Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with #weightloss #challenge #support


We are sailing through this weight loss challenge! Week three is done, and we’re cruising in to the second half – only 3 weeks to go. Are you seeing the results you wanted to see? I’m down a total  of 9 pounds, after a pretty big loss the first week due to my clean eating reset program. I’m proud to stay that I’m sticking with it, and trucking right along, even incorporating more movement in to my non-exercise days. After 3 weeks of clean eating, I have reached the point where I don’t even crave sugar and other junk foods. Talk about feeling liberated!

So go hop on your scale and report back to us! Are you seeing the results you want to see? I sure hope so! If not, maybe it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing and make some changes. Are you tracking your food and exercise? A food journal is just about the best tool you’ll have on this journey, so if you’re not tracking faithfully, that could be your problem. It’s amazing how fast those bites, licks, and tastes add up – be sure you’re counting all the BLTs! A good old fashioned composition book is a great way to keep track of things….what you’re eating, how much you’re moving, and even how you feel day to day. If you don’t have time, apps like LoseIt and MyFitnessPal are GREAT ways to track as well.

  • What are your favorite apps to keep you on track with fitness and weight loss?
  • Do you track everything, or do you just try to keep a running tally in your head? How is that working for you?

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  • Ann

    I am using My Fitness Pal. It has really helped keep track of calories in and calories out. Down 2 more pounds this week. :)

  • Susan T

    180 this morning. I gained. Not sure if it is due to diet or working out. I will see how this week goes. I used to track everything with my food. I don’t do that anymore because it drove me nuts. I do like my C25K running app to track my workouts so I can see progress there.

  • Amy B

    Stayed the same, again. I do Weight watchers, so I track all my food/points.

  • Jessica Barnard

    I am using MFP and the Nike+ running app. I am tracking everything but it is a little easier for me because I am currently doing the Medifast program so most of the food is prepackaged and preplanned. I also am drinking water like crazy and running to the bathroom every 5mins. Lol! :) good luck ladies!
    Down 3 more lbs!

  • Jamie Stroupe

    Well I caved in and weighed again! Grrr oh well. Guess I’ll weigh in weekly for the challenge. So results: Down 1 pound this week for a total of 5 for challenge.

  • Nicole

    Down 3 lbs this week, which means 7lbs overall. Yay! .2 lbs puts me at 20 lbs since I started in June.

  • April

    I’m down another 1/2 pound this week. Considering I went camping this last weekend and all the wrong things were consumed, I’m happy. Slow & steady I go.

  • Bonnie Lahr

    Same — need to work on intake.

  • Margaret VanB

    Haven’t taken my measurements, will wait till the first to do that, but my weight is down and that’s a good thing. I think I was 191 last week, now I’m 188.6. I’m working on it.

  • Tracy Griffith

    I’m down another half pound, so I’m happy with that. I use my FitBit every single day to help me track my activity and sleep.
    Facing a challenge this week; my father-in-law died last night and I will be away from home and routine until at least Monday. I will be very busy so I at least won’t be eating out of boredom, but I’m afraid I won’t be eating as well as I should. I plan on bringing lots of fresh fruit with me to snack on, instead of cookies or chips, and I will try to make meals for the family that will be out there (10 drive away just for me) instead of eating out.
    At least my tendency is to clean when I’m upset/stressed, rather than eat, so I should be in fine form there.
    Thanks for listening everyone.

  • Sara

    no change, but I expected that. My eating habits have been horrible this week. Time to take care of me!

  • Nicole Nichols

    I have 3 apps – my FitBit app to keep track of my steps, and my 2 weight watchers apps. The one to do the actual tracking, which also tracks my activity, and the scanner. I find that I can’t do the tracking in my head, it makes me more prone to “forget” how much I’ve ate today and justify another snack in the evening. When I open the WW app and it says 0 points left for the day, there is no arguing that!!

    I’m down another pound today, that makes 3 lbs. in 3 weeks! I’m happy with that, as WW tells you all the time that a pound a week is normal for most. As long as I’m losing, I’m good!! I can tell I’m losing inches, as well. I fit into my favorite White House/Black Market jean capris today that I couldn’t pull over my thighs at the beginning of the summer!!

  • Gina Ciuffetti-Taylor

    I was using myfitnesspal…but I only do weigh-in’s and random calorie checks now. For running I do runkeeper and endomondo as well as the rundouble c25k app. I also joined AchieveMint and Earndit to earn points for exercising. Got pretty good fitness swag with those so far. If anyone wants a referral, hit me up, then we both get extra points. :D

  • Sarah Holder Orton

    Lost 1.6 lbs this week, I use My Fitness Pal, I think that tracking everything makes me more aware of what I am putting in my body and noting what the sugar and fat is in some items is leading me to make better choices.

  • Ashley

    It is my weekly check in and I am the same I was last week which amazes me as I have stuffed myself with fattening wonderful food, like mom’s homemade potato salad and bbq chicken, and of course the birthday meals. So now that my birthday is over it’s time to get back on track. My favorite work out app is Fleetly, it has great workouts and it keeps your time and everything. I don’t count calories or fat percentages, I love food and I love what I eat I just tend to eat to much. So my goal is to control my portions, if I want that piece of cake I need to bulk up on my veggies and fruits and have a small slice not the giant one. I don’t want my life to revolve around what I can and can’t eat I want it to revolve around my family.

  • Evelyn Chiquito

    only down .6 pounds this week. I blame birthday celebrations…and lack of willpower for my mom’s cooking. but just left the gym and hope to get back on track (and better) soon.

  • Selena Wood

    I’ve used MFP for 2+ years to log food, & Runtastic & Cardiotrainer for exercise, depending on what I’m doing. I’m back down the .4 I was up last week, so still down only one pound, but holding my own,but for sure an increase in muscle & decrease in inches.

  • Kaitlin

    I lost another 2 pounds this week and got to my pre-pregnancy weight! :) that was my first big goal so I’m really excited about it. I use the weight watchers apps and they really help me. I will truly forget about food I’ve eaten if I don’t track it. I started weight watchers 7 weeks ago and am down 15.5 pounds since starting. It has been an amazing eye-opener to see exactly what I was eating.

  • Tandi

    I am down 4.2 pounds since the start of the challange!! I love using My Fitness Pal, it not only helps me see what I am eating my personal trainer is a friend and can see what I am eating and help make suggestions

  • Debra Cooley

    I use I’m really liking it for keeping an estimate on carb intake. I feel another pound on the scale this week. That’s 3 total for the challenge. Today’s weigh in post is at

  • Adah1

    I’m down 1.6 this week. I use weight watchers online and daily mile to stay on track!

  • Suzie

    I’m at 150. I made it to the gym for cardio yesterday and made a plan with a girlfriend for tonight at the gym. I use sparkpeople app to track and I am most successful if I track everything but usually just track calories.

  • Mindi

    Down 3 more pounds… 13 since I started this challenge… So close to my goal of 100 pounds lost since January and I can hardly stand it. I use My Fitness Pal religiously… haven’t missed a day in 212 days. It is so eye-opening and keeps me accountable. I also post my progress on Facebook. If I know the world is watching, I’m more likely to stay on track… it works for me :)

  • Shan

    I’m down a total of 5.8 pounds! I use MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. I do my best to track as much as I can but I don’t track everything.

  • Andrea Pavletich

    I forgot to weigh in this morning but I am sticking with the bootcamp workout so hopefully I am still losing!

  • Sharie

    I use myfitnesspal and I track everything, I don’t track the kind of exercises I do, but I do track how much time I worked out for. I feel like I’ve been sticking with it, but I lost a few pounds and now I’m gaining back and I have no idea why.

  • Mel

    This week was a train wreck in that I did nothing, and my eating was off. It showed on the scale – but I am ready to hit the ground running (literally ;-) tomorrow! I love runkeeper, myfitnesspal, HIIT timer, and am looking forward to trying out the C25K app tomorrow. For accountability purposes, I am weighing in at 215.2 – yep, up 2.2 lbs. Good luck this week everyone!

  • Amy

    congrats on losing 9lbs so far Christy! I lost a few this week…not too shabby considering its my cycle week. Been doing my am runs and strength a few times a week. I am enjoying this process so far! keep it up ladies! Half way there :)

  • Lauren S

    I stayed the same this week. I’m totally bummed because I tracked every single day on MFP and stayed within a reasonable amount of calories. Oh well. I’ll just keep trucking on.

    • Kat Foley

      Look back at your tracking and see how much sodium you took in over the past couple days before you weighed in. Also, if your exercise slowed this week, but your food stayed the same that could account for the non-movement or even if you upped the exercise over the past couple days that could do it, too. Keep up the good work and tracking and I’m sure your see progress next week :)

  • Lizzy S.

    Alright, its been a another crazy day, and I’m not done yet, but I finally got on the scale and I’m down another 2.2 lbs WHOOP WHOOP…. now I just wanna veg… but no can do… back to work in *sigh* 1 hour…

  • Michaela

    I have just been clean eating and Jazzercising! Works for me!

  • Kathryn Renz

    It’s not been a good week…the scale went up .4 lbs. :( And my motivation went out the window. I’m hoping it makes it’s way back soon…I use My Fitness Pal for food tracking, and Map my run for my runs. Love them both. :) I track whatever I can…I don’t do well w/ remembering or knowing the calories w/o looking it up.

  • Kat Foley

    I’m finally down! I’m down 4 lbs from last week, but I think I’m just kinda back to the same at where I started though I can’t remember my weigh in week’s weight. I absolutely ate better and it showed, but it’s hard! My favorite app right now is called “Lift” it’s a habit app. I set several habits I’d like to do everyday like Crossfit, yoga or stretching, and work on my pull ups and each day I get them done I check it off on the app. Other people with the same ‘habits’ can give you props or comment on your check in. It even tells you when you are on a streak and how many days in the month you’ve completed your habit. I’m not good with tracking my food so instead I just stick with whole or natural foods…lots of eggs, salmon, spinach, etc. Nothing packaged. Because I miss something sweet at the end of my day I’ve found a few spoonfuls of unsweetened fine coconut can help do the trick. Other than a slight slip yesterday with a lunchable things have gone good. The hardest part though is I am a night eater. I am up all night usually grabbing for something to snack on so in trying to stay on track and kick this night eating thing which actually is a coping reaction to stress I’m just up all night and it sucks. Eventually I’d love to learn to deal better with my stress, but I work too much and unfortunately my work is the primary cause. Anyone have any ideas on stress relief?

  • Faith Hales

    I love using calorie counter, but lately I have not done that and I should because it has been very hard to track it because I have not written it down.
    I try to keep a running list in my head, but then I am slipping time to start tracking my calories again. I have noticed that I have more energy my weight is the same because I am just trying to maintain weight. I need to drink more water.

  • LMM831

    Stuck Stuck Stuck. Ugh!

  • Nancy-The Sisterhood

    I track with My Fitness pal and I am on day 221. I try to track everything to keep it honest. Then I know exactly where I screwed up. I weigh exactly the same as I did last week. I guess that is better than a gain!

  • Cindy

    Stayed the same. I do weight watchers and track my points. Been working out 3 days a week at gym for past 6 weeks, walk 4-5 days a week and go to zumba 1-2 times a week. Very frustrated as I’ve only lost 1 pound in past 6 weeks!!

  • Amy

    I am up a little bit :( I think it is all the extra water I have to drink so I don’t pass out at work. Also, I was sick last week so didnt work out like I wanted.

  • Lisa Dwelley

    This week I lost 4.4 pounds for a three week total of 8 pounds. My favorite app is My Fitness Pal. I use it to track everything – food, exercise, water. I found it extremely useful and helpful in my weight loss. It helps to keep me accountable and gives me something to look back on when having either a good or bad weigh in. I also think twice before having something that might not be so good for me because I know that I will have to log it in.

  • Megan

    I started using My Fitness Pal yesterday! I tried it in the past and didn’t love it because I had to enter all the meals I ate and didn’t have much to just scan in; but I think I might give it another try. Sadly I am up 3 pounds but I know that is from my super lazy, fun, food filled past few days. Back on track this week though and not falling off, already back down .8!

  • Lasik