Hey, take it outside!


I have discovered something wonderful lately. It’s called the great outdoors. It’s become my latest workout venue and I am hooked. HOOKED!  As in as soon as I wake up in the morning,  I am thinking about when and how the great outdoors and I can meet up again. Take it outside has become my new mantra.

I am blessed to have a beautiful state park not too far from where I work.  So close in fact that, see the cars in this picture below? That’s the highway I take every day to work. This picture was taken from atop a high ridge on a trail in the park. I drive right by it every day and had no idea there was a trail way up there!  And then I got to see what’s below a bridge on that highway that I cross every day as well. Even on a cloudy day like today, it’s still beautiful.

photo(15)                                                            photo(13)

I have been visiting during my lunch hour. I have a pair of sneakers in my trunk ready to go at all times. And a map of the park. I am not setting out to climb Everest here, but all the same I am in explore mode and it makes each visit refreshing and exciting, and especially soothing. I can leave the busy work world behind for an hour and literally be out in the middle of nowhere. Not another person in sight.

Granted, it’s not the same intensity as when I am running or nearly dropping over in the Insanity class I am taking, but there are lots of hills involved, my heart rate gets elevated and my lungs start to burn in a good kind of way. The fall crisp air invigorates me. I know all too soon we will be dealing with the snow and ice and fighting hibernation mode. That time will come. But for now while I can,  my aim is to go get lost. As often as possible. In the woods.

Maybe it’s something you could consider for a change of pace, and especially, a change of scenery.

Have you ever gone exploring? Do you like to get outdoors? Have any great parks near by? Let’s hear all about it in the comments.





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  • Laura Kenlin Meiser

    Me too! Running was always such a chore for me but lately I’ve become so energized when I run. I’ve been finding my favorite spots on a local rail trail and watching the fall beauty emerge as I run. It’s just exhilarating!

  • http://www.highheels2hiddentoys.com/ Caroline @ HighHeels2 HiddenTo

    What beautiful pics! I love fall! My son (14 months) and I walk almost daily with our dogs… the stroller really calms him and helps our afternoons not drag on quite as much. The neighborhood is getting kinda boring…I’ll have to start looking for other places to go!