O’ Fitness Tree {25 Days of Fitness}

So, now that we have survived Thanksgiving, it’s time to look ahead to the next month staring straight at us. DECEMBER! Can you believe tomorrow is Dec. 1, already?

The pace of life starts to really pick up right about NOW. Houses to decorate, gifts to buy, Mall Santas to visit, parties to attend, cards to write, cookies to bake, trees to trim, packages to ship. How do you find some time for exercise in the midst of all of that? Some time to devote solely to YOU?

Once again, we are here to help you out dear friends. It’s time for our annual O’Fitness Tree! Here’s how it works: Print out this spiffy printable tree and hang it up somewhere where you will see it every day.


O'Fitness Tree

For every day you exercise, give yourself an “ornament” in the form of a sticker. I use peel and stick gift tags from the Dollar Store. You could use different colored stars, or even those ‘dot’ stickers used in pricing items at yard sales. Doesn’t matter what you use! You decide what constitutes earning a sticker to you. Only have time for 15 minutes of intention exercise because your day is beyond crazy busy? Give yourself a sticker. The point is that you are PURPOSELY MOVING every day through the holidays. Remember, too, that you have to water your tree every day! Get in at least 64 oz. of water daily!

In the past, I have found that having this tree visible, and my desire to see the thing full of “ornaments,” motivated me to get moving through the holidays. I am all in favor of any tool I can use to help keep the holiday pounds at bay!

So who’s with me? Are you in? We want to see your trees when we all check back in after 25 days! Use #fitnesstree on Twitter to show us how your trees are coming along. We’ve got this!