Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge Finale!

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge

What does that say? The FINALE?! Where has the time gone, friends? How are you feeling? Have you succeeded in reaching your goals with the summer challenge? I (for once) can actually say I have lost a good deal of weight and am feeling GREAT! Who knows, by Christmas I could be near my goal weight and at my thinnest in a decade. Wow!

As we mentioned 6 weeks ago, we are awarding a $100 gift card to the participant that has lost the largest percentage of their body weight during this challenge. Soooooo…..

Get on that scale, take a scale photo, and submit your weight via our handy, dandy form! Then, scroll down and get all the deets for our new challenge coming next Wednesday!

If you are a contender for the coveted top spot, we will contact you via email and you will have 48 hours to submit your beginning and ending scale photos to us! You snooze, you lose, and someone else wins, so don’t delay!

Prizes! Yes, we’re giving stuff away!

One lucky challenger who leaves a comment TODAY will win an awesome prize pack from Active Accessories and ToiletTree Products!

Thanks again to our excellent sponsors for this challenge:

Active Accessories  ToiletTree Products

Have you signed up for the Ghostly Gallop 5K/10K/Mile Walk & Run yet?

Registration ends October 3rd! We have race shirts, medals, and swag, OH MY!

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New Challenge Starting Wednesday, September 25th!


That’s right! We’re going to be Fit 4 Fall!

4 weeks.

4 Mini-Challenges.

4% of your body weight -gone!

Are you in?

The Details:

Our next challenge will be a DietBet game, so please register here: If you don’t wish to participate via DietBet, feel free to follow along anyway! But, really, who doesn’t want the extra motivation?

Meet us back here on Wednesday the 25th for the first challenge post and your first mini-challenge. We will also be awarding a free Ghostly Gallop race registration that day to a random commenter on the check-in post! Pretty sweet!

If you haven’t joined our closed weight loss challenge group on FB yet, do so! It’s a healthy dose of support and motivation!

Be sure you’re following us on Twitter and Pinterest as well! Lots of good stuff happening that will add just a little more support and motivation to your days :)

If you haven’t checked out the Shrinking Kitchen, you should! We post daily healthy recipes and have weekly menu plans – all free and healthy!

Runners- we have an AWESOME running FB group- Run With the Sisterhood- come join us!

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  • Lizzy S.

    I got a question about diet bet, can I sign up now but place my bet later [I need to wait for my next pay check ;)]

    • Shan

      Lizzy, they usually do give you a pay later option when you sign up, but you can also just wait to sign up. They allow signups any after the 25th also.

  • Jessica Barnard

    17lbs. total! This was a very helpful challenge and the support here was great! Thank you ladies!

    • Lizzy S.

      FREAKING AWESOME!! Congrats!

      • Jessica Barnard

        Thank you!

    • Debra Cooley


    • Amy

      WOW That is amazing Jessica!! Go Girl :)

  • Shan

    I’m down a total of 12 pounds. Woo!

    • Debra Cooley


    • Amy

      Great job Shan!!

    • Jessica Barnard


  • Gina Ciuffetti-Taylor

    Definitely not the “winner” for % body weight lost but feeling like a winner bc I have most surely lost inches, am stronger, and have more endurance when out running…I feel better and look better in my current clothing…even bought a smaller size pants this weekend. *whoop whoop!*

    • Debra Cooley


    • Amy

      Exactly! You are WINNER :) YeYa for smaller pants! I am going jeans shopping this weekend!!

  • Kathryn Renz

    This past week wasn’t great for me, but I still lost something…grand total weight loss is 5.8 lbs! A little more than I expected tbh, which is awesome! Congrats to everyone who participated!! :)

    • Debra Cooley


  • Mel

    6lbs down for the challenge! the motivation and encouragement of everyone here has been amazing! I cannot wait to start the next competition/challenge. Thank you!

    • Debra Cooley

      Good job!

  • Mary

    Thank you ladies. My goal was just to maintain and tone. i was successful with maintaining my weight, not so much on the toning! Thanks for the challenges and support.

  • Debra Cooley

    Lost 4.5lbs this time around. Officially. I officially it was 5 but those wry hormones got in the way. I wanted to be planted in the 170s and feel as though I am. Thanks for another great contest!

    • Amy

      yeay:) progress is always good!

  • Sharie

    Lost 4 pounds, not my goal, but I’m getting there.

  • Amy

    Seriously I am so excited!!! I exceeded my goal and really I wouldn’t have done it without this challenge’s motivation! I am 2 lbs away from my ultimate goal, and I lost 2.5 inches on my waist and 2.5 off my hips! Thanks again sisters…. this is exactly what I needed!

    • Jessica Barnard

      Way to go!

  • LMM831

    Well, I am down just a little bit but I am down overall.

  • Mindi

    Down 15 total… and over 90 since I started in January. My weight loss goal is so close now, but I see so much more room for improvement besides that number. I am trying new things: Zumba, kickboxing, lifting heavier… I want to not only lose pounds… I want to be strong! I want my girls to have a strong positive female role model. I NEVER want to be skinny! I want to be fit, healthy, and an example to others. I think I am on my way :)

  • Megan
  • Jessica Barnard

    Just wondering when the winner will be announced. I know all of us are interested in who the big winner is, and do we ever get to find out who won the weekly prizes too? Just curious! :)
    Thanks for a great challenge ladies!

  • Lauren S

    I didn’t get my response in on time but I lost 14.2 pounds!

  • Selena Wood

    Definitely not the winner here, but I had a great time & really upped my muscle & endurance! I’m following the next challenge for sure, not 100% about the Diet Bet yet. I barely managed to drop 2% in six weeks this challenge, but my muscles are MUCH more present & defined.