Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge, Week 1 Check In

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with #weightloss #challenge #support

Week 1 is in the books! WOOT! If you’re participating in this challenge, but haven’t mosey’d on over to our fantastic Shrinking Jeans Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group, then you. are. missing. out. Plain and simple. There is so much support and awesomeness going on over there, I can hardly stand it!

So moving right along….how did you do this first week? OMG I had an amazing week that I am so damned proud of. I lost weight, I stayed on track with my eating, and I exercised like it was nobody’s business. BAM. The trifecta of ass-kicking the weight to the curb.

Go jump on that scale and weigh in in the comments below. Let us know how you did, and answer these questions:

  • What was your biggest victory this week?
  • What was your biggest struggle this week?
  • How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals?

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Prizes! Yes, we’re giving stuff away!

The grand prize for the Biggest Shrinking is sponsored by us here at the Sisterhood. This time around we’re giving the person who loses the greatest percentage of weight a $100 Amazon gift card! In order to be eligible, you’ll have to have submitted a starting weight prior to today (as in last week when we started), and then a final weight on the last day of the challenge, September 18th. You’ll need to make sure you have picture proof of the numbers on your scale, too!

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  • Sara Fox

    I GAINED three pounds this week! THREE??!!?? I don’t get it, since I’ve been doing some hard core exercising and watching my intake. Sigh. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

    • Ashley Kress

      I’ve gained 4 pounds! I’m totally lost but am still going to keep it up. It’s going to come off… it has to!!!

  • mochamomof5

    Only 1/4 pound lost. I was expecting more, but I guess you gotta start somewhere, right?

  • Katie

    I lost a little under 3lb this week! Didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked, my runner’s knee came back in full force last weekend (I guess that’s what happens when you attempt a hilly 10k cold… way too out of shape to be attempting that, silly). But I’ve been eating really well, even had a few treats in moderation. Looking forward to week 2 now that my knee is feeling better! Good luck everyone, we can do it!

  • Debra Cooley

    Gained 1.5 this week and really not surprised at all. Some stress, some dehydration, some bad drive thru choices all add up. Posted at

  • Beth Corradi

    I’m trying to become less dependent on the scale so I did not weigh myself this week. Maybe next, I’d rather go on how my clothes are fitting and how I feel. I got in 4 amazing walks this week, each at least 5 miles. And managed to get into the gym a couple of times. Just need to tighten up my eating!

  • [email protected]

    I gained exactly 2 pounds this week. I don’t think it’s muscle gain, I think it is past sins coming back to bite me. In any event, moving on to this week, motivated to have a better week!

  • Shelly

    Had a good week in terms of exercise. Since last Wednesday I’ve worked out at the gym 4 times and did 2 x 2.5km run/walk. Need to manage my eating habits better so started a food journal yesterday.

  • Allison Kerl Blackman

    I gained 2 lbs. Not much for successes. I did get in a couple runs. Dowfalls are lack of motivation and ease of excuses. work gets in my way! I will work harder this next week to get to the gym and or out running. I have a 5k next saturday amd a half marathon sept 8th so o really really need to run more!!!

  • Jenny mullins

    I lost 4 pounds this week. I have been drinking lots of water and watching what I eat. Just did my first workout in a month last night so that what I plan on working on this week. Getting 5 workouts in and making working out a priority agian.

  • Sara“

    I lost 7 pounds this week, but I’m sure part of that is a week back on track after a very decadent vacation. I’m hoping to keep this downward action!

  • Kathryn Renz

    I lost .4 lbs…better than nothing! My biggest victory was staying on track w/ my food diary and not going over on my calories! My biggest struggle was finding the motivation to workout. This week has been better for that so far! I rewarded myself by letting myself have a cheat day…one day a week when I don’t count the calories, but still workout. :)

  • April

    I lost 1 pound this week. Not too horrible considering we went camping & that’s junk food central! I’m committed to doing more strength this week so I can reward myself with some new pants.

  • Amy B

    Down 1.2 pounds this week. But I completed week one of bootcamp, which for me is awesome as I DESPISE exercising! I have also been tracking my weight watcher points better. Biggest obstacle this week was a birthday dinner for my grandmother on Sunday, but I only had a tiny piece of cake. Week 2 here I come!

  • Susan T

    Weighed in at 179.4 so lost 2.3 pounds. I did not have a great week with exercise which is my fault. I am a procrastinator and need to find the motivation in myself. I will keep at it. My biggest struggle this week was soda. I was doing great not drinking it for over 2 months and this week has been bad. I am stopping today!

  • Cassi Quinn

    I’m down 3lbs! I feel Great!!! I’ve been doing pretty good with eating healthy. Working out and jogging. My one thing I haven’t been able to give up is my Carmel Swilrl ice coffee every morning.

  • Krap

    I lost 3 lbs. Only 10 more to my goal weight

  • Lisa Dwelley

    I lost 2.8 pounds this week. I think my biggest victory this week was all the great calorie burning exercise that I got. My biggest struggle for the week involved some of my eating decisions. The biggest reason for this is because I didn’t do as much planning ahead as I usually do, so I made a few choices that haven’t been typical for me. But I have learned through this process that every struggle comes with a lesson learned and helps you to become a stronger person. Typically I try to keep my rewards so they do not involve food (there are always exceptions, of course – like that ice cream I really wanted). It usually involves a new piece of smaller sized clothing, treating myself to a massage or getting my nails done.

    Hope everyone had a great week!!! Here’s to your future successes!!! :)

  • Jodi Youngman

    Well, I gained a pound this week. Goes to remind me that “you can’t out train a bad diet.” After losing 60lbs, I’ve gained about ten back in the last few months. Time to get back on track with eating! I am training for my first half marathon, and my brain knows I have to eat better to train better but my taste buds keep winning the battle! My biggest victory was running ten miles, the first time I’ve gotten into double digits!

  • Lizzy S.

    Down by .9 lbs, I did really well with my work outs, super proud of mysel! Didn’t do so well in cutting back on drinking… Renewing that determination!

  • Evelyn Chiquito

    I lost one pound…not too bad considering I ate horribly this past weekend. Biggest victory was staying away from soda and biggest struggle was getting to the gym.

  • Karen Parker

    I’ve gained .6 pound…So I gained 6 oz.. I know I need to get a move on but this last week has been bad, No exercise etc as horrible dizziness and nausea… Also how come I cant find my picture comment from weight in?
    has anyone else been able to see when they checked in that first week with their picture??? I just had to go to my phones picture log and check out the pictures to get weight???

  • Lauren B

    I lost 2.8 pounds this week! My victory for the week: staying away for the scale for a whole week so I wasn’t obsessing over ever pound and ounce. My failure: eating over my calories once. I will not let that get me down though!! I will reward myself for my almost 3 pound loss with a pedicure! Running really wears out your feet and I’ve been hitting 5 miles a day!

  • Hally O’Donnell Niehaus

    I lost 1 to 2 pounds! I need a better scale to see for sure but definitely 1lb and maybe 2, so I’m going with 1.5… Biggest victory is sticky with my work outs. Just completed W2D2 of your bootcamp and have been doing a 30 day ab challenge since the first of August. Eating is my biggest challenge as I am nursing a 2 month old and want to eat everything in sight. A SMALL bowl of ice cream at night is how I reward myself.

  • Shan

    Down 3.6 pounds this week! My biggest struggle was staying on track but I’m participating in some games on the Diet Bet site so that’s helping. My biggest victory was staying on top of my water intake. I haven’t really rewarded myself since I had such a bad start to the week.

  • Mindi

    The last 7 days were interesting :) We were on vacation up in Michigan and that definitely presented some challenges. My biggest victory… I kept my workouts going: used the fitness center at our complex, ran around New Buffalo which was a wonderful change of scenery, and got in some great weight sessions… I was able to workout 5 of 7 days on vacation. Biggest challenge… eating out… too much ice cream and I justified it by saying, “it’s vacation.” Got the eating back on track Monday and Tuesday and I weighed in today and I’m down 3 pounds from last Wednesday. Rewarding myself with a long walk today while my kiddos ride their bikes :) It’s a gorgeous day for it and I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Lizzy S.

    What was your biggest victory this week?
    I would definetly say that my biggest victory was being able to stick with my work out, even with my hectic schedule.
    What was your biggest struggle this week?
    Avoiding beer with my man, its not easy… I enjoy the drink, can’t lie, but I’m working on cutting back some more.
    How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals?
    I haven’t taken a chance to reward myself in a healthy way, but I plan on taking myself to a movie soon. Though I guess my run away to the beach is a little bit of a reward for me.

  • Whitley B

    I gained 4 piunds, after my first dayif boot camp I couldn’t move the next day. 3 days in a row and I could barely walk, I have been doin light work outs since then and hope to crunch some actual calories today ! 204.8lbs

  • Sarah Halla Broin

    I lost 3.3 pounds. My biggest victory this week was losing 3.3 pounds!! My biggest struggle was staying away from the sugar food, especially pop. To celebrate I had a sip of diet pop. it was so yummy. :-)

  • Tanya Driessen Mantle

    up 1/2 a pound. But I blew it yesterday big time. Hamburger fries and a milkshake. I was pretty good the rest of the week. This week will be better!

  • Nancy-The Sisterhood

    What was your biggest victory this week?
    I lost 1.3 pounds!
    What was your biggest struggle this week?
    Coming off the diet coke!
    How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals?
    Too early in the game to think about rewards.

  • Tracy Griffith

    I am up one pound, but it has been a challenging week. I’m still fighting the whole insomnia thing but the new body pillow might just help that. My biggest victory is getting up most mornings regardless and still working out. My biggest struggle has been eating mindlessly because I’m tired: working on that! I reward myself with new workout gear (clothes, shoes, equipment, etc) when I’ve lost another 5 lbs.
    My sister and I are both in this, and we cheer each other on when it gets hard and celebrate the victories. We are both recommitting to losing this excess weight – partly because we are going on a cruise this fall, partly because we know we both need it!

  • phatbff

    Down 2.4! And totally agree if u aren’t in the fb group…..get there NOW!!! Great group!!

  • Julia Anne

    Down 7.6lbs, biggest victory was sticking with Jillian’s 30Day Shred, biggest struggle was saying no to the family, reward is a new workout bra!

  • Kath L.

    Bad week for me, I don’t even want to know the scale has to say. Starting over today. My biggest struggle is getting up early to workout. I used to be able to do it, but it seems like I’m becoming less of a morning person. Need to get up and do it because with 2 kids at home it’s my best time for it.

    • Mel

      I share this struggle with you. I have NEVER been a morning person, but I am really trying to become one as that is the best time for me to get my body moving. If I wait until night time – I will too easily talk myself out of it! Let me know if you find any tips to help you out! ;-)

  • Betsy

    Gained 1.4 lbs this week. Bummed, but I know that I did well with bootcamp and running, and most days made good food choices. I am eating so many more vegetables, so at least that is a positive!

  • Mel

    I’m weighing in at 214. That is a 1lb loss for the week.
    What was your biggest victory this week? – losing 1 lb when I really thought I wouldn’t see the scale move.
    Biggest struggle was getting in all of my workouts. My goal for this week: Take one day at a time with regard to getting in my workouts and Really try to enjoy my meals – not just eat mindlessly while on the pc or watching the tv.
    How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals? This week, no reward as I really didn’t put my best foot forward for the week. Normally, I ‘ll pick up a new pair of running tights/capris or a tank. Or I’ll get a pedicure.

    Good luck this week everyone!

  • Alison

    I’m pleasantly surprised that I lost 2.5 pounds this week. My biggest victory was sticking to my running plan and getting up to go do it even when I wanted to stay in bed.

  • Kristi

    I am down 1.6 and I am totally impressed with that! We had my daughter’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, and a date at 6 Flags to throw off my diet. I have to say “yeah me!” for this week as I totally expected to gain.

  • Sarah Holder Orton

    I lost 2.3 lbs this week. I struggled with exercise, my asthma is kicking in and breathing is hard. I did succeed in drinking a ton more water. I am going to reward my efforts by dying my hair because it makes me feel pretty.

  • MommyAngela

    I lost 3.8 pounds. Woohoo!!
    Biggest victory: Counting calories when I really just wanted to eat everything in sight.
    Biggest struggle: A birthday party and a family gathering. I have little willpower around party foods.
    Reward: I don’t really reward myself, other than the super feeling of compliments from others and jeans that fit better!

  • Joanna Brumbaugh

    Did great this week!! Right before this challenge started, I promised nit to get on the scale (it was affecting my days too much). Except for my initial weigh in and my final, I’m nit weighing myself. but, I CAN tell you that I killed it with exercise and hitting the gym! Biggest challenge was eating healthy… that’s always my biggest challenge. so far, so good!!

  • Kaitlin

    down 3.5 pounds this week. my biggest victory this week was staying away from the junk food when I found out I didn’t get a job I interviewed for. my biggest struggle was going to a new restaurant for a lunch work meeting. everyone else was ordering burgers and tri-tip sandwiches with fries. it was hard to order grilled chicken and a side salad…but I did! I like to reward myself for staying on track with my goals by trying a new healthy recipe – something to break up the monotiny of the meal planning rut I can get into.

  • barb_at_jiggles

    Well, I’m up 0.4 lbs this week, but that’s about the same as maintaining, so I’ll take it. I feel like I’m making healthier choices this week, and that’s a victory for me — bringing in my own snacks at work instead of hitting the vending machine and bringing lunch instead of buying it at work (there are healthy choices at work, I just tend not to buy them, so best not to tempt myself).

  • Miki A

    This week I am up .7lbs. I ate really well most of the week, but my struggle has been cutting down on the carbs. My victory has been finding ways to get more veggies in the diet. My reward for reaching my first goal will be a new pair of workout shoes.

  • Nicole

    I lost 3lbs this week! Back to what I was 2 weeks ago. Yay! 1. Biggest
    victory was completing a 7 mile walk (that was only supposed to be 3…)
    and not be the slowest on the team for the obstacle race 2. Biggest
    struggle is getting eating habits back on track. Did better this week
    than last, but still not awesome. 3. I’m trying not to actually reward
    myself for staying on track week to week. I’ve made rewards for hitting
    certain weight loss goals (ie. in 9 more lbs I get a massage!!)

  • Lori Barrett

    I “ran” 2 miles yesterday. Felt great to get back to it. Now I don’t want to ruing what I accomplished by eating poorly.

  • Kirsten (@KyraTX)

    I’m down 1 pound this week. Slow and steady works for me. I’ve also been modified paleo since the beginning of the month and I’m down 4 overall.

  • Ashley

    I can’t believe it but I lost 3lbs this week!!! I would have to say that my biggest victory is that I am starting to be able to keep up with my son when we ride bikes. My biggest struggle was getting down on the floor to exercise every morning. And how do I reward myself, well the staying on rack and seeing the scale drop and my clothes become baggy is the reward, but also being able to keep up with my 4year old and my running 11month old are the best rewards. I can go as long as they can and that is my reward.

  • Dana Lytle Reamer

    I lost 1 lb. Had a difficult time staying on track. My fault. But each day is a new day!

  • Steph Walsh

    Lost a pound this week! and that was with a wedding, and some festivals thrown in. pretty happy!

    Biggest victory was starting C25K and not hating it!
    Biggest struggle was the wedding.
    I usually reward myself with a small treat food wise, or a new shirt or outfit!

  • Lori

    I’m happy to say I lost 1.5 lbs this last week. My workout buddy is helping me so much, I’m loving exercise which I never did before this (at 51 yrs old that’s along time). I can’t believe How good I feel this week just with the walking outside and on the treadmill. Everyone hang on and lets do this :)

  • Bonnie Lahr

    Down 1/2 lb –need to eat better, I have the exercise part down.

  • Selena Wood

    Down 1.2 pounds this week. I’ll take it! I’m trying to focus more on my body & less on the scale, though.

  • Lisa Martinez

    Rough week with foot injury but its on the mend and finally feeling better so I’m feeling hopeful!

  • Cindy Woiderski

    I would like to start today. Hope it isn’t too late. I hope to get 3 miles in tonight at the gym and also a little strength training

  • Chrissybebo

    Lost 1!
    My biggest victory is I went back to the gym and started MyFitnessPal!!!
    My biggest struggle the weekend.
    My reward this week I am 1 pound closer to my goal!!!!

  • Romelia

    lost only 1 pound, but totally okay with it. I’ve been running for a while now so I don’t expect the scale to move drastically. Just trying to tone it up & lose the last 10. eating clean, exercising, keeping it simple. week 2 here we go!

  • Steph

    Down 1.5 lbs,,,woot! I went to a kicked my a$$ barre cardio workout (and I haven’t really worked out for almost two years), and rocked it. I decided to implement one lifestyle change each week, and this week’s is to not watch tv before 9pm on weekdays. It’s been a struggle to stay focused, but it’s been amazing what I’ve been able to do – prepare meals, short workout, quality time with my little girl.

  • Jamie Holloway

    I gained 5 pounds this week and I struggled big time. I write about it on my blog: Next week I will do a lot better.

  • nne911

    This week I began my life of running!!! I did my first ever run using Couch 2 5k program, and I’m two runs in. That’s my biggest victory…like ever, not just this week! I’ve also worked out every day (monday got 2 workouts actually!) The biggest setback has been soreness, but I’m trying to power through it w/o overdoing it so next week I can keep on going.

    My goal: to hit my birthday in Sept looking and feeling better than ever!

    • nne911

      I’m not sure how this is possible, but I am up! about 2 pounds. I have been working out and watching and tracking everything I’m eating!!

  • margaret v

    I didn’t lose or gain this week. My triumph was: I dont’ know. My struggle was not to eat candy every day. HOw I reward myself: I don’t, I can’t find something to reward myself with. I dont’ want to reward with food, that defeats the purpose, I can’t reward with soething like a new outfit or shoes or such because we don’t have money right now (barely making rent), and I just can’t think of anything else to reward with, those have always been my go to’s so any suggestions would be nice. and yep, I am sitting here crying because I have made NO progress this week. Its disheartening, but I will keep going the full challenge regardless. Margaret

  • Jamie Stroupe

    If it is okay with the challenge rules I’d like to only weigh in monthly? I use to weigh in every week which turned into once everyday which turned into twice a day. I ended up letting the scale determine how I felt about myself for the day, and I hated it. I am more than a number on a scale! LAST week I did weigh in and take measurements and photo proof. I weighed in at 142. I feel I have done awesome this week. My biggest victory has been that I have started strength training. I have such a hard time with strength. So I am very proud I am sticking with it. My biggest struggle has been running in this Florida heat and nasty humidity. But I’m not a quitter and I will do this!!!! Thanks for the challenge, the group and all the awesome support. I reward myself with guilt free dinner out!!!

  • Sue Poston Bray

    Down 2, but it should be more. Initial weigh in day, I was bloated from a dinner of salty Maryland crabs & beer. Was down 4 earlier in the week, but up again for sound unknown reason. Really hate the yo-yo of my weight during the week.

  • Becky Tolle

    I did not gain or lose a single ounce…stayed the exact same. Biggest victory was not gaining any weight and also when I felt full, I didn’t eat more. Biggest struggle was trying to drink less pop.

  • Adah1

    I am up .8 after a weekend of chips and salsa, BBQ and cookies. The biggest victory was jumping right back into tracking on Monday morning. Biggest struggle was stress and just not saying no when I should have. my next reward will be a massage so looking forward to losing the next 5lbs for my massage!

  • Angela Haverkamp

    Down 2.5 lbs. My biggest victory this week was making it through 2 kickboxing classes and 2 (2.6 mile) walks and jogging blocks. My biggest struggle this week was the same!!! LOL. I really do not have a reward system – I just tell myself to “get it done”. This week I will focus on cutting out the pop!

  • Julie B

    I’m feeling so good after this past week! I did pretty well with my eating and got in 6 days of exercise including the 3 bootcamp ones. I lost 7 pounds! I know a large part of my weight loss is because I have quite a bit to lose, still I feel so motivated!

  • nicolek

    was down .5 this week… small but ill take it! Biggest victory this week was feeling like I made great choices! biggest struggle this week was the weekend in spite of a great workout. How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals? usually a mani or pedi!

  • Dana

    I gained 2 pounds since last week! To be fair, I’m coming off a long-weekend of foodie heaven, and am focusing on building muscle and strength for the next couple weeks, but still, it’s always a challenge to see those numbers go up. However! I’m still positive and motivated to keep going and working toward greater health!

  • Charlene Vega

    I lost 3.8lbs… My greatest victory is I worked out 6 days in a row. I usually get tired and lazy but I kept going. To be honest even though I’ve been hitting hard with the workout, this past weekend I gave into temptation. I had 2 parties to attend and I couldn’t say no. Cupcakes looks so good. But after I had 2 or 3 I felt sick afterwards. I need to learn to say no to temptation…

  • Danielle

    Lost 2.5 lb this week. Met all the goals I set for myself too! Feeling good!

  • WhoDatAsh

    I lost 4.5 pounds this week!!! Although I drank so much water that I probably diminshed the planet’s water supply, so I’m assuming that was water weight. I normally don’t lose that much in a week.
    This week, my goal is to exercise 5 out of 7 days.

  • Manasa

    I did not lose any weight this week, but my clothes are fitting better :)
    My biggest victory this week was consistently working out all the days. I planned and even PRed in my 10k run.

    But, we had guests over the weekend staying over for 2 days and I did not do very well on clean eating part. Did over eat on 2/7 days and that might explain the no-loss. That’s something to work on in week 2, along with work out consistency

    I buy a fitness dvd, or generally plan a small indulgence like watching a movie, getting a facial or playing xbox games. I decided sometime ago none of my rewards should be food related and even better if it somehow makes me be active while having fun :) This has been working very well.

  • Liz Murphy

    Down 1.6lbs. Have definitely increased my water intake. My biggest struggle has been moving. Not having enough time to get exercise in.

  • Renee Eggers-Williams

    I lost a total of 2lbs this week. My biggest success was that I got a new job! I am so looking forward to it! My stresses have been getting to me lately, so that still remains my battle to overcome! I have made the choices not to eat as much sh@t as usual, so I am making better conscious decisions. I am learning the right ways!

  • Sue2699

    I lost a pound! Wish it were more but I only exercised twice, and neither time was a big calorie burn. I did well on eating though! Goal for the coming week is to work out more.

  • Ellison

    I lost 1.8 pounds this week. Biggest victory was not eating easy comfort foods like chips. Biggest struggle was working out now that school has started back and I haven’t gotten into a routine yet.

  • Lisa

    Down .2 lbs

  • TandiB

    Lost one pound this week. Wish I could lose more at a time however for me it has been a slow steady “turtle” crawl. It’s ok the numbers at least keep going down just one by one. My biggest accomplishment that I was proud of actually was that I could not keep my pants on at work. I have to go by new scrubs. Weakness was when the doc filled the bucket with chocolate, I have been doing good with taking food to work but when you are having a bad day it is so easy to eat the chocolate. I still need to come up with a reward system for myself, my goal has been to overcome Lyme Disease and stay healthy and I need to actually sit down and set up some actual goals with rewards to help me stay focused.

  • desi212

    I havent lost or gained any weight. I did realize that I need to eat more fruits and veggies though. One day at a time! :)

  • Shera W

    I gained .2 pounds. I had a seriously cold and I wasn’t able to do much but stay at home and rest all week. I’m going to knock it out the park next week!

  • Kira Willis

    I gained a pound. I don’t get it I’ve been exercising every day. I think my problem might be all the strength training I’ve been doing. I’m going to up my cardio exercise for this week and see what happens.

  • Emily Saad El-Dein

    I’m exactly where I was last week!! I have been working out more, but I also had my daughter’s first birthday party last week… between the cake and the other goodies, I may have overindulged :) Back on track now!

  • Emily Saad El-Dein

    Oh, and I am about to reward myself with a pedicure and a cup of green tea! ;)

  • Sharie

    I lost 3 lbs. and then gained back 2, although I did just eat lunch and didn’t have time to weigh myself this morning because I had to work, so it’s the middle of the day, I don’t know if that changed my weight any.

    My goal is to lose 10 pounds and then my reward will be buying a new CD from my favorite band since they just happen to be coming out with one soon.

  • Beccy

    Biggest victory? lost 2.2
    Biggest struggle?drinking enough, sweets and work out enoug-means:everything:-D
    reward?not sure,still thinking about it

  • harley69d

    I’m down 1 lb and from doing the squats again I lost 4 3/4 inches so far. I have been doing good eating lean cuisines and doing alot of weeding and my daughter is keeping honest on the squat this is our second month. It’s showing I went down another pant size.

  • Misty Thompson

    Down .5 really need to find time to get in exercise.

  • AnnG

    Up .4 this week. That’s ok…I’ll be good next week!

  • fc

    My biggest victory was being able to do sprints at all, but I have had to slow down a little on sprinting because my knee likes to act up so not doing as many sprints as I should. I didn’t gain or lose weight because I am at a normal weight I am just trying to get rid of the belly fat.
    My biggest struggle so far is doing the sprints, and reducing how much sugar I consume.
    I reward myself with a 1/2 cup of light Butter Pecan icecream.

  • Beth

    I totally forgot to weigh in when I got back from vacation so I weighed today….I thought since my clothes were fitting ok that I had at least stayed the same as the last time I weighed myself earlier in the summer…oh no, up at least 5 pounds. :(
    Victory: not giving up…
    Struggle: my job started up again (teaching) and I need to write down my schedule to get activity in somewhere
    Reward for staying on goal: when I do this I want to come up with a non-food reward…it seems like that is what I tend to go to. any ideas?

  • Ann

    I am down 2 pounds. Just need to exercise to get things going…

  • Jennifer Conyers

    I lost a pound, can’t complain about that. I managed not to over eat during week one, which was really hard to do on my birthday.

  • Gwen Spice-Winderlich

    Ran more this week and didn’t lose weight but feel good and motivated.

  • Jessica Barnard

    1. Sticking with my diet.
    2. Being tempted by bad foods being eaten around me.
    3. I rewarded myself with one beer.
    I am down 6lbs.!

    • LMM831

      Wow! Congrats! That is amazing!

  • LMM831

    I am down 1/2 a pound. Not as much as I would like but hey I will take it.
    What was your biggest victory this week?
    What was your biggest struggle this week?
    How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals?
    I made it to the gym 3 times during the week. That is my biggest victory. Struggle as always is food. No rewards yet. I need to just take it a day at a time.

  • Trinity

    I lost half a pound & that’s with a serious lack of exercise & my husband doing a tasting for the food truck he wants to start. Hopefully I can start running again this week.

  • Lisa Overton Fricke

    Lost 3.6 pounds this week. Biggest victory and biggest struggle were the same – to not be an emotional eater during an extremely stressful week. My reward was to work twice as hard at boot camp!!!

  • LG

    Lost 1/2 pound this week. I guess that’s better than nothing when I haven’t been exercising as much as I should and have a hard keeping my dinner as healthy as my lunch!

  • Megan

    I lost 3.8 pounds this week. I think the best thing was when I finally took a step back and realized that I am sick of starting over, and that I have been lying to myself about my health for the past few years. I had a super hard time getting up to workout in the morning before work. I think I am going to reward myself with a closet purge and a few new outfits when I hit my goals.

  • Nessa

    I gained 2lb. I cant believe it. Running my butt off. At least I thought. Bummer week 1

  • Jen

    I’m down 2 pounds for week one…I ran around 15 miles last week plus biked about 20 miles…I however skimped on the weight training. I’m planning on stepping that part of my routine up start this week…I also plan to work on drinking more water.
    Good luck everyone!!! We’ve got this!

  • Monica

    I lost 2.2 pounds. Looking forward to the challenge of week 2.

  • Mary P. in Baltimore

    Down .2. Biggest victory was that I did not gain. Biggest struggle- filling in for someone at work has meant a lot of pressure and long crazy hours. I tend to reward myself for staying on track with a glass of wine !

  • Kim Myers

    Nothing lost but nothing gained. Started back on my running program. We shall see

  • Sara Drazkowski

    I lost over 3 pounds and got over that big hurdle number that I have been stuck at for quiet some time. It was easy to workout because I joined a group at the gym, so accountability is there. Eating is always a struggle but when I focused on what I CAN eat rather than what I CAN’T, it was easier. I reward myself by having undisturbed me time, usually reading a book and drinking coffee, as my group is 530-630 am, and neither my husband or soon are up then!

  • Alicia M

    I’m on overnights this week but I’m still working out and trying to stick to my eating schedule. I’m down to 171. I didn’t take a picture though :-/ so ill do that later.
    Biggest Victory: logging everything and completing mfp diary no matter the outcome
    Struggle: eating habits on third shift :-/
    Reward: new gym cloths :)

  • Amy

    I lost 1.5 lbs. Yeay! Well I did 30 minutes 5 times on the stepmill, took my pups out for daily walks and got my strength training in. The biggest change really was eating most of my foods earlier in the day and having a lighter dinner. What a difference! WTG for everyone else posting on here! You can do it!

  • Linda Jackson Cote

    In down 3lbs. I logged my food everyday & I ramped up my workouts. Big problem this week- I didn’t drink nearly enough water. Not by a long shot.

  • Tricia Meier Tyler

    Lost 5 lbs.. Biggest challenge was counting calories.. Biggest accomplishment was getting back to running:).. I haven’t rewarded myself… My reward is intrinsic and will come when I start seeing results in how I feel and how I look;)

  • Andrea Pavletich

    My biggest victory this week was eating well, but my biggest struggle was working out (with a 7 mo old not wanting to sleep im so exhausted!). I reward myself for my accomplishments by taking a little me time before bed lately! Im starting the 6 week bootcamp tonight-i hope I can stick with it!

  • Martha Elandt

    I also thought it was Wednesday but on well. I lost but I can’t remember the exact number I started at. My biggest victory was doing the squat challenge everyday. My biggest struggle was being out of town for multiple days. I don’t reward myself but I should.