter: @shrinkingjeans if you ever need a pep talk or someone to smack ya down.

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Looking for a good fitness challenge?

Check out our Shrinking Bootcamp! It’s a 6-week FREE online bootcamp program that will kick your ass. Guaranteed.

We also have our monthly fitness calendar: August Abstravaganza, a daily workout calendar geared toward your mid-section.

What are you going to eat?

You can head over to our sister site, the Shrinking Kitchen, and check out the free weekly menu plans. They include printable grocery lists and crazy-delicious recipes.

And if you’re looking for a little more support, Jodi is our resident nutrition expert, and she’s got a plan that will get on track with your eating.

Prizes! Yes, we’re giving stuff away!

The grand prize for the Biggest Shrinking is sponsored by us here at the Sisterhood. This time around we’re giving the person who loses the greatest percentage of weight a $100 Amazon gift card! In order to be eligible, you’ll have to submit a starting weight today, and then a final weight on the last day of the challenge, September 18th. You’ll need to make sure you have picture proof of the numbers on your scale. So weigh in and snap a picture of the numbers!

Product Details

For this challenge, we have two awesome sponsors for weekly prizes: Toilet Tree Products and Active Accessories. Each week we’ll choose one random winner from those who leave comments on the check-in post to win a prize pack containing the following items:

Active Accessories Hair Band Bracelets in Warm (chevron).

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Go forth and SHRINK!!!  

  • Shera W

    I’m so excited for this challenge! Good luck everyone!

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      Good luck to you, Shera! So glad you’re here :)

  • Karin VanZant

    Can’t wait! Kick butt sisters!!

    • Tinan

      Good luck Karin

    • Christy_TheSistherhood


  • Debra Cooley

    Good morning everyone. If I can’t below 180 during this challenge and firmly plant myself in the 170’s I will be happy. I’ve been camped out here for way too long!
    Blog post: It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      Hi Debra! So glad you’re joining us :)

  • Linda Jackson Cote

    This challenge is exactly what I need right now! Good luck everyone!

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      Glad you found us! Good luck to you, too!

  • Lauren S

    Stepping on the scale wasn’t fun, but I’m ready to do this!

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      I hear you! Let’s do it!

  • barb_at_jiggles

    The scale moved down this morning (first time in a few weeks)! Could the challenge already be working? Heh.

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      Of course! Glad to hear it’s moving for you. Mine has already moved down since Monday, which makes me feel FANTASTIC :)

  • megansmom

    I’m in!

    • Christy_TheSistherhood


  • Joanna Brumbaugh

    This is just what I needed right now! Let’s go ladies! We can do this! 6 weeks is such a shirt time in the grand picture of our whole lives!

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      You’re so right! WOOT!

  • Lauren Danielle

    Can’t wait to begin this challenge!

  • Lisa Dwelley

    Thanks for creating this challenge….ready to kick it into high gear. Good luck everyone. :)

  • [email protected]

    Good luck, everyone! Work hard and have fun!

  • [email protected]

    Here’s a link to my blog about this challenge.

    Good luck, everyone and have fun!

  • Shan

    Good luck everyone!

  • Nessa

    I am so excited about this. Just what I needed to push myself through the rest of the summer. Where do we post the pictures of our scale?

  • Michelle A

    Just submitted the form. 140 lbs. I already lost 2 lbs. lets keep it going!! Goal is 120.

  • Jamie Stroupe

    Weighed in, pictures snapped, weight and measurements recorded. Now ain’t nothing to it but to do it! Excited. Thanks for the challenge,support and motivation.

  • Katie Leatherman

    Bride body here I come!!!!!:)

  • Kath L.

    This is my first challenge I’m going to try here at shrinking jeans. Just found the site a couple months ago. So I’m very excited to try. Love the site & monthly calendars. Trying to get rid of baby weight, ugh the baby is 2 yrs old & I need to get healthier because my family medical history is not good when it comes to heart disease & stroke. Picture snapped. :-)

  • Kyra

    I was pleasantly surprised by the scale this morning. I’ve been pretty much “paleo” for almost a week, and it’s finally stopped going in the other direction. :)

  • Lizzy S.

    Super excited to be joining you awesome ladies!!
    I do have a question though: I took a picture of my scale today, and I was wondering if I need to post that some where or submit it or … yeah still a little iffy on that.

    But my goal here is to get back on track! I have been up and down and plateauing for the last few months and its time to kick my butt back in gear.

    Good luck everyone, lookin forward to it!

    • shrinkingjeans

      Hi Lizzy! We’re so glad you’re joining us! Just hang on to your picture! No need to post it anywhere, but when you win, we’ll need it to verify that everything is legit :-)

      Good luck and happy shrinking!

      • Lizzy S.

        Thanks, I’m lookin forward to it

  • Megan Waugh

    Weight recorded. Time for a 2-mile walk before work. Good luck, everyone!!

  • Tinan

    I’ve just lost 21 lbs since April. Not sure how much more I can, but willing to try:)

  • Rachel DeVaughn

    Posted about this challenge on my blog so I can stay accountable and post my progress!!

  • Cindy Smith Mossing

    Looking forward to the motivation and support

  • Lorie Foux

    Hoping to get into the 170’s!

    • Lizzy S.

      Yay a weight goal buddy! We are gonna rock this!

  • Angela Bergeron

    Yay I’m ready and super excited. I paid $60 a month for a 60 day boot camp and now that I did it I’m glad to find a free one I can do at home on my schedule!

  • Sirena Rincon

    Here we! I can only go down from where I’m starting.

  • Lizzy S.

    I’ll be attempting to blog at
    I’m not too good at it yet, but I imagine I’ll get better :)

    • Laura H

      Wow that’s awesome Lizzy, I would even know where to start.

      • Lizzy S.

        We’ll see how well I do, I’ve always thought about starting one, or half way start it and never follow through… heres for starting challenges and seeing them through!

  • Heather A.

    Need to stop the freight train! Topping the scales at a number I havent seen in a long time! Will be doing this challenge on a road trip and then staying with family for the remainder of the time. It will be a big challenge to make the best food choices, but it’s got to be done!

  • TarheelSugar

    I’m new here but I love what I see… I’m motivated to get the weight off and look forward to not only my own but everyone’s success!!

    • Lizzy S.

      So… are you from South Carolina, the only place I would move out of Texas :)?

  • Abby B

    Do we submit our scale picture here in the comments?

    • shrinkingjeans

      Just hang on to your picture and if we need it at the end of the challenge to verify, we’ll let you know :)


      Christy Mensi
      The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
      Shrinking Kitchen

      Check out our newest addition, the Shrinking Kitchen.
      Eat. Shrink. Drink.

      • Abby B


  • Charlotte P

    Fell off the wagon this summer being home with my kids. Stress and boredom are bad bad things when it comes to my food choices. Have gained 5 pounds this summer and my bridesmaid dress is coming in soon. EEEEK! This will hopefully keep me accountable and get the scale headed back in the right direction. I now have that last stubborn 12 pounds to go to reach my goal instead of 7!

  • Laura H

    I’ve been wanting to join in for months. I’m so happy to finally jump in. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Alexis Russell

    Can’t wait to get started! Hoping this will help give me the motivation I need both to keep up the weight loss and the blogging.

  • [email protected]

    i hate my scale… i am going on vaca in 4 1/2 weeks, and I am hoping to lose a little before that!

  • Lizzy S.

    I hope every one who has face book joins the group there, it is getting some great convos and motivation going!

  • Mary P in Baltimore

    You know I would not miss a chance to shrink w/ my Sisters!

  • Sara C

    I’m IN…but…..I have a head cold yesterday and today….Soo I will be watching food intake and exercising as soon as I can BREATH! lol

    • Lizzy S.

      Feel better soon!

  • Kelli B

    So depressing to step on the scale. It’s amazing how fast the number can rise when you are not being diligent. I lost 42 pounds about 2 years ago and I have gained about 30 back. I am in need of some serious motivation, accountability, encouragement and help. I just found your site and I’m hoping this can kick me into gear. I have got to make a change!

    • Lizzy S.

      Don’t be down on yourself! You know one of my favorite life lessons, or really what I consider a bylaw: Life is about change and about learning, if you stop doing either, then you have completed your life. None of us are coming up on that point, we still have plenty to learn, and plenty of challenges and changes, stick with it Sister, we are here for you!

  • Charlene


  • Charlene Vega

    I’m excited to start this challenge. I feel that I really need it for more motivation and the best reason of all its free. Thanks so much for this! Good luck to everyone. I also requested for the group :)

  • Newbie

    I did not start in the best way possible but I know it’s a journey so I WILL DO BETTER tomorrow… and the day after… and again the one after that :D Bonne chance les filles ;)

  • Ashley Graffagnini

    This is my first time doing a challenge even though I’ve been reading the site for a while now. This came at a good time, I’ve been yo-yo-ing the same 5 pounds for a few weeks now. Yay motivation!

  • Beth B

    Good luck all. My goal is to drop 10 lbs. and I’m ready to get started.

  • Kathleen

    Signed up and ready to shrink!

  • Jennifer Conyers

    Good luck ladies!!!

  • Jamie Holloway

    Good look everyone. I know I worked muscles I haven’t worked in a long time. Ouch!

  • Amy B

    Excited for this challenge! Here’s a link to my blog–don’t judge too harshly, no clue what I was doing! lol.

  • Kathryn Renz

    Where do we submit our scale picture?

  • Nancy-The Sisterhood

    I’m so in this one. Here’s my blog post about my goals for the next six weeks and how I plan to accomplish them. Good luck everyone.

  • Thelma Thomas

    I am in!

  • Whitley B

    I am so stoked for this, I have been doing the monthly challenges since April and I also ready for this one

  • blt0123 I blogged about joining my FIRST Shrinking Jeans challenge, WOOT WOOOOOO :)

  • Troy C

    Well here goes nothing, I’ve been doing things at home but now it is time to bump it up a little more. I want to look good for my 7year wedding anniversary next month. I want to wow him and myself in that little black dress.

  • Jennifer Stone

    Super excited to start this challenge. I just had a beautiful baby boy in April and I am ready to get rid of this baby weight, and then some. I just weighed myself, took the pictures of the scale and my body, now if I could only find my measuring tape I would be set. So glad I happened upon this website on just the perfect day!

  • deelicon

    This is a great idea. I just hope challengers play fair for his or her own benefit and the benefit of others working hard. Television viewers of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition just saw last week how a man was rigging his scale to send false weigh-in photos and videos to his trainer. Good luck everyone and fingers crossed for honest, friendly competition.

  • Michelle

    Your weekly email digest newsletter link seems to be broken. FYI

  • Jennifer M

    Thank you. I have needed this challenge. Good Luck everyone.

  • Kristina Ambrosius

    I am looking forward to this!

  • Brenda B

    Super excited to do this!

  • Adah1

    I signed up yesterday but forgot to come back and comment! i’m so excited for another challenge…good luck everyone!

  • Amy

    I’m in! Took my weight picture on the scale before my workout this afternoon. LETS DO THIS!

  • Deb T

    I just saw this – is it too late to join?

  • Austinxove5 Austinxo

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