The Older Sister / Saying Goodbye


The past year leading up to turning 60 has been an amazing journey of discovery and learning. I've learned that it is okay to think about myself and take care of myself. I've learned that in that process, you sometimes have to make some hard decisions. I've learned that if it feels right, it … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Finding Me


Re-posted from July 2013. Every year on New Year's Eve, I sit down and I set some goals for myself. I refuse to make what everyone else calls resolutions. I have had too many years where I have failed at those rotten things and then felt horrible about myself because of it. This year, I set a … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Fitness Inspiration

Fitness Inspiration

Being the older sister here doesn't mean that I know it all. As a matter of fact, some days I feel like I know very little about this quest for health and fitness. But, some days I find inspiration in all kinds of places. Today's post is inspired by a former preschool mom who is on her own quest … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / This Girl Can


This Girl Can! Talk about a powerful statement. I saw the most amazing video the other night on You Tube. It was 90 seconds of pure awesome. Here it is. I jiggle therefore I am. Didn't you just want to jump up and cheer when that flashed on the screen? I know I did. I have jiggled for as long … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Some Motivation


Back in the early days of Shrinking Jeans, we used to have something called The Monday Project. Almost five years ago today, our assignment was to make a motivation board. The idea was to make something that you could look at to remind you of your goals and to keep to give you motivation when you … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Write It Down


It's New Year's Eve. It's the day we think of out with the old and in with the new. It's the day that we think about all the things we are going to get right in the new year. It's the day we think about all the things we are going to start tomorrow. I'm not the kind of girl who makes … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Looking Forward

diet lifestyle

I don't know about you, but it's that time of the holiday rush where I don't have an extra minute in the day. I keep wishing there was some way to get an extra day or two in before Christmas. I am swamped to put it mildly. I have worked my little fingers to the bone trying to finish … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Struck by the Wonder


Have you ever been so in awe of something that you really didn't know how to describe it? Something that had you so struck by the wonder of it because it made you so unbelievably happy. This is the feeling that I have had all week. I am struck by the wonder of turning 60 years old. First, I … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / And For This…..


The last thing that I wanted to do right now was write a post. I just remembered that I had one due. My heart wasn't in it. My family lost a dear, dear friend today. My heart is broken. I sat and tried to think of something, anything that I could write about. It's Thanksgiving. How could I … [Read more...]


turkey trot virtual race

It's here. It's official. IT IS RACE DAY! It's time to lace up those shoes and head out for our Turkey Trot & Mutt Strut 5K/10K Virtual Run & Walk. Be sure and grab that leash and take your favorite four legged friend with you too. Whether you walk, run, jog or wog, it is bound to … [Read more...]

True Confessions


HELP!!!! I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon and I am having a terrible time climbing back on. I was doing T25 and doing really well. I got up at 5:10 every morning to workout. I was planning meals and buying good food at the grocery store. Then...things kind of fell apart. Life got … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Why Yoga? Why Not!


I may have told you before about how I have reconnected with many of my classmates from the CHS Class of 73. It has been a wonderful time in my life. We are all so accepting now. We are no longer the cute girls, the jocks, the nerds or the popular ones. We are all on the same playing field and I … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / The 6 Hard Truths


At one time or another, we all have our own little excuses why we can't workout or stick to a diet or this or that. It's just human nature, I think. But, if we are ever going to stay on track. we have to be realistic about our goals and our plans. I read an article at Business Insider UK of all … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Hello fellow shrinkers! Today is Tuesday, so that must mean it's time to toot our horns. Time to be proud and tell everyone what awesome things we did this past week. If I hadn't already written about it here on Friday, I would certainly be telling you all about my amazing 3 Dune Challenge. … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Conquering Challenges

conquering challenges

I felt like a kid. I felt like a hero. I felt healthy. I felt strong. I felt unstoppable. I felt proud. Yesterday, I tackled one of the hardest things I have ever done. I went with one of my best friends since middle school and we attempted the 3 Dune Challenge at the Indiana Dunes State … [Read more...]