Summer Blowout Challenge Check In Week 4

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge
I can’t believe how fast we are flying through this challenge. We are already on week 4 with only two weeks left. I don’t know about you, but it seems like the older I get, the faster time goes. I’m sticking with this challenge pretty darn well. I’m losing pounds (although not huge amounts) and doing pretty well with what I am eating. The exercise part has been hard with getting started back to school and getting back to a routine. It’s okay though. This week has been good with walking and classes so far. How about you? Are you keeping on track?

Now is the time to run and jump on that scale and check in on your weight. Good news, I hope. Christy had mentioned last week about food journaling. It made the hugest difference when I started doing that. I use My Fitness Pal and don’t think I could do without it now. If you don’t keep track of what you are eating, you really should. Make sure you leave your weigh in results in the comment section.

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  • Debra Cooley

    I’m up a half pound this week but I’ve had corn chips for breakfast… so it’s not completely unwarranted :(

    Find my weigh-in post at

  • Ann

    nothing this week, I don’t understand…

  • Jessica Barnard

    Down 2lbs. for a total of 13.6 for this challenge :)

  • Bonnie Lahr

    down a little, not much. Need to eat better.

  • Shan

    Down a total of 7.6 pounds for the challenge! My driver’s license weight is actually accurate again!! ;)

  • Kathryn Renz

    My last check-in was not a good one…I had an off week, and my motivation was no where in sight! This past week, I wasn’t feeling the greatest, so my workouts were few and far between, but I kept my calories under control and I’m down 3.8 lbs THIS WEEK!!! That’s a total of 4.4 for the challenge! :) So exciting to see the number finally going down!!!

  • Beth Corradi

    No real change this week, which is good. I was pretty sure I would be up a couple of pounds. Slow and steady progress!

  • Angela Haverkamp

    Down another 1.5 (6 total)

  • Amy

    Nancy~ I agree with you on the food log for accountability and the older I get the faster times goes! This week I am down .8 which is a win for me considering the off holiday weekend! I am excited to see the results so far and will be ramping it back up for the last 2 weeks. Only a few more LBs to my goal. I am totally inspired by some of these other ladies that have lost over 10! Keep up the great work :D

  • Amy B

    So thrilled to actually see a loss this week! Down 1.6!! Hopefully my body just needed time to adjust to the added exercise I have been doing. Heres to the last 2 weeks!!

  • Tracy Griffith

    Down a little, but I consider ANY loss with the stress of the last week to be a victory. Back to full focus today!

  • Sara

    Down a total of 4 lbs since the challenge began. I need to get better about tracking my food – that always makes a huge difference in my life

  • Ashley

    So I have gained a pound from last week but I thought that would happen as I went to the DMB concert in the gorge and did nothing but I ate a little too much and probably drank a little too much. But it’s a new week and I am bound and determined to lose 5 lbs by the end of this 6 week challenge I will be 180 lbs when this is over. I will!

  • Gina Ciuffetti-Taylor

    I’m up a little again…thinking I’m at my plateau weight…since I haven’t been under this weight since 8th grade. Seriously! My body is totally like “huh?” Learning to let that go and strive for better fitness goals.

  • Adah1

    I”m down .2 this week. i really need to get back to what works and stop thinking I can skip steps in this process! back to tracking everything I eat and drink!

  • Selena Wood

    Still holding steady at between 1& 2 lbs lost from my original weigh in. I have pretty much given up on the scale & am using this as a fitness challenge, which is totally working! I have lost a half in in my waist & his in the last month! Whoot!

  • Mel

    no change this week. Started the C25K this week, and back to logging my meals. Gotta set myself up for success, am I right?! Good luck this week!

  • Mar

    Down 19.5 pounds for this challenge. Doing good!

  • Evelyn Chiquito

    down two pounds this week and very happy

  • Liz Murphy

    Down a total of 9.4lbs for the challenge

  • Kira Willis

    I’m down a lb! I think I was restricting to many calories. Finally some good progress.

  • Tandi

    Stayed the same ths week, I log everything on MyFitnessPal

  • Kat Foley

    I think I stayed the same this week, but feel great. After 4 straight days of a total epic fail on my eating I was able to pull through the past few and get back on track. I’m also on Day 4 of the Whole 30, wrapping up my birthday by cooking my first sweet potato even then hitting up a yoga class. I think the turning of a new month, a new age, and just an overall sense of pull your sh#$ together is giving me the day to day motivation I need. Congrats on the awesome weight loss so far ladies. You are inspiring!

  • Lizzy S.

    I’m gained back the two pounds I lost last week… I’m not a happy camper…. But that’s okay, I’ve started this week off on a good note, day three at the gym and loving it. I won’t let this get me down!

  • Sharie

    I’ve been yo-yoing between my starting weight and losing 4 pounds. I’ve been changing things, but I guess there needs to be more change.

  • Faith Hales

    Well I have been doing really well at maintaining my weight the only part I need to get rid of is the fat around my middle. Other than that my weight is doing fine. My energy is coming back since I have been doing this program.

  • Sarah Holder Orton

    Down 1.4 lbs for a total of 7.5lbs since I started. I love My fitness pal. knowing what I am eating and keeping within my goals makes a huge difference. I have been moving more and making smarter choices.

  • TarheelSugar

    I’m down 6lbs total… I haven’t been checking in here.. .uh oh…

  • margaret vanbruggen

    I don’t really want to check in. I’m having a hard day. I lost 8 inches this week, but weight is what counts on this challenge and I’ve gained 2 lbs. I am back at 190. I feel like I will never get out of this freaking stall. I’ve been in it for 8 months now. I’m so frustrated I just want to jump into a cheesecake and eat my way out. I am beginning to think this is the weight my body wants to be but its not the weight I’m comfortable with. I get to listen to my dr lecture me again next week. I am ready to quit.

    • Kat Foley

      Chin up, Margaret! I hate the idea of my body being comfortable at a weight that I have issues with, too. The idea is to not quit, just keep trying or try something new. You can hang in there!

  • Alicia M

    Down to 168 from 172 ish I think! Went on vacation to my parents house, exercised while I was there 3 out of 7 days and kept track of what I ate…over on someday but overall I feel like I did really well!
    Feeling great and running more too!!

  • Kristi

    Finally budged a bit this week. Down 2 lbs! Woo Hoo!!!! Sure seems like it should only be week 3… did I miss a whole week????

  • Megan

    I’m down .2 pounds but I guess it is better than nothing.

  • LMM831

    No gain no loss. I hate this stage.

  • AnnG

    I am down 2 pounds today but still up from the beginning of the challenge. Goes to show what happens when you don’t focus on what you know works. Gonna get back on track now…..

  • Nancy-The Sisterhood

    I am down two pounds!! Woot Woot!!!

  • Amy

    I’m up .4. I don’t understand I’m working out more drinking more water and eating better.

  • Mindi

    Down 1/2 a pound this week and 13.5 overall. Did 12 miles yesterday and definitely feeling it today, but it is a good sore. Time to crank it into high gear. Just 2 more weeks :)

  • LMM831

    No gain no loss. Just stuck!

  • Kira Willis

    I’m down a lb yay