The Older Sister / How Are Your Knees?

The Older Sister Series #healthy #living #mature

How are your knees? The older you get, the more apt you are to answer this question with a negative answer. Our knees support nearly 80% of our weight while standing. That a big job for two knees. I follow a blog called Fitknitchick and I really like it. The author of the blog is Tamara Grand and … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Capable

The Older Sister Series #healthy #living #mature

My husband and I are going on a little weekend getaway. I took a day off work to make it just a little longer. We are going to northern Michigan to do some hiking and see the colors. I'm excited. We don't do this often enough. I just got off the treadmill and was heading upstairs to get the … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / What I Believe

I have a Twitter account that I very rarely use. I use it to link my picture blog each morning and that's about it. Once in a blue moon, I actually talk to someone. But, the other night I was bored and got on to look around. I was taken by something that Oprah had tweeted. Yeah, I follow Oprah. … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Exercise After 50

I am amazed at how much better I feel when I consistently exercise. I spent my summer off school making sure that I walked at least one mile every day. Most days, I was well over that one mile. Now that I am back in school, some days it is all I can do to get that mile in. The point though is … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Kindred Spirits

I love to find out that there are people having the same problems that I am. Having a kindred spirit makes things just feel better. At least you know you aren't alone in your troubles and having them be in my own age group is the icing on the cake. Last week, I did a post about how hard it is … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / So Hard

The Older Sister Series #healthy #living #mature

After a run of half hearted attempts at trying to lose weight and get in shape, I think I have finally gotten the hang of this. Somehow, knowing that I am turning 60 in a few months has become a great motivator. I have one question though for you all. Why does it have to be so … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

I'm excited for today. Much better than my last Tuesday post when I had to do a True Confession. Today, it is a definite Toot Your Horn Tuesday!! If you remember back to my post last week about our former writer Donya and her amazing journey to weight loss and fitness, I told you that I was … [Read more...]

Journey to a Weight Loss Victory


This is Donya. She is a wife and mother. She is a friend to many of us here at the Sisterhood. She is a former writer for us. She is my new weight loss coach. She is also a true weight loss inspiration. This post is all about Donya and her journey to a weight loss victory! This is Donya … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Regrouping

I'm sitting here eating black licorice and drinking a Bacardi and coke and trying to figure out what to write about. I am back at work. Today was our first full day with kids and I am exhausted. All I want to do is go to bed, but 15 minutes ago, I realized I had a post due. What I came up … [Read more...]

Wednesday Check In / Keeping It Calm

keeping it calm

Wednesday check in....the words that strike fear in many of us. It's that day of the week that we have to jump on the scale and come face to face with what we have or haven't done to further our weight loss efforts over the past week. I have a new idea about this weigh in thing. How about if … [Read more...]

True Confessions


Every time I have a Tuesday post due, I really like it to be a Toot Your Horn Tuesday post. Unfortunately, if I am going to be totally honest with myself, it's a True Confessions Tuesday. I have been totally failing in the menu planning and grocery shopping department here at the old homestead. … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Finding Me Revisited


I decided that I wanted to repost a story I did last summer about "Finding Me". The post is as true now as it was then. It might even be more true. I have spent the last year truly finding me. We have gone through a lot of changes in the past year. My husband and I became empty nesters for … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Coulda Woulda Shoulda

The Older Sister Series #healthy #living #mature

I may be in a minority, but I have loved getting older. Each decade is a milestone. Each year has been an incredible learning experience. I can honestly say that the only age I ever gave a second thought to was 25 and only because it was brought to my attention as being a quarter of a century … [Read more...]

The Older Sister / Realizations

be proud

I turn 60 in about four and a half months. I am taking this very seriously. I have a "60 bucket" that I am filling with experiences that I have pushed myself into. I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things. I'm not worrying about who thinks what. I've spent far too long … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

fitbit stats

I love when I have a Tuesday post and I can do a Toot Your Horn instead of a True Confessions. It does a girl good to do a little bragging every now and then, right? We just got back from vacation. We go up to Diamond Lake in Michigan with my family and my sister's family for a week. The kids … [Read more...]