Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge: Week 5

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge

Hey! Long time no hear nor see! I am around but so darn busy. I went back to work for the first time in 8 years and I am still tryng to find my new routine and schedule around working, exercising, taking care of three kids and LIFE. It keeps me on my toes and the days are flying by….just like this challenge, ha ha. I also completed a 28 day reset program with our very own Jodi and lost a total of 11 pounds over 28 days. I permanently broke up with coffee creamer, chips and sugar- bu bye to all three and a myriad of other things too!

How are you doing? Ready to strip down to your *birthday suit* and weigh in this week? OK, some of you might keep your clothes on for the scale but I don’t- I don’t need the extra ounces of clothes, oh no siree. The important thing is to weigh yourself at the same time of day in the same types of clothes from week to week. Go ahead- go weigh and come back to report back here.

We only have ONE week left of this challenge so make it a great one!

Eat right- your body will thank you.  Exercise- your body will thank you again.  Now get to it!

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  • Shan

    Down a total 9.2 pounds for the challenge! Aiming to hit 10 by next week since I’m so close.

  • Steph

    After a terrible start, I’m down 4.6 this week, which is only a total of .6 for the challenge. Not bad for an end of summer challenge though!

  • Kathryn Renz

    Down 1.2 lbs this week, and 5.6 for the challenge. I’m happy w/ that. :)

  • Alicia M

    No loss this week :-/ but I will not let that stop me from working my butt off this week! Looking forward to the end of this challenge and the start of the next!

  • Tracy Griffith

    I wish I could say I was down more overall, but down 1.2 lbs this week at least.

  • Adah1

    I stayed the same. Not what I was hoping for but at least I didn’t gain!

  • margaret vanbruggen

    187.2, I lost weight this week. Yeah. I am hoping to be in the lower 180s or in the 170s by the end of the month. I was in a stall for 8 months and am happy to see the scale moving.

  • Evelyn Chiquito

    no gain or loss this week, down a total of 4.3 for the challenge so far. not exactly the results I wanted but small progress is better than no progress. righ??

  • Amy B

    I’m up about a pound and a half, but good ole Aunt Flo decided to appear today so I’m blaming her. Hoping to kick butt this last week!

  • Rebecca Kristensen

    Up a couple pounds — though I fell down the stairs Friday and haven’t been very active since then :( Starting to feel better so will get back to at least walking now. Yoga will have to wait.

  • Mel

    Down 2.8 this week. Feeling good, and getting those workouts in! Good luck this week everyone!

  • Amy

    Had a few off moments with snacks this past week, but got all my workouts in. Almost at my goal :D Yeay! WTG Lisa with giving up creamers/sugar/chips! It makes such a difference when the fake foods get out of your system. Here’s to finishing strong :)

  • Jessica Barnard

    Down 2.6 since last week, making it a total of 16.2 for the challenge so far!

  • Debra Cooley

    I’m down two this week and just loving it! One more week like this an I’ll be firmly in the 170s. I just hope the PMS doesn’t do me in next week.

  • Andrea Pavletich

    I’m holding steady- since I biffed it running a week and a half ago I haven’t been able to go run :( . I thought I would be able to get back out this past weekend but my knee is still swollen! I need to start doing something though any suggestions for someone with and injured knee?! :)

  • Kat Foley

    I’m up a lb this week and that leaves me kinda at the beginning. I don’t really get it though because I’ve been working out really great and have been on point with my eating. I’ve even logged my foods with MFP the past 2 days and am hoping for a 3rd day in a row today. I’m going to keep at it though. Something is bound to change.

  • Lizzy S.

    I didn’t gain or loose any this week, and though I’m a little frustrated because I’ve been eating good and going to the gym almost every day, I kinda expected to loose something… but thats okay, I’m just gonna keep going.

  • Sara Drazkowski

    Down over 10! So excited to continue this journey!

  • Allison Kerl Blackman

    I gained a pound this week.. :( i have not been tracking my food and eating horribly..

  • Ann

    down 1.5 this week.:)

  • LMM831

    So for the first time all challenge I am down! 3 pounds down! Finally a break through! I am hoping that means I am on my way!

  • Hally O’Donnell Niehaus

    Down 4 pounds total. Not a lot of weight loss overall but slow and steady wins the race ;). Hopefully making healthier habits. Drinking my water, being more active and making better food choices!!

  • Megan

    Down 1.8 and 5.4 for all 5 weeks. Now to just keep it off!

  • Jennifer Frey Brewer

    Just found your site- loving it!

  • Kelly O’Hara

    down a total of 5 lbs for the challenge!

  • Amy

    Down 3.2 lbs this week. Finally the scale is going the right way.

  • Faith Hales

    I haven’t had much of a loss in my tummy I need to start cutting out the sugar, but my weight I have been good at maintaining so that hasn’t been an issue I just need to get back to doing the bootcamp.