This Year, I Accomplished:

So every week, we create posts tailored to our wonderful Sisterhood readers…AKA all of you! The truth is, without our wonderful followers, there would be no SJ community. Well, there might be, but it would be A LOT smaller. We’ve touched on running, weights, diet, giveaways, recipes, staying on track, falling off the wagon, nutrition, body type, mental health and so much more.

This year has been my first year with the Sisterhood and I am truly amazed by this wonderful group of women I work with. I’m additionally impressed with all of you and your contributions to growing the Sisterhood.

As 2013 comes to a close, we want to know: What have you accomplished this year?

What are you proud of? It doesn’t have to be a fitness goal, or anything fitness related. We know that our lives center on more than eating right and going to the gym. We are truly a family, which means we care more about you than just what you had for breakfast or how much water you drank during the day.

We do appreciate your feedback and would personally give each and every one of you a high five if we could!

Since we can’t, we’re giving you the chance to brag and tell us what you’re proud of!

Did you get a job promotion? What did you cross off of your bucket list? Did you discover something about yourself you never knew existed? Was there a new addition to the family? Did you learn a new skill or craft?

I’ll start: This year, I landed my very first job (albeit unpaid) in the field I went to college for, and will hopefully succeed in for the rest of my career!

We want to hear from YOU!

So please, fill in the blank:

This year, I accomplished ______________________________________!!!!

Give yourself a pat on the back.


  • Brooke F

    This year, I ran 6 half marathons. And PRed (at least once) at every distance I raced.

    • AnnG


  • Dawn T

    This year I lost over 100 pounds by eating healthy and making exercise a part of my “normal” routine!

    • AnnG

      What a wonderful accomplishment!! Way to go!!

  • Karen

    This year I finally summoned the courage to start a blog. I’ve been thinking about it for years, but never felt confident enough to do it.

  • Melissa F

    This year I ran my first half marathon- and next year I plan to run my first full!

  • Amy

    This year I graduated from college, started eating better, started Zumba, running 5ks and lost 40.6 pounds.

  • Caroline @HighHeels2HiddenToys

    This is an awesome post!

    This year I became a runner! I was super stubborn about completing C25K and completed three 5ks. I just signed up for a half marathon, so hopefully this time next year I’ll be able to say I completed a half!